So the North Korea Policy Review is complete, but it's classified, so we, and Pyongyang, can only guess what it is? And now the Biden Admin is waiting on DPRK to see if they're willing to engage? Is that "diplomacy"? Not quite. It's less "real" than the fictional plot of "The
3/Who did the Biden Admin consult with besides past admin officials? US intel? CIA? US military? I bet they think DPRK is a really tough "nut to crack". How can anyone know anything about the "closed society" of the "hermit kingdom" presided over by a "ruthless dictator" who
4/"ruthlessly oppresses" his people "who have no rights or freedoms" and are controlled by "propaganda"? But I contend that they're like old barnacles attached to the pillars of a bygone Cold War era who haven't the facilities nor capacity to objectively assess DPRK today.
5/Virtually anyone w/ Internet access can follow what DPRK is doing.

How can the US Intel Community not know DPRK’s position on all the complex issues? DPRK proclaims its US policy every time "Jong Hyon" or someone else issues commentary on KCNA, or whenever Kim Yo Jong or Choe
6/Son Hui make a press statement. DPRK’s position and US policy reads like a book in English w/ LARGE PRINT. When there was a verbal conflagration over whether the Singapore Declaration meant “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” or “complete denuclearization of
7/of North Korea”, Jong Hyon took Washington to task, not the least reason being the ACTUAL TEXT is: “firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”, advising US policymakers to take a closer look at the map. The barbed sarcasm was

“It would be better to search for a new way rather than face a barrier in the old way.” - Jong Hyon

(A Video representation of KCNA’s Dec 20, 2018 commentary ascribed to Jong Hyon)
9/Now the Biden Admin has completed its North Korea Policy review and it sounds like it has potential, but apparently it's "classified", so we and DPRK are supposed to guess what it is? Talk has waxed cheap w/ Biden b/c "strategic ambiguity" now is supposed to work in US's favor.
10/It might backfire. If they're now waiting to see whether DPRK is willing to engage w/ the US when DC won't even REVEAL WHAT THE POLICY IS, PY might take a rain check b/c there's no sign US wants "to search for a new way rather than face a barrier in the old way.” Just words
11/one must assume are "intentionally ambiguous".

They know so little about the DPRK b/c their minds are closed off to understanding its ways & people, wearing the blinders of Western propaganda, I suppose to shield them from "the dangers of socialism".
12/10,000 Apartments in Pyongyang, Constructed by the Government, Provided ... via
That's doing pretty good under all the sanctions the world puts on DPRK, then blames KJU for the hardships.
13/Farming - Why isn't the US, EU, South Korea or other countries helping the DPRK improve their farming? Oh yeah, sanctions, right.
[종합편집] 각지 농업부문에서 들어온 소식 (9) via
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4 May
Return of the Foreign Ministry: Choe Son Hui’s Message to the US…
The channel for interaction with Washington once again will be DPRK’s Foreign Ministry, and that means dealing w/ a very cool lady: seasoned high-ranking diplomat Ms Choe Son Hui.
2/“First Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui issued a statement on March 18 focusing on the current state of US-DPRK relations…Choe’s comments suggests, first and foremost, that the Foreign Ministry is preparing to become the channel for interaction with Washington once again…
3/"The key formulations are laden with qualifiers that reinforce that point. A few examples that indicate the game is only beginning include (note in all case, emphasis is added):
▪“We have already declared our stand that no DPRK-U.S. contact and dialogue of any kind can be
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4 May
"[T]he nuclear deterrent is a deterrent. It’s an effective deterrent, and that its rationale - to defend the national security of the DPRK and the security of the Kim regime and the Korean Workers’ Party. So the root of this is North Korean insecurity."
2/Excerpts & Commentary:
Soo Kim (11:24): “So I don’t think the regime is going to need an external impetus to embolden its resolve.”
[Hasn’t the DPRK already “resolved” that since the US continues to remain “hostile”, it has to beef up its nuclear deterrence? Yes, it has. They
3/are watching every move Washington makes. Ms Choe Son Hui of DPRK's Foreign Ministry has spelled out clearly where DPRK currently stands:
“We already clarified that we will counter the U.S. on the principle of power for power and goodwill for goodwill.”…
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3 May
“Hopefully, the administration will build on the diplomatic progress made over the past four years instead of jettisoning everything from the Trump years — but come up with a long-term strategy that takes all stakeholders in the region into account.”…
2/"Though it is not clear what “something” each side would offer, there are many options. 

During Trump’s outreach to Kim, U.S. officials reportedly considered declaring a formal end to the Korean War, a symbolic step that would signal a less pressure-focused approach. Both
3/"sides also considered establishing liaison offices in each other’s countries.

U.S. officials could also try to formalize North Korea’s pause on nuclear and long-range missile tests. Or they could attempt to work out a more extensive interim deal to limit North Korea’s
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3 May
Hello. Biden Admin's North Korea Policy Review is done but it HASN'T BEEN REVEALED right? Pyongyang is freaking out, misreading the tea leaves. If Biden is serious about a new "phased approach" building on Singapore, REVEAL THE POLICY!!!
2/Get the lead out!!

I've already critiqued what I've gleaned from Jen Psaki's comments and this WP piece 👇and found Biden's NK Policy Review deserving of a B. Don't make me change my grade.😉 You, uh, ARE going to tell America & world what it is, right?
3/Pyongyang obviously didn't catch the Washington Post piece (which I presume is accurate). So they don't know that Biden is focussed on "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" and wants to build on Singapore. I believe they can work w/ that - But not before you tell them!!
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3 May
“International broadcasting can be defined as broadcasting across national frontiers to a foreign rather than a domestic audience. It is a deliberate dissemination of broadcast messages to an audience outside the

Reasons for international broadcasting…
2/“borders of the broadcast organizations territory.”

[“Broadcasting is the distribution of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium.”]

“Broadcasters in one country have several reasons to reach out to an audience in other

Governments typically have different motivations for funding international broadcasting. One clear reason is for ideological, or propaganda reasons. Many government-owned stations portray their nation in a positive, non-threatening way. This could be to encourage
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2 May
Check out the incredible video montages created by MetalGuruMessiah as visual accompaniments to some of the great, creative & memorable rock songs of the not too distant past!

Once Upon A Time In The West - Dire Straits (1979) via @YouTube
2/(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult (1975) 4K UHD via @YouTube
3/Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-IX) - Pink Floyd (1975) via @YouTube

Video is a videographic ode to Syd Barrett who “co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 [and] was their original frontman and primary songwriter”. The song itself is homage to Syd.
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