What could possibly explain this strange phenomenon?

..& to the dullards who are saying this will be a boom for English workers. Think actually think about what you are suggesting.

You want Brexit to be a tool whereby we lose a particular cohort of young foreigners from doing modestly paid work and replace them with Brits....

..but the foreigners U.K. govt’s welcomes is for higher paid work.

In other words the role of Brexit is to create incentives for Brits to take lower skilled lower pay work...and foreigners to take higher paid work.

What sort of a country thinks this is good idea?

Surely any normal govt wants “it’s nationals” to get as high skilled & high paid” as possible while being open to young foreigners (who are no strain on NHS or education) to “pick up slack” in seasonal or high turnover modest pay areas.

Loving the Brexiter replies to this thread which uniquely combine the (discredited in 19th century) lump of Labour fallacy with Laisser-faire economics and nationalism.

I mean, I can see flashes of logic in all 3 - but the 3 combined in one is rather er *unique*...

• • •

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29 Apr
I’ve stopped making fun of those English immigrants in Spain who live in an old fashioned British time bubble in english pubs with English TV, because in a weird way...

...as a liberal & remainer I’m actually becoming...like them.

- A small thread on a strange phenomenon -

We’re familiar with that immigrant cliche. The, for example, Turk who moves to Germany becomes more & more German and yet retains, cherishes a Turkish idea of himself & the land of his youth even as Turkey becomes modern...& then when returning “home” doesn’t recognize it..

I’ve noticed a strange thing happening with me & Britain.
I’m British. I’m English.
I never even bothered to think about.

But the referendum.
& more importantly the post brexit tragedy following it, didn’t challenge my European identity - it, for the 1st time, confirmed it.
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28 Apr
I’m always intrigued when British people who are (supposedly) self-declared friends of Ireland call for #Irexit.

- A short thread on what would immediately happen -

#Irexit would have all the problems of Brexit multiplied because of its smaller size, but that isn’t even the worst of it.

The worst thing would be everyone would assume Ireland would leave the EURO. Because how & why would you stay inside EURO but outside the EU?

& then..

So if everyone assumes Ireland would leave the EURO why would anyone keep any savings or cash in Irish banks?

To protect the EURO value of your savings you would simply transfer these to other EU state accounts before your money was converted into as yet unknown currency.
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27 Apr

Media sources:
Boris Johnson made comments on his preference for "bodies piled high" rather than a lockdown on several occasions.

This suggests that these comments, rather than being an isolated one-off emotional outburst, actually represented Boris Johnson's thinking.

The leaks on Boris Johnson's comments are thus not intended so much to damage Johnson as to put the record straight.

Ministers leaked lockdown policy in order to constrain Johnson who resisted to the very last moment.
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25 Apr

The former communist regions of eastern Germany are poised to overtake the economies of the majority of British regions.

While UK economy is generally only about 10% behind that of Germany in overall per capita GDP - something strange is happening below the surface...

UK GDP looks good as an average - but figures are skewed by the powerful London & South East that together have a per capita GDP of € 50 000.

This is higher than 🇩🇪 national average. And as its where vast majority of opinion formers are based influences UK self-perception.

However beyond London + South East, we start to see the UK is so unequal many of its regions are fast being caught up by the poorer ex communist areas.

Already in 2018 Sachsen overtook not only the structutally weak N. East & N Ireland...but Wales, Yourshire & East Midlands.
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25 Apr
I see many confused why anti COVID restrictions protestors wear yellow stars.

It’s not because “they don’t understand” - it’s because they believe any slight inconvenience to their freedom - even if it protects thousands of lives - is worse than the death of 6 million people.
People need to understand why this is happening. There’s always been a type (usually a tiny minority of loner men) in society.

This isn’t like in the past.
The yellow colour isn’t by coincidence.
It’s full blown media mainstreamed narcissism.


It’s also wrong to say it’s “Holocaust denial” or “misrepresents the Holocaust”.
Their point is not that the Holocaust didn’t happen..

..their point is “my absolute freedom is more important than 6 million deaths”.

It isn’t “stupidity” - it’s all chosen quite deliberately.
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24 Apr

Boris Johnson’s “Scotland policy” hit by UK govt infighting.

Little remarked upon further fallout of the internecine war engulfing Downing St is Johnson’s Union strategy.

In February when the “Union Unit” lost 2 leaders inside 3 weeks: Luke Graham, then Oliver Lewis..

The chaotic “Union Unit” was effectively replaced as a political power by the creation of a special cabinet committee.
However as members were ministers, this invested power in the go-between who was chosen to steer this....who was none other than...


The aide chosen to help out on the “Scotland strategy” was none other than Carrie Symond’s “party pal” - Henry Newman. The only non govt minister (or even MP) involved with the Union committee.

So Johnson looks like losing a 3rd leading Union head inside 2 months.
Read 6 tweets

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