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1 May, 8 tweets, 2 min read
THREAD 🚨 vaccines, medicine & my thoughts

I have such dichotomous thoughts when it comes to what’s happened over the past year in medicine.

First, I marvel at industry’s ability to mobilize & put together a truly novel/brilliant vaccine program in minimal time
... What an amazing feat to have the body create the antigen

This could truly pave the way for years of amazing therapeutics if properly tested.

But on the other hand I see the sketchiness & the malice
Mysterious organization like surgisphere literally propping up and disappearing, journals publishing outright fraud, sketchy trials purposefully over-dosing patients with therapeutics for unclear purposes, PCR thresholds...
don’t forget myocarditis in all athletes! Made for great clickbait ...vitamins & supplements being hailed as cures, while pharma scrambles to grab every penny by repurposing drugs...

Misinformation campaigns, disastrous public health policy & so much more.

And our vaccines...
A vaccine with so much data that you have to force 30% of healthcare workers & 40% of the military to take it

A vaccine with such clear efficacy you still have to wear a mask

A vaccine with such clear adverse events, AZN was pulled from low risk age groups, likely JNJ to follow
This past year has been a wild ride. I am constantly mixed with so many emotions and thoughts. But at the end of the day, what helped me was to educate myself, trust my judgement and my inner voice and to consider the words of people I trust ...
And with all of this confusion and emotions, our societal addiction have run amuck. Doctors literally thanking Burger King, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and samual Adam’s for their free food. Some doctors even comparing these items to “love” ... my my how warped we have become
It’s a challenging time, it’s has been one of the most challenging times. But what I know is that family, values, friends and community are more important than political party, government policy & public opinion. I think this is the most important lesson I learned.

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29 Apr
We came under heat for having @biolayne on @LCMDPodcast
We were offered money to NOT give him air time
Colleagues were upset b/c of his childish rants, calling MDs & PhDs cowards/clowns, etc

What I learned from the interview of him, his health coach and a client success story is that his scope is limited.

All he can do is provide education and psychological support.

Our practice NOT only provides psychological support and education, we also deal with medical issues, lab work, medications, imaging, testing

We truly provide a holistic apprach. We actually SEE lab work results

These are things dietitans and gurus will never be able to do

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8 Apr
The UK is limiting the AZN vaccine in under 30 due to blood clots

THIS IS INLINE w/ other countries such as Germany, Spain, Denmark which have restricted in under 50

All those doctors who said “safe & effective” lied

I warned about the 1976 flu vaccine

history repeats itself
This is what happens when doctors blindly believe they HAVE to promote vaccines

Zostavax was a terrible vaccine
Influenza has a 10-60% efficacy

Prevnar and shingrix are EXCELLENT new vaccines IMVHO.

Your doctor shouldn’t BLINDLY say anything, they should REVIEW THE DATA
If you have reviewed the data for vaccine efficacy, side effects, etc.

Any sensible doctor would have admitted the possibility of side effects for a 2 month vaccine.

And should have cautioned use in those with lowest personal benefit.

But that didn’t happen.
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25 Mar
Is restricting addictive, unhealthy food the cause of the spiral or our thin idealization, fat shaming, unnecessary weight pressures particularly on our young women... ?

Restricting or limiting harmful things is not the problem.

While dieting in general is associated w/ disordered eating, other psychocial factors like thin idealization & body image seem to be more strongly associated

Severe dietary restriction does not induce acutely induce binge eating

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11 Feb
Two new medical students have started rotating in my practice.

I asked them why they got into medicine, and both said they had an overwhelming desire to help people.

I asked them in their two years of clinicals have they ever truly affected anyone in a primary care rotation.
I asked them have they ever taken a patient off of a blood pressure medication or off of the diabetes medication, did they ever make a diagnosis that changed the life of one of their patients for the better...

They said they have not.
Imagine growing up, dreaming about helping people... Only to find out that it was a big scam.

And well I’m not surprised, what does it say about the mentors that our medical students have, what does it say about a profession that her medical students cannot see real medicine.
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31 Jan

Let's play the game where I call out all the dogma in an editorial against meat consumption from a plant-based proponent

I wish I was joking, but "environment/TMAO" both mentioned in the paper 🤔…

"The absence of RCTs on this topic is explained by insurmountable challenges"

We have plenty of trials with ketogenic diets, rich in red meat that improve glycemia and metabolic syndrome.

"The time frame is daunting due to the nature of chronic diseases that develop over decades before they present as incident cases."

Thankfully we can use CGMs & not dogma to demonstrate that glycaemia in DM2 is immediately ameliorated by adding meat & removing carbs
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12 Nov 20

tears roll down my face right now

I just saw a patient who had a gastric bypass 10 years ago, who regained all her weight & the surgeon “upgraded” her to a duodenal switch

She has been re-hospitalized several times after the procedure several months prior with multiple complications

I asked her if anyone had ever talked to her about diet and she said yes the nutritionist told her to count calories and review the myplate

I asked her, given her history of diabetes had anybody mentioned low carb dieting, she said no.

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