Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury affects up to 250,000 individuals in the US every year, resulting in an annual health care cost exceeding $2 billion

70% of ACL injuries occur in non-contact situations

Why does this happen?
When we are children, our joints are supple + our mobility is flawless

We can sit, squat, stand, crawl, jump, and even take minor tumbles w/o major pain or injuries

As we learn to navigate the world and our growing bodies, motion lubricates our joints and keeps them safe
Unfortunately, when we get older, we stop exploring as many options

And we get really good at one: sitting

As a result, our knees lose the constant flow that nourishes the joint capsule and maintains its suppleness
We also stop spending as much time exploring the knee's full range of motion (ROM)

Almost very single joint in the body is meant to rotate

We do not live in a 2D reality, so this makes sense

Lack of motion in the knee results in the loss of ROM
To maintain suppleness in the knee capsule, move it daily through:

- extension
- flexion
- external rotation
- internal rotation

Once full ROM is established, you can begin to load it incrementally over time, aka progressive overload, to train joint strength + resiliency
Working with a mobility coach can help you safely restore your joints back to optimum health!

It's always best to have another set of eyes on you to ensure injury doesn't occur

If that is a barrier to entry, then filming your movements is the next best option
Hope that helps!

Motion is Lotion

So get Moving 🌊🌊

• • •

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