THREAD: Today is a big day for activism in #ElizabethCity, expected to draw thousands.

Ahead of that, here's what I saw yesterday.

Firstly, the "Suited Movement" from Virginia's 757 region marched in solidarity and prayed for the community.
"Lord thank you for the victory of today," they prayed as the march concluded.

"Lord we continue to pray for these officials, God We ask that you forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Full video:
Later, the community marched for #AndrewBrownJr as they have every night. When they passed the surviving family, hugs and tears.
The marchers visited the site where #AndrewBrownJr was shot to death by police, which now has his mural painted on the wall.

"This is where it took place, we want you to know the story."
Andrew Brown's hands were on the wheel of his dormant car when he was shot, but he began trying to drive as police started shooting him, family lawyers who saw 20 seconds of bodycam footage say.

Mud kicked up remains on the wall of the house.

Full video:
The police still had a midnight curfew, and protesters dispersed well before that began. Ahead of that, activists continued to march through the streets loudly and peacefully as the sun set on #ElizabethCity.

Full video:
"Get my words straight," a rep for New Black Panther Party said demanding the release of bodycam video.

"We're telling Elizabeth City state officials, county officials, their government, release the goddamn tape, or we're coming to take it."

Full speech:

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30 Apr
Here in #ElizabethCity, there is a curfew now from midnight to 6am.

Police used giant dumpster to block main parking lot near meetup.

So crowd has assembled in parking lot instead of parking there.

With the police having blocked off the parking lot near the public safety building, the community is using it as a barbecue location.

People are happy, and cops are staying away.
Last night, I filmed one officer draw a handgun as he searched this alley for escaped curfew breakers.

They found these bags and brought them into the street (see my tweet from last night.)

Those bags actually are still here right now. ImageImage
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30 Apr
BIG THREAD: Tonight police wielding shields and less lethal weapons in #ElizabethCity again formed a line and pushed back on protesters who remained peaceful but present past the beginning of the 8 pm curfew.

At about 9:20pm, they began to push.
As officers pushed past alleys and backyards, they checked to make sure nobody escaped those directions.

In this instance, an officer pointed a weapon around a corner, while another unholstered his handgun as he searched the area.

They found a bag, but not a person.
Here's the scene of the first arrest.

"We just want justice, that's all!"

"Leave now, or you will be arrested!"

Officers pushed forward, grabbed a man, and pulled him away from sight behind the shield line.
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29 Apr
VIDEO THREAD: Tonight, riot police in #ElizabethCityNC pushed in to arrest #AndrewBrown protesters for violating an 8pm curfew at about about 10:30pm.

This clip shows the first couple arrests.

I had been livestreaming since about 6pm, and no violence or vandalism had occurred.
Police slowly pushed forward against the crowd, while an arrest squad grabbed a third individual.

Police and the man briefly struggled during the arrest.

One water bottle was thrown toward police (which missed) which was the only time I saw something like that all night.
Across the street, a fourth person was arrested. I didn't see what led to it, but it most likely was a similar arrest for being out (without being credentialed media) past curfew.
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28 Apr
In a story about the federal government making illegal a drug (menthol) that NBC describes as used by 85% of legal cigarette smokers who are Black, they don’t include any voice that oppose the ban or consume menthols.…
This ban is being framed by NBC as possibly “a significant positive impact on the health of Black Americans” but never mentions unexpected consequences.

If/when somebody dies in the enforcement of this law, will NBC note its racially targeted origin?…
If/when sale of Menthol cigarettes is criminalized, do you believe law enforcement will be equitable across communities in enforcing laws against what they believe to be illegal cigarettes?…
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27 Apr
THREAD: Mainstream media outlets like NBC consistently use the passive voice and euphemism to prevent themselves from clearly stating when elements of government, such as police, kill people.

This isn't objectivity.

Let's take a look at what they just wrote about #AnthonyBrown
"The Black man who died during an attempted arrest"

He "died," or was he "killed"?

And who was arresting him?

"...was killed by a bullet in the back of his head."

As gun owners know, guns/bullets don't kill people. People do.

Cops killed him by shooting him in back of head. Image
"...who found that Brown was shot four times in the right arm and once squarely in the back of his head."

'Brown was shot'

"That head shot was fired from "intermediate" range"

'head shot was fired'

The first time NBC says police shot at him is quoting the family lawyer. Image
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26 Apr
"F*** off, c*** f***er!"

As protested were outside the house of prosecutor Pete Orpu in Stillwater, neighbor/corrections officer Paul Gorder confronted the crowd.

"You touch my wife, I'll kick your ass," he said.

"All you f***ing n***ers, get out of here," his wife said.
Sgt. Paul Gorder is a "30-year veteran of Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater. He is well known and highly respected among staff and incarcerated men at the facility" according to the jail he works at, whose team logo he wore during the encounter.
You can see the full context of the interaction here from the 02:05:16 mark of my livestream.

"Shut up!" Sgt. Gorder says to Stillwater Police trying to calm the situation. "She's [wife] trying to help!"

Only ID'ing him because he is in law enforcement.…
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