When the first press conference you cover in person in months is a recall event with a 1000 pound live bear... follow this thread for more
The bear has been let out without a leash, @BeastJohnCox has not made an appearance yet
“He wants to be lieutenant governor,” @BeastJohnCox says. “Put away your salmon and honey.”
California is beautiful, “we even have a beautiful governor,” @BeastJohnCox says, referring to @GavinNewsom. “But what’s going on in California is anything but beautiful.”
“We need to recall our pretty boy governor,” @BeastJohnCox says. “Over 2 million people literally put their name on the line to recall him. They said, we can’t take this anymore. ... I don’t come from a political dynasty, my aunt isn’t @SpeakerPelosi.”
.@BeastJohnCox says his own background “is pretty ugly,” pointing out that he didn’t know his father and was raised by his mom, a schoolteacher. He adds that he’s not a pretty boy, but “my wife thinks it’s ok,” and adds it’s their 19th anniversary.
.@BeastJohnCox says the bear is there “because we have to be tough as beasts” to go against the political grain in California and fight special interests.
The bear appears to be running away
The bear is cleaning himself
“Integrity is the coin of the realm,” @BeastJohnCox says. “Our pretty boy governor has demonstrated he hasn’t done that, he gives no bid contracts all over the place to people who support his campaign. How’s this for a beastly idea - our legislators read bills before they vote?”
The bear is chasing a treat - bread?
“It’s a choice between the beauty and the beast,” @BeastJohnCox says. “It’s time to unleash the beast” as a trainer throws treats to the bear
“I’m not a household name,” @BeastJohnCox says, “it takes time to take a campaign... I got millions of votes in the 2018 gubernatorial election.”
The bear is lying down
The bear is running away again
Asked why people should take him seriously when he has a bear, he says “for better or worse, we need to get this message out,” @BeastJohnCox says. “I wish that didn’t need to be the case. You have to cut through the media. I’m going to talk about serious issues.”
.@BeastJohnCox says he had COVID-19 early in the pandemic and he “suffered along with other people.”
@BeastJohnCox says he would have protected the vulnerable early on in the pandemic and done better on testing, slams @GavinNewsom for being slow on allowing pharmacies to do Covid testing.
The bear has been lying down for a while at this point
“I started this campaign with $10M of my own money,” @BeastJohnCox says.
The bear is pacing restlessly
@BeastJohnCox says Donald Trump hasn’t reached out to him about his campaign.
@BeastJohnCox says the bear was born in captivity, so it couldn’t live in wild. “It’s had an absolutely wonderful life,” he adds.
@BeastJohnCox says the first thing he would do as governor is call a special session of the Legislature to address the housing crisis. “Housing is in every aspect of life in this state,” he says.
“When you’re in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging deeper,” @BeastJohnCox says. “We need for turn this state around and start climbing out.”
Press conference ends, and bear is petted and given water
He’s getting cooled off
The trainer tells me he is fed cookies and chicken, and he was in a Super Bowl commercial last year
The trainer adds that the bear’s daily rate is more than his own
This is @BeastJohnCox’s new logo

- end of thread!
Bear and campaign trailer drive away (bear is in the carrier behind the white truck)
I genuinely think my cat smells bear on my bag bc she’s been sniffing it for the past 10 minutes with a look of extreme intensity

• • •

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9 Jul 20
.@GavinNewsom: "None of us were shy about our condemnation of @PGE4Me. PG&E is now out of bankruptcy, but they're coming out a new company, with new expectations and accountability. And new criteria, that if they don't perform, CA can intervene in ways we couldn't in past."
"They're now required to do new things on vegetation management, updating grid, sectionalizing grid to be more precise for when they turn off/on power, weather monitoring stations, infrared evening capacity, procure personnel that are required."
"There's a new wildfire safety division, $5 billion obligation to invest in hardening their infrastructure and underground wires. That doesn't come with a profit attachment. You don't have to pay the costs associated with the return on the investment they've sought in past."
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18 May 20
.@GavinNewsom, in Mustard's Grill restaurant in Napa Valley: "We have 24 counties that have self-attested, certified, with containment and protection plans -- for regional variation to the state order. We announced that variation process on May 7."
"We recognize conditions are unique depending on where you are in the state. We've been working very collaboratively with those counties' health directors and have their attestations up online. You can check how those counties are doing against their commitments."
"We've been tracking, over last 14 days, a hospitalization decline of over 7%. We've seen an 8.7% decline in ICU patients over 14 days. We've also seen an unprecedented number of masks be delivered, tens of millions of masks. All of these things matter."
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16 Apr 20
I’m at the Capitol attending the first legislative hearing on CA’s COVID-19 spending since the state govt was shut down last month. Follow this thread for updates for my experiences from this historic hearing.
Before getting my temperature taken and being asked if I’ve experienced any symptoms of the virus, I was greeted with this sign outlining mandatory social distancing protocols.
People are being escorted one at a time from the lobby to the elevator, and only one person can be on the elevator at a time, accompanied by a masked and gloved sergeant at arms.
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14 Apr 20
.@GavinNewsom: "Our strategy of containment began with repatriation flights from China. Then mitigation strategies with stay-at-home orders, physical distancing. We then started to move to phase 3, surging our hospital and alternative care systems to meet potential demand."
"This included protective gear and staff. The next phase, the phase I will speak about today, is the phase I would frame as an optimistic phase. We move from surge and we transition into suppression --> herd immunity --> vaccine. We do see light at the end of the tunnel."
"It's also the most difficult and challenging phase of all, and that says a lot. But this phase is one where science and public health, not politics, must be the guide. We must be open to argument, interested in evidence, not ideological in way, shape or form."
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13 Apr 20
BREAKING: @GavinNewsom says California, Oregon and Washington have developed a framework for reopening from the coronavirus pandemic, not just as individual states, but as a region -- California's specific plan will be released tomorrow.
"This virus knows no boundaries, you can't build walls around it. We'll be driven by facts, by science, by our public health advisors, our collaborative spirit that defines the best of us. And we have to recognize that disparities persist and are exacerbated in moments like this.
"But the persistent issue of our children, particularly children in our welfare system, that are at-risk, remains a vexing challenge, particularly when we have a stay at home order which limits in-person visits from Child Protective Services."
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4 Apr 20
.@GavinNewsom: "We have tested 126,000 people in CA. It isn't enough, and as your governor I own that. Many people have had to wait 12 days for results, frustrating you and frustrating me. So I formed a task force led by private and public sector leaders."
"We are now in a position where I can confidently say it's a new day and we're turning the page on our old approach for how we coordinate, collaborate, organize, and distribute information to the public.We'll increase fivefold the number of daily tests in CA over next few weeks."
"The issue of testing - I own that, you deserve more and better &that's what I'm committed to advancing to you today. We specifically have a new partnership with UC Davis and UCSD to create 5-7 hubs w/ high throughput and work with different vendors to increase testing capacity."
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