@OXIOXIForever @NRO Sowell represents a new strain of Black conservatism - one that Baldwin wasn't probably familiar with. I think Sowell was a Marxist when Baldwin was debating Buckley. The Sowell strain of black conservatism, I think it is largely a byproduct of white immigrants fleeing Europe.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO It's another neo-conservative failure; a (colorblind) attempt to address issues of color without actually addressing Black people. It's a very presumptuous ideology.

And, that makes it rash.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO Unlike, with Asian, Hispanic. European (Jewish) immigrants -- Africans didn't want to come here. They were forced here. And, they were forced to build the place. And, now, everybody and their mamma wanna come.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO "The black experience is a living reminder that government is not alone as a potential threat to personal liberty. It is possible, as in the Jim Crow South, to build a government so weak that no one’s personal liberties can be protected."
@OXIOXIForever @NRO “The libertarianism Goldwater embraced had its eyes fixed firmly on Communism. In the fight against the tyranny of a totalitarian ideology, the right failed to recognize that tyranny can flourish under a weak state.”
@OXIOXIForever @NRO The Black experience is different from that of a Vietnamese immigrant fleeing Communism...

You can make terrible mistakes, conflating Black people's unique history with that of other immigrants.

It's not the same -- totally different.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO The Children of Communism, (and those who escaped Nazism) all coming to America, and once they get here; many of them; they start lecturing Black people who have been here for centuries.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO Taking on some of the same supremacist traits that they claim they themselves were escaping.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO They love to tell Black people what our problem.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO With no cursory grasp of black people in this country, and, mostly just off the boat; some of the newly arrived Asian immigrants (fleeing Communism) start to discuss “Our Negro Problem" with white conservatives. newrepublic.com/article/149143… -
@OXIOXIForever @NRO People walking around in this country -- some just off the boat, just got citizenship last week (offering revised lily-white commentary about black people who have been here for 400+ years) who don't understand the dissimilar aspects of American slavery.
@OXIOXIForever @NRO Unlike in #Vietnam ...

"African Americans’ repression rose not so much from government as from the culture, ignorance and bigotry of their white neighbors."

• • •

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