Did you see how McConnell recently snapped about focusing on the (non Trump) future?

There’s gotta be a ton of cash behind that effort.

That cash goes to the publishers of right wing media and flows downward to the writers and media personalities.

If you were wondering...
The Republican establishment did everything in their power to prevent Trump in 2016.

Do you really think they are not going to do the same now?

If you can’t stop him then create conditions to limit his affect.

Their goals:

1) Prevent Trump

2) Maintain Senate leadership
The right wing media types make their money and forward their careers by forwarding the interests of the money that makes their careers possible.

Those are the facts of life.

As @SuitableAlias points out, sadly we don’t have Greenwood’s or Tracey’s on the right.
I backed Trump early in 2015.

I spent two years fighting the right wing intelligentsia.

They said Trump was a con to elect Hillary. (Wrong)

They said he’d be no more conservative than her. (Wrong)

Then Trump won and now they pretend the knew how great he would be all along.
These people have eyes but do not see.

What blinds them?




All of the above?

Doesn’t matter. Point is they are trying to guide you to a future that looks a lot like the past.

One where John Thune blocks anything you want from passing the Senate.
Trump ran on building the wall.

It was his rallying cry.

Yet McConnell and Ryan blocked it.

Now you see Schumer using multiple rounds of reconciliation to pass everything the base wants.

Defeat John Thune or 2024 will look like 2016.

This is what matters now.
There’s one person that can defeat Thune.


That’s it.

So is the right wing intelligentsia smart or strategic enough to see all of this?

Maybe not.

Or maybe they are doing the bidding of others...

McConnel wants Thune to succeed him and a Senator to be the nominee.
So you have to determine whether you will be on the side of Thune McConnell and the right wing intelligentsia or on the side of Trump Noem and a MAGA future.

As time goes on these battle lines will become more obvious.
The right wing Intelligentsia likes to pretend that they also hate Republican leadership just like you do.

In reality they are serving the purposes of the Republican establishment.

Whether they realize it or not.

But now you know.

Do with that what you will.

• • •

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The idea that in the world of political news or events there are absolute truths is narrow minded and silly.

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The entire point of free speech is that you can criticize and question things, particularly the actions of government entities. The idea that we should force adherence to the official account of things is the opposite of free speech and weakens us as a country.
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This is the most self aware and realist a take as you are ever going to get from an establishment Republican.

The crisis they face is that they will be a forever minority party without effectively merging MAGA into the party.

There’s no way to get MAGA voters and reject Trump.
At the same time Trump has to confront some things to be everything he could be come 2024.

I do think tactically there were narrative and languaging choices that worked in 2016 but hurt in 2018 and 2020.

I say that while keeping in mind he got nearly 75,000,000 votes.
Trump lost the electoral college by around 40,000 votes.

And that’s accepting the assumption that everything was above board. It wasn’t.


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