sugar daddy au.

It starts out with pastries. Cupcakes, Mochi, cookies, you name it. Yuuji finds the baked goods inside his room, right atop his bed. Only sensei would invade his privacy just to drop off goodies.
He always thank sensei and bathes in the favoritism even though his friends and senpai complain. They’re simply jealous, he reasons.

Then he receives hoodies and other articles of clothing.
Jeans, jackets, dress shirts, stirrup socks. Anything that hugs around his waist and accentuates his ass. Tops that constrict his chest until it barely fits and brush his nipples.

They’re from brand name stores. Nobara says so. The thought that sensei buys them regardless
Of price warms his belly and fills him with butterflies.

Whenever he has a free day, he would wear these clothes shamelessly, bouncing right to sensei to show off the gifts, which prompts sensei to give an impromptu photo shoot with the latest iPhone.
Afterwards, a few months of these lavish gifts, Yuuji finds a lone solid black box. Small and dainty and expensive, he thinks as he removes the lid, expecting a watch or a bracelet.
However, when he sees the gift, he softly gasps, his fingers tracing the elegant black choker presented before him. A light blue crystal hangs at the center, small and precious and something stirs within Yuuji’s gut. His heart thumps, loud and clear.
It’s as if the organ inside him wants to escape his chest cavity.

He quickly dashed to the mirror and clasps on the choker, swallowing the lump in his throat as he assessed the image in front of him. His cheeks are pink. His eyes are lidded.
The choker stands out against his lightly tanned skin, and even more, he feels beautiful. No words can properly convey how much he appreciates this gift, so he embraces sensei from behind, wearing the choker for sensei to see and squeezes tight.
He wears it whenever sensei is present. Seeing Yuuji’s positive reaction, sensei’s gifts become more bold. Now there are more gifts to add to his beauty. Bras, laced stockings, pleated skirts, high heels. Anything and more.
Yuuji twirls around in his sunflower summer dress with his matching cute yellow wedges. He soaks in his floral scented bath bombs before he applies shimmery moisturizer and dons his new nude colored racer bra. Most of these new sensual gifts he unfortunately can’t show off
To sensei since the man is whisked away to more missions, but Yuuji is determined. Naturally, his initial response is to reject them, but sensei says that he wants to spoil Yuuji, to dress him like a pretty doll and watch him smile.
Instead of thumping, his heart now flips. He likes sensei. He likes him a lot.

He likes him so much that he wants sensei to rip apart his gifts so he can have his way with Yuuji. He likes him so much that he sloppily fingers himself until the burning is immeasurable.
He likes him so much that he simply cannot wait and enters sensei’s room, wearing a cute lingerie set he received a week ago and spreads his legs.

Satoru can sense Yuuji but cannot sense the dangerous wave of lust that overcomes him when he meets his needy student.
Erection leaving a wet patch on his adorable pink panties. Thighs twitching with a rosy tint. Satoru licks his lips as he approaches the bed, his knee dipping the mattress as his sky blue eyes meet golden brown.

“How did a pretty little thing like you got lost in my room?”
He purrs as his hands touch Yuuji’s ankles and slowly slide along his legs. His student grips the sheets tightly as he bites his bottom lip. The whimper that comes out of his mouth is heaven to his ears.

“Gojo-sensei always give me gifts, so I want to give you a gift too.”
Yuuji bats his eyelashes while his hand trails down his abdomen until it slides beneath the fabric of his panties. He shyly pushes it aside to expose his needy hole clenching around the diamond butt plug sensei gave him the other day. He’s practiced.
“Please,” his voice wobbles, cheeks a ruddy red, “Please fill me up Gojo-sensei.”

How can he deny such an enticing gift?

So sensei shucks off his jacket and slams his mouth against Yuuji’s pink, inviting lips. His hands wrap around his wrists and keeps them overhead as
He suckles Yuuji’s tongue, licking inside his warm mouth until he’s fucking the back of his throat.

Yuuji cries from the immense pleasure, eyes rolling back as sensei toys with his nipples while sensei nips and tugs on them without a care. His body is a blank canvas for sensei
To leave marks and Yuuji is doomed from the start.

“You’re doing so good baby,” sensei praises him as he pulls out the butt plug. Yuuji shivers when the feeling of emptiness replaces the plug. His entrance clenches around nothing.

He whines as tears bead at the corners of
His eyes.

“Look at you, so thirsty for my cock,” Satoru laughs and plunges two lubed fingers inside without warning.

Yuuji screams.

“Perfect. Do you feel it Yuuji? You’re sucking me in,” he teases as he slowly pulls his fingers out, only to be sucked in just like he said.
Besides the sloppy sounds of his fingers fucking his wet entrance, Yuuji then hears a tear. And his erection thickens with blood, dripping with pre, knowing that sensei ripped his panties with bare hands.

Satoru is not gentle when he uses his thumbs to spread his abused hole.
“I can’t wait to taste you next time,” says sensei, his eyes predatory and glinting.

Yuuji’s cock twitches thinking that sensei wants to do this a second time.

“Aw baby, we’ll do this as many times as you want.”

Oh he must have said that aloud.
“D-daddy,” Yuuji embraces his role and whines. “Please fuck me. Please fuck me until I can’t stand.”

More dribble out of his pitiful cock as Satoru presses the head against his opening.

“Yes. You have been a good boy.” Satoru smirks smugly.
“Why?” He needles as he pushes in at a snail’s pace.

“Because,” Yuuji gulps as he feels his length, his girth. “Because I’m daddy’s good boy,” Yuuji moans lewdly.

Then he lets out a choked scream when Satoru thrusts in one go.

“Daddy!” Yuuji cries as he arches his back
With blown eyes. He weeps when he realizes he orgasmed immediately.

Yet, Satoru shushes and peppers skin salted skin with kisses. He places a huge hickey beneath his collarbone, right below his beloved choker.

“It’s ok baby,” he grips his hips and pounds against
His sensitive ass at breakneck speed. “You’re still a good boy.”

He flips Yuuji on his side and holds his leg over his shoulder. When he thrusts, Yuuji sweats he sees stars.

“N-no daddy,” he moans. Yet, the hole that flutters around his dick says otherwise.
“I feel weird,” Yuuji squirms.

That’s because sensei is rearranging his insides. Because if he presses a hand on a tummy, he would feel a prevalent bump.

“Cmon baby,” Satoru encourages. “Just a bit more.”
He slams harder. More erratic. More aggressive until Yuuji’s body moves along his movements.

Yuuji wants to touch himself and end this but he wants to be a good boy. Because he’s Satoru’s good boy. He gains his reward when sensei’s breathing turns more harsh.
A couple more thrusts and he feels warm cum paint his walls, filling him to the brim.

“Come,” sensei orders and Yuuji reaches his climax again, spilling all over himself with a blissed our expression.

They kiss languidly once their high dwindles. And yuuji snuggles close.
“Was I a good boy?” He asks.

Satoru doesn’t remove his cock and seals his cum inside.

“The best.”

• • •

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rent a boyfriend gojo. modern au. so satoru enjoys being annoying and/or a nuisance to others, so why not profit off of it?

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usually his errands consists of driving sorcerers to their missions, applying first aid at the site (since he got training), monitoring his assigned ward for curses, and helping everybody else whenever he's free since he's
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yuuji becomes megumi's friend because he sees the black-haired boy beating the shit out of some older kids.
megumi wipes some dirt off his cheek and glares at yuuji, thinking he's the same as those bullies.

"they were saying shit about my sister and dad," he tells him.

"i see," yuuji nods with understanding. "then they deserve it."

thus begins a beautiful friendship.
yuuji learns that megumi cares a lot about his family through the subtle ways he smiles when he talks about his sister's sincerity or how he wears this annoyed but resigned expression whenever his dad calls him.

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#goyuu day 27 goyuumonth a/b/o

yuuji hears the rumors and though he's not satoru's mate, he feels livid.

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as much as yuuji wants to defend his teacher, he cannot overstep his boundaries. after all, he's only your average, normal beta. no cursed technique, no special scent, nothing. even sukuna mocks and degrades him as a disappointing vessel, but yuuji manages to ignore
his name-calling. after all, he's just a dumb alpha who wants to go on a rage and probably let out his pheromones to get his dick wet. he's nothing compared to satoru.

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he goes down this shady district at night, brimming with curses and shitty people alike, but he's not here to exterminate your average curse. he's here for a good lay to help him forget his crappy week.

then a strange person catches his eye.

a young boy, no older
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