Jeremiah Stamler was Ancel Keys' Right Hand Man in promoting Diet-Heart and Lipid Hypotheses @garytaubes @bigfatsurprise.
In this… book he wrote in 1966, sponsored by the Corn Products Industry he exposes the ill-logic for which he was never called out...
Stamler describes that T2DM increases risk for heart attack 4-fold, more than any other "risk" factor he describes. He also writes that the treatment of T2DM is insulin and a carbohydrate-restricted diet. So far so good (2).
So logically if T2DM causes CHD, and a restricted carb diet is the diet for those with T2DM, then logically a low carbohydrate diet should be prescribed for the prevention of heart attack/CHD.
That's what logic must dictate if we base our advice on logic (3).
But unfortunately that's where logic ended.Instead diet prescribed for prevention of CHD had to be one that lowered blood cholesterol concentration according to Lipid Hypothesis.
So guess what?
That was high-carb low-fat diet that worsens T2DM.
Corn Products Co won. We lost (4)

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9 Mar
He's so right. If you have to obsess over something, obsess over insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, T2DM. Rest is pretty irrelevant. Latest study from the Women's Health Initiative reported in JAMA in January FINALLY proves this…
Study's SO IMPORTANT because it comes from Women's Health Initiative which began in 1993 with specific goal of proving that low-fat "heart-healthy" US Dietary Guidelines will prevent T2DM, CHD, cancer, obesity etc. So authors' bias would always be to find in favour of that diet
So what did the study find?
T2DM increased risk of developing CHD 10-FOLD; metabolic syndrome 6-fold; hypertension 5-fold; obesity 4-fold! The best biomarker was lipoprotein insulin resistance at 6.4 fold increased risk. Nothing else came close. But what of LDL-Cholesterol?
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18 May 20
I've spent the last 12 months writing this @CrossFitHealth series on the great Ancel Keys Cholesterol Con. This column introduced 70 key events that happened over the past 100 years which first established the Con and then helped sustain it right to today…
The reason why I've spent so long on this project is because since 2012 I've been accused repeatedly of "cherry-picking" evidence. Of course that's nonsensical since in my #HPCSA trial, as reported in #RealFoodonTrial, I presented 9.5 days of testimony without "cherry picking"
In these 70 events I've included every single (credible) study that has ever been used to support Keys Great Cholesterol Con. There is no "cherry picking". Which would be silly anyway since, when properly analysed, there are none, as far as I can see, that support his hypothesis.
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1/20 In rebuttal Drs Willett and Hu of @HarvardChanSPH continue to press Harvard’s plant-based anti-meat agenda. Was not always so at @HarvardChanSPH. May 1952 edition of Postgraduate Medicine carried an Editorial – Comments on Cholesterol – by Harvard’s Hegsted, Mann and Stare
@HarvardChanSPH 2/20 ‘…it should be pointed out that when exhaustive statistical analysis is required to show the correlation between two variables, such as lipoprotein level and atherosclerosis, it usually means that there are many other variables …’
@HarvardChanSPH 3/20 ‘whose effects are unknown or uncontrolled and that such correlations are of relatively LITTLE VALUE for predictive purposes. The fact that one may be able to show statistically significant correlation between two variables…’
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26 Jul 19
Suggestion: The 1977 USDGA should be called the President Eisenhower Diet after first eminent person to be prescribed the diet (by Ancel Keys PhD and Paul Dudley White MD in 1955) following President's 1st heart attack
Over next 14 yrs, Eisenhower suffered 6 further heart attacks. His heart was defibrillated 14 times. He died in intractable heart failure. Heart transplant was not considered, amongst other reasons, because it was finally realised that he had T2DM (diagnosis originally missed)
At autopsy ”coronary atherosclerotic occlusive disease, multifocal, severe, with multiple recanalized thrombi” (p.321) is reported. His right coronary artery is patent; left anterior descending coronary artery has 10% narrowings; his circumflex artery is totally obstructed.
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