Today @upfrontvc officially opened its Santa Monica offices after 14 months. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to begin to collaborate in person with colleagues, portfolio companies, startup entrepreneurs - in person.
2/ I will outline what @upfrontvc is doing in our office re-opening, not to say "we have all the answers" but just to put out thoughts for others planning or considering. Here goes ...
3/ In order to work in our offices require employees to be fully vaxxxxed. No vax, work from home for now. We will not be wearing masks indoors with our vaxxed colleagues. We have a small enough company to pull this off.
4/ NOBODY is required to work from our offices. Anybody - and for any reason - can still work from home. We want people in the office to feel safe and we want those who don't yet feel safe to feel comfortable productively working from home.
5/ Outside guests & meetings are allowed at @upfrontvc but they need to be outdoors. The only way for us to feel safe with colleagues indoors is to have control over who is in our space. We're blessed with LA weather so this is no hardship. To use bathrooms guests need masks
6/ We have an outdoor office facility so we are allowing portfolio companies to hold board meetings here provided they follow our health & safety guidelines. We're eager to get back to work and back to normal
7/ Employees coming into the offices need to pre-coordinate with our office manager at the start of the week. We still want to keep attendance at < 50% if we can for a few weeks and see how things progress. We need to find our new normal
8/ We've decided no "group indoor meetings" more than a few people so Partner Meetings will still be on Zoom - even if we're in the office. We're going to track infection levels, vaccine efficacy levels, etc. for a few weeks but we're pretty damn optimistic for Post Covid LA
9/ We've moved all food in office to single-serving packs to avoid crowding around food areas preparing meals / sharing utensils, touching each others foods. All indications are Covid spread through air not touching but no need for additional risk. Just modified what we serve
10/ At @upfrontvc we don't profess to have all the answers but we're ready to re-engage in person, we're vaxxed, we believe in science & statististics. We believe it's in the best interests of human health & well being to get back to work / school when infection rates merit this
11/ Finally, we know there are higher-risk groups who might choose to remain distant, we know that some cities may have flare-ups particularly when whether gets too hot or too cold but for LA we believe this is the right answer. So. Let's gooooo!!!!!

• • •

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3/ The article is titled "The White Man in That Photo" because it also shows the courage and conviction of a White ally who believed in equality & God and felt it was worth showing public support despite paying a lifetime of economic consequences. It says he never regretted this
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