Quick mini-thread on something that’s been on my mind:

Answering the “Given the risks, why do you work on the white supremacist movement?” question that inevitably comes up in interviews and casual conversation.
Most of us who work on political violence routinely receive threats of all types, with a range of seriousness / credibility.

I’ve faced this from anti-Abortion extremists, white supremacists, ISIS, etc.

I’ve ONLY been asked “why do you work on it?” about white supremacists.
(This isn’t a call-out, btw - I get the question all the time.)

“Given the risks to you, why do you do this?”

I normally have the standard answers that don’t require thought, like most of us - it’s instantaneous.

But in a media interview a while back, this changed.
“Given the risks to you, why do you work on White supremacist violence?”

— “If I was a visibly Black woman, would you ask me that?”

... silence ...
(I’m honestly embarrassed that my “newest” response to that question didn’t occur to me decades ago. I suppose I never realized the fact that reporters, academics, and everyone else NEVER asks me that about ISIS).
Anyway, here’s the thing. This question relies on (often incorrect) assumptions about ethnicity, sure, but far more disturbingly —

The idea that those “not targeted” by white supremacists based on visible, immutable characteristics like skin can decide to...

... opt out.
That those already (assumed) subject to white supremacist violence are expected to do the work of fighting it.

For everyone else, it’s noteworthy and “brave.”

That’s profoundly disgusting.
Bluntly, one of the most insidious factors here is that it’s always well-intentioned folks (not necessarily white) who ask that.

They see white supremacy as a danger that needs fighting.

But they don’t recognize that they unconsciously think it’s “someone else’s” burden.
Just like people have stereotyped images of “them” (southern, poor, uneducated, etc. - not like “us”).

People also make assumptions about the characteristics of “natural targets,” and with that, about:

Who bears the burden of responsibility to fight it.

White supremacy survives in spaces of unquestioned assumptions where invisibility operates:

1) Despite stereotypes, “they” are, in fact, just like “us” and thus — invisible.

2) Viewing opponents as “exceptional/brave” marks the fight as “optional” — and sustains the problem.
Don’t treat non-Black folks who work on white supremacy as exceptional and brave. It’s not a “Black problem” to solve.

If non-POC think they can opt-out of being a target, FYI: it’s just a matter of time.

This all just reinforces the problem you want to solve.


To see anti-white supremacist non- POC as exceptional/praiseworthy is unethical (eg, burdening assumed targets with the responsibility to fight it).

It’s also counterproductive, hiding WS and thus exacerbating the problem:

Precisely how WS thrives and survives.


• • •

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