I have just come across demented @CatharineHoey claiming that the border issue for UK/Ireland could be "solved" by Ireland also leaving the EU.
Putting aside the arrogance...how?
Why is it so hard to understand you can only avoid a customs border by *sharing* customs (union) territory & a market standards/bio compliance proving border by *sharing* equally recognised authority (single/internal) market territory...?
so unless Ireland joins UK customs union & single/internal market...or UK allows Ireland to run its customs/common external tariffs & market standards/bio policy
...that aint gonna work

• • •

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30 Apr
UK exporters are struggling to comply with complex rules of origin and prove where their goods were produced. Consequently, they are unable to gain tariff and quota-free access to European markets. To complicate things further, there are product-specific rules and...
...different requirements for non-preferential & preferential origin goods. Again, this is something that people don’t fully appreciate when filling in their customs declarations. Exporters are often unaware that they need to comply with the rules of the specific trade agreement
as well as the general rules of origin & these can vary from country to country.. It’s important to check that the statement of origin on the commercial invoice matches the text in the trade agreement. Companies should copy & paste the official text directly from the legislation
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28 Apr
Read ..(& Listen: David Brent eat ur heart out)
& why I am glad to be retired from the industry; what my former colleagues are growing through; why it is "border facilitation" only just begun & how much they're underappreciated in getting your produce to store/exports delivered.
woke up this morning, wondrin’ what day it was,
‘Cos ev’ry day so far this year, I concur
Has been a god damn blur.
And I’m feeling dazed and confused,
I’ve got the Brexit Customs Blues.
You’ve had plenty of time (they say) to get your process straight
But the info’ we were given
Was incomplete and far too late.
We’re working all hours and having a moan
That’s ‘cos the office is our new home.
There is no rhyme or reason, or any give and take
You’d think we’d committed treason
‘Cos our T form’s run out of date.
It’s 6 days to Greece and you only get 8
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22 Apr
"No matter what way people voted in the Brexit referendum, no one in Northern Ireland voted for this new additional level of bureaucracy being placed upon animals owners, hauliers and vets as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol," Mr Higgins said"

People still don't get it
IF YOU WERE HAPPY TO ENDORSE/vote for NON SHARED CUSTOMS TERRITORY (out of a Customs Union) AND NON SHARED REGULATORY TERRITORY (out of a Single Market) you *did* vote for borders ..and the entry requirements into the Customs Union and into the Single Market..
IF YOU WERE HAPPY TO ENDORSE Johnson's "Oven Ready Deal" you *did* vote for these entry requirements to be from GB into NI

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21 Apr
I must say it beggars belief MSM still not picking up on the official UK Gov policy of (not only favouring EU businesses/exporters - into GB - over its own)
a smugglers charter!!
Previously anything entering GB from EU was in free circulation/free movement.
That is goods/produce moving under same shared policing authority/jurisdiction
& from outside EU, previously customs & SPS cleared into EU thus into UK by another member state.
Now there's no shared authority & nothing is customs/SPS cleared into UK by a shared territory country
Instead trailer/container loads will be simply customs transited across EU territory & through its ports
is now UK authorities' sole responsibility to ensure loads meet market compliance/standards & correct duties paid: only UK isn't !! It doesn't have the capacity to do so.
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19 Apr
Brexit politicians:

"UK must leave the greater union as more sovrin-tea is much more valuable than greater trade/economic prosperity"
(Better not together)
"Scotland must not leave the greater union as its greater trade/economic prosperity is more valuable"
(Better together)
(although Scotland, unlike UK, would be leaving its greater union/single market to join a much greater union/single market...
so the argument already lost!!)
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