Just heard of a local autism organization (not run by autistics), that's hosting an awards night to recognize - ahem -

"Autism difference makers" (sic)

Oh boy.

First off, for an org that habitually dehumanizes us, those are... Definitely a choice of words. Yikes.
Secondly... Wow.

Is there any other marginalized group that's dealt with like this?

Where a group of people *adjacent* to a marginalized group hosts awards to celebrate themselves?

Imagine a group of white people having awards to recognize white "difference makers" for POC.
Or a group of straights hosting awards to recognize straight "difference makers" for GLBT people.

Super cringe.

... So why is it acceptable when it comes to #ActuallyAutistic people?

And how are we the ones pegged with "don't understand social skills"?
Come to think of it - as a "glow in the dark" white person -

... I can think of a few times where I could totally see a case for awarding a "but I have a black friend!" trophy to someone.

... But I'm guessing their awards wouldn't be dripping with snark, like mine would.

• • •

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27 Apr
It is WILD to watch how poorly information is getting out about the menstruation related side effects of one (??) of the vaccines.

I posted a question about it on Facebook, and that's how one of my trans men friends found out that it was A THING ...a week after his "surprise".
The stigma on discussing anything to do with gyno health is really leaving people in the dark on this.

One friend had a monster period, had no idea that was also A THING with her vaccine, and had to go through a bunch of doctor appointments and testing. IN THE USA. Yikes - $$$.
So, in case you haven't heard, I'll do my part to put it out there.

People who haven't had periods in years (trans men, certain birth control, chemical menopause) are reporting surprise periods after getting vaccinated.
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31 Mar
Well, April is about to start.

While this mostly means spring, fresh air, going outside, spring break, etc... for autistic people, this is the most stressful, dehumanizing, and awful time of the year.

You see, April is " #AutismAwarenessMonth ".

You would think it would be a month about us, learning about us, coming to an understanding and maybe learning to have empathy for the #ActuallyAutistic, but - in general - that's not the case.

No, April ends up being a month to center the parents of autistic children.
You know, because being centered 11 other months of the year isn't enough.

April is when we see an increase in well-meaning (I hope?) posts about autism, featuring the parents of autistics, rather than autistics themselves.
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23 May 20
Another day, another autistic kid murdered by their monster of a parent.

... And another article like this one.

Can we talk about the multiple layers of grossness here, and how it differs from coverage of murdered allistic kids?

Seriously, why mention that the kid "may have been overwhelmed" by home schooling at all, much less in an article that's already quoted his murderer about how he's "in a better place now”?

It's murder, quit wrapping it up as merciful. That was a CHILD murdered by his mother!
The father saying he doesn't believe what they're saying about the *child murderer* he's married to, like she didn't confess to *multiple* attempts?

This doesn't come out of nowhere. A parent looking to kill their autistic kid shows their contempt for that kid long in advance.
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20 Mar 20
"Autism moms" joking and memeing about how "dealing with" an autistic kid has made them "vets" of social isolation is gross on so many levels.

Rant incoming.
For one, we're facing a nasty pandemic that's literally shutting countries down.

Now, I realize that the real "super power" that autism moms possess is to make literally everything ALL about them, but for this once... Could. You. NOT?

Good lord.
Secondly, "Vets"? Does anyone else get grossed out by the use of military/battle/war terminology used by "autism moms".

Not only are they "vets" "battling" us in their "war on autism", they frequently compare their stress levels to wartime soldiers.

You're no vet, Karen. Sit.
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11 Feb 20
Well, last night's feeling that April is starting *early* was validated today, with @autismspeaks 's announcements.

So, as a PSA for those who want to do right by #ActuallyAutistic people ... Don't buy into it. Any of it.

It sounds lovely, but is very problematic. (Thread)
The idea that the change of logo design came from *listening* to autistics is laughable at best.

Someone who was listening wouldn't have merely re-coloured the puzzle piece that the community finds offensive.
They wouldn't have left the dominant colour blue, as they would have heard the community's thoughts on how the gendering of autism hurts girls, women, and non-binary folks when it comes to matters of DX and representation.
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15 Jan 20
The first thing I saw on Twitter today - just awful. I have a few #ActuallyAutistic thoughts on this bigotry and misinformation.

A thread, assuming I can figure out where to even start. What a mess.
I guess let's go top down.

If we "appear unresponsive", it's because we're ignoring you, Karen. Allistic people tend to have no idea how loud and obnoxious they can be, never mind how overbearing and in-your-face they can be. It's all too much- shutting down helps shut it OUT.
"Eye contact" is a thing that varies wildly from culture to culture, and feels/means something different to different people. Would you be so dehumanizing about people from a different country who aren't as obsessed with making.maintaining eye contact?

Wait, don't answer that.
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