X : What music do you like?
Me : Bit of an odd question. I've been transitioning to NCS.
X : NCS?
Me : NoCopyrightSound. Started off as a gaming thing, it has really picked up traction since then.
X : Licensing effects your music choice?
Me : You find that surprising?
Me : With systems like synthesia being developed, alongside the whole area of programmable video ... it won't be too far into the future until we have No Copyright Films and No Copyright Games challenge the existing industries. Why do you think MSFT bought up Bethesda? ...
... it's going to be all about the community that you build around it.
X : Making money with open?
Me : Of course but think of it like making money without trying to prevent or restrict creativity of others by trying to own a spot and slow the progress of everyone else.
X : Do you think this will happen?
Me : Yes. Information wants to be free. Of course, others are trying to constrain information - they always are. Take NFTs.
X : NFTs?
Me : An attempt to commodify and commoditise all sorts of digital assets ...
... there's an interesting split emerging, the old "hacker" ethos based upon information wants to be free which gave us open source etc and then there's the more "suits" ethos which is constantly trying to own everything, give it status etc. That's the NFT world.
They often dress up as being radical, see the whole bitcoin crowd ... but they're anything but radical. If they were they would have embraced radical transpaency i.e. public addresses of ownership, long ago. Instead, it's just a particular political ideology that ...
... reinforces the existing systems which is why they're so easily co-opted by it. Offshore funds love bitcoin etc. The real radicals are things like NoCopyrightSound or murmurations like GameStop. That's where the hacker ethos is.
The hacker ethos isn't in those big open efforts which are done for reasons of marketing ... it's in the intention - we're doing this to help others, to encourage others, to share with others ... not to get free marketing, free resources, own assets or recreate what exists.
The problem is, an open approach can be used as a weapon to change a market ... just because something is made open, doesn't transform that thing into a radical hacker ethos. An open approach is just a tool, nothing more. You need to look deeper into intention.
X : So, what's your intention for mapping?
Me : Wipe out the management consultancy industry that enslaves us. It's even in the map. I've never hidden it. Those firms need to be brought down, they do no good. That's my long term vision.

• • •

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5 May
In business, almost everything that I come across which is called a map turns out to be a graph. Image
X : How do you explain the difference?
Me : In a map, space has meaning. You can't move a component without changing the context it is describing. It is because space has meaning in a map that they are useful for looking at landscapes whether geographical, business or political.
X : How do you work out that something is not a map?
Me : Take a node on the diagram and move it, keep any connections the same. If you can move components without changing meaning then it's unlikely to be a map.
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5 May
Ok, there are about 150 early bird tickets left for Map Camp (online, October 13th) - mapcamp.co.uk
The entire conference will be online, we will be raising funds for charities this year. There are three main tracks - resilience, sustainability and society with many amazing speakers ... Image
However, I'm on the hunt for two speakers. I need recommendations for speakers on the subjects of ...

1) "One size fits all - Capitalism vs Communism"


2) "Solving social issues with maps"

Anyway, shout out if you know someone who the community should hear from.
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4 May
X : Are pioneers scouts and town planners soldiers?
Me : Eh? Oh, the Galef book?
X : Yes
Me : No
X : No, what?
Me : We're all a bit scout and a bit soldier i.e pioneers, settlers and town planners have a bit of both. It's the soldier aspect that helps build inertia to change ...
... that can be both positive and negative i.e. inertia when something has changed (i.e. shifted from product to utility) is bad but inertia before it is ready to change can be good.
X : So, it's not simple?
Me : Not in the way you describe. As for the book, I haven't read it.
X : Can you explain more?
Me : Sure. Pioneers scout the world of the adjacent possible, of course when they find something that is useful they tend to build up inertia to change, become settled in their beliefs ... this is where you need settlers to take over. But ...
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4 May
X : Where do you work?
Me : I research which mostly means that I do my own thing for a group known as the LEF within a company called DxC.
X : DxC?
Me : Yes, have done for a decade. Only intended to stay for a year but ... well, sometimes things just seem to work fine. Why?
X : I thought you ran your own company?
Me : I've done that. I've done all the usual things ... what I prefer is to wander in fields that interest me.
X : So, you do strategy?
Me : No. I wander in fields of research that interest me and tell others what should interest them.
X : Don't you miss the fight, the cut and thrust of business?
Me : No. I thought I might but ... well ..., it was never a real fight anyway. It turns out that I just actually like to be happy.
X : What does that mean?
Me : Really?
X : Yes.
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4 May
X : Do you ever map for others?
Me : I teach people to map, teach them basics of strategy, leadership, organisation etc. I use it in my research.
X : Yes, but do you map for others?
Me : No, I don't sell mapping as some sort of service. I've no interest.
X : So, you don't?
Me : Why the third degree?
X : A competitor said you helped them map the space.
Me : Ah ... well, sometimes I do if I really like the company, what they are trying to do and the people involved.
X : So, how much do you charge?
Me : As I said, I don't provide it as a service.
X : But I want to pay you, to map our space and help us.
Me : Can I suggest you learn to map and not rely on some third party. You should learn how to do strategy and to think for yourself.
X : We can think, we just need a map. You're not being very helpful.
Me : I am.
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4 May
Yep, this feels like what I'm hearing on the streets. Huge loss of life, sleaze, extraordinary waste and ... well, what did they say about Corbyn ... "If the Labour party was led by anyone else it would be 20 point ahead in the polls" .... hmmm ->
However, we shall see, the polls have been more generous recently, which seemed at odds with what I was hearing ... but then this ->
If this holds up then Labour will have to face a reckoning. The political suicide that is "remain" cannot be allowed to continue but must be removed from the party. We will need a new, strong pro brexit leader for Labour. Someone like @SarahChampionMP
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