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🧵Since the #ChauvinTrail ended, I am hearing the media push that cops will quit if we remove qualified immunity and start holding them accountable. Some cops might. That’s fine bc those people don’t need to be in a position of authority if they do not believe they should be held
2) accountable. You should also know that this is not the likely to happen in large numbers. The majority of cops know that they would not be able to find jobs that pay them that much money with those great benefits. Qualified immunity has actually ensured that people who do not
3) believe in accountability, those that believe they are above the law will become police officers, and that’s not a good thing. There are actually a lot of cops who would love to see more accountability bc they are tired of these unaccountable cops. And it should be no surprise
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You think the appeal judges will have the guts to throw out the #ChauvinVerdict if they think it needs to be thrown out? Probably only some verdicts; not all 3.
The concept of the 3 charges is that if one fails then he is possibly guilty on another due to different reaons. Yet the Jurors (who likely recently watched TV and scrolled Social Media) went with guilty on all 3 to get over with it. 1 guilty verdict would make (more) sense.
You can be of the opinion that #ChauvinIsGuilty while also thinking that the Jurors decided based on public pressure which would make it Mob Rule; not justice. This would be true even if they found him guilty on one charge; sure so when it’s on all (contradictory) 3.
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Getting reaction from New Yorkers here about the impending #ChauvinTrail and #GeorgeFloyd.
Danny and Victor both barbers feel there will be a guilty verdict but justice will somehow still be evasive. Don’t see any police reform.
Joe an educator doesn’t know how they can’t find him guilty. Iow they have to find him guilty. Feels if there is no guilty verdict it will do harm to the country. Police reform needs to happen and a guilty verdict will trigger that.
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"George Floyd wasn't asphyxiated because he had a 98% blood oxygen level at the hospital, after being artificially oxygenated by paramedics"

This is a defense?

Citizens lives are not chocolate chip cookies.

This guy is unbearable.
Not an authorized use of force my guy.
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“If he walks, that’s it. It’s over. This is Rodney King times a million. It’s hard for me to believe Chauvin isn’t a ghost skin who murdered George Floyd to deliberately burn the country down.”

- @LA_Kings_67, ex-skinhead/former Neo-Nazi on #DerekChauvinTrial #closingarguments
If you’re following #closingarguments in the Chauvin trial — I recommend listening to the reactions of a former Neo-Nazi who once worked with Metzger on strategies of infiltrating police.

He’s doing a thread here:
Thread to follow — on law enforcement, white supremacy, and how and why Neo-Nazis infiltrate policing (from someone who used to be on the other side):

#GeorgeFloydTrial #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #ChauvinTrail
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Bodycam video in the #chauvintrial rn is so indescribably brutal.
Police on the scene: "I think he's passing out."
Police: "He's breathing."
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