“Months before the election... “We could see the disinformation really taking hold, this idea that the only way President Trump could lose is if the election were rigged””

He’d already done it ‘16.

While I warned it was happening in a ‘20 thread, given access we could have warned about the extensive grooming that takes place before a narcissistic psychopath discards. Like any target/victim, in this case the election, they are discredited as unreliable, unworthy and unstable
Grooming is essential to get enablers/bystanders to buy into the magnitude of the subversion/wrongdoing. The previous relationship (here with democracy) is to be ignored. It was unfaithful, unworthy, and the exploiter treated “unfairly” so any compensatory behavior is justified.
As he did for 4 yrs, the narcissistic psychopath creates victimhood with lies and fabrication to deflect from his exploitation.
A huge percentage of Republicans believe the insurrection was justified because they were groomed for it with disinformation and manipulation.
The media can’t just move on from the insurrection like it wasn’t a criminal assault planned by Trump and his cabal. As experts keep saying, the only way Trump and the GOP will be stopped from ultimately subverting democracy is with ACCOUNTABILITY of Trump and ALL his enablers.

• • •

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More from @narceducator

25 Mar
In Biden’s first press conference will he make a mistake, misspeak, misrepresent or God forbid stumble? Maybe.

What Biden won’t do because he’s not a narcissistic psychopath:
• Deliberately and serially lie
• Hiss like a reptilian creature.
• Call reporters “fake news” “enemies of the people” “losers” “nasty”
• Mock a disabled reporter
• Tell female journalists of color they ask stupid questions when he’s held to account
• Revoke press credentials as retribution for tough questions
• Discredit his experts
• Demean world leaders
• Discredit international organizations
• Use racial epithets like “Kung flu” or “Pocahontas”
• Threaten to destroy Canada’s economy
• Suggest injecting bleach as a Covid treatment
• play self congratulatory propaganda videos
• Walk out abruptly
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19 Feb
After Hurricane Katrina, an O’Reilly Fox News fill-in tried to say the quick response by the “leftist” Canadian government to send supplies by ship was done just to embarrass the US/Bush. What kind of depraved manipulators think providing humanitarian aid is done to embarrass?
This is the low to which narcissistic/psychopathic manipulators go to deflect from accountability for their incompetence/wrongdoing. For decades Fox News has exhibited attitudes, traits & psychological manipulative tactics for power & control, consistent with exploitive pathology
Texas is paying for the GOP lies, manipulations, & exploitation through pain, suffering & lives of another catastrophe where preventable measures were ignored. Then we’re all supposed to pay for the exploitation of the GOP through taxes, insurance premiums and charitable giving?
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17 Dec 20
Journalists and MSM are going to ghost Trump (eventually) the way they ghosted mental health care professionals?

Not holding my breath.

Just to be clear...

These traits listed in a single article represent narcissistic-antisocial-psychopathic pathology that were ignored and enabled...
for 5 years.

Mental health care we were talking about Trump’s pathology well before the 2016 primaries. Where was the discussion of his aberrant behavior then?

Interviews with psychiatrists and psychologists?

Many people are dead now because of Trump’s psychopathology.
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9 Dec 20
Every day feels like this dystopian game of Russian Roulette that we never wanted to play. I want to stop asking my husband, “How many Covid patients did you treat today?” like our lives are a constant gamble of chance against the brainwashed spread of disinformation and death.
We trained at one of the top transplant centers in the nation so I’m well aware how easily, despite everyone’s best intentions and precautions, sometimes an opportunistic infection can’t be stopped.
I want to stop calculating the odds he/we at least outlast the narcissism and ignorance of this administration and Trumpers going to bars, restaurants, and parties, until the competency and humanity of Biden and Harris, until a vaccine?

It’s a crapshoot alright.
Read 5 tweets
6 Nov 20
Trump will never concede like he’s never been able to accept that HRC won the popular vote in 2016. He will continue to make himself the victim of subversion (rigging, fraud, betrayal). There will be many public and private scapegoats. He’s already devalued Fox News.
His sycophants and supporters will become more irrational in their attempts to appease and support him, becoming even more disconnected from reality. You’ll be shocked. We’re entering a more dangerous time.
Narcissistic psychopaths cause destruction even when they do the discarding. When they are discarded it’s unparalleled narcissistic injury. They reflexively and sadistically seek retribution through chaos and destruction. He will incite violence in diabolical ways that will shock
Read 5 tweets
8 Oct 20
How many times will Pence say “the American people”?
17 minutes in: 12
25 minutes in: 16
Read 5 tweets

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