One of my superpowers is having a ridiculously ⚡ fast typing speed (157 WPM). I believe everyone can get at least 2x more productive just by improving how fast they type.

Here are the 8 tips that I used to double my typing speed over the past 10 years 👇
✂️ Learn Keyboard Shortcuts - Absolute game-changer for fixing mistakes. If you have to hit backspace twice, there’s a problem. Instead, use either (1) Option/CTRL + Backspace to delete an entire word or (2) CMD + Backspace to delete an entire line.
⚡ Practice On @10FastFingers_ - 1 minute-long typing tests where all you have to do is type as many words in a minute as you can. Even semi-regular practice will help you ramp up your typing speed.
⌨️ Practice On - This website tests your typing for weak spots and then trains you on those. So, depending on which letters on the keyboard you’re most struggling with, the software will train you on those more often.
🚫 Ditch Your Mouse - Try to use ONLY the keyboard and use software like @alfredapp to search for all the things and switch between apps with a simple CMD + Spacebar combo. At first, it might feel intimidating but quickly you’ll never want to go back to using your mouse.
🙈 Avoid Looking At Your Keyboard - Train your muscle memory and resist the urge to look at the keyboard even if that means you have to type slower at first. The whole point of typing fast is to be able to do it without a single glance at your keyboard.
🔁 Return Fingers To Correct Resting Position - Left-hand fingers on A, S, D, F and right-hand fingers on J, K, L, ;. This is much easier thanks to these little bumps that every keyboard has on the F and J keys so get used to your index fingers returning to this position.
🔊 Try To Make Noise - Yes, this sounds a little bit weird but I’ve found that whenever I’m typing loudly I also tend to type faster. The explanation might be as simple as typing loudly helps us get into the right mindset which then helps increase the typing speed.
🎮 Treat It As A Game - Currently, I’m working towards a goal of 200 WPM. Mainly because it sounds cool but also because it makes me excited to improve even more. So, make sure you’re enjoying the process and have fun on your way to the goal.
If you’d like to learn about all the benefits of typing fast and where I explain all the above tips, check out this video on How I Type Really Fast 👉
And, if you’re curious about which keyboard to choose for better typing speed then head over to this video where I’ve tested and compared the 6 most popular mechanical and membrane keyboards (and found out which one is the best)👇

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23 Apr
The 9 different "passive income" ideas I use to make $27k per week (the info I wish I had when I started my financial independence journey 8 years ago) 👇
❌ Get rich quick schemes don't work - the only way to make passive money is to provide value in a way that's not directly tied to your time.
💰 Investing in stocks & shares - interest from a savings account doesn't do much for us. My (non-financial) advice is to sign up to a stockbroker platform (e.g Vanguard) and invest in an index fund like the S&P 500. Earnings obv depend on stock performance and amount invested.
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I've read pretty much every book on productivity and time management lol - here are my top time management tips that I genuinely use 👇
🕑 We own all of our time - at any given moment we're doing what we most want to do. If we decide to play WoW or scroll twitter like a wasteman then we can't say "I don't have time to workout". We're all in control of our time and choose how to prioritise it.
👍 Hell yeah or no - It's okay to say no. If someone asks me to do something and I'm not like "hell yeah" then my default position is to say "nope, I'm not gonna do this". Thanks @sivers for this one.
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Last night, I had a catch-up call with some YouTuber friends (@mattdavella, @tomfrankly, @joeyschweitz, @np1ndey, @nathanieldrew_). We chatted for around 2 hours. Some notes 👇
Every YouTuber at every size worries about the algorithm. One of the biggest challenges of being a YouTuber is trying not to worry about the algorithm.
The highlight reel looks very different to the behind-the-scenes. The guys complimented me on my apparent disregard for the algorithm, and willingness to put out random content (eg: piano + singing) that had nothing to do with productivity.
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18 Nov 20
Started @Gladwell 's writing masterclass - it's *really* good and I'm only like 30 minutes in. Here are some notes I made.
🧩 Writing is like a puzzle. You're taking pieces and arranging them to make a picture for the reader. It's satisfying in the same way. The only difference is that you don't have the finished picture for reference.
✍️ If the pieces of your writing don't fit, you can make them fit. You can write your way out of a problem.
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1 Oct 20
Just read a fantastic post by @anthilemoon on The Power of Flexible Consistency. Some key points, thread 👇🏼
1. Consistency is important, but life can get in the way. Flexible consistency is a mindset, not a rigid system. Stuff will come up. Don’t let it disrupt the habit. Missing one workout doesn’t have to end in a doom spiral
2. The Schedule is more important than the Scope. I’ve been struggling with this when it comes to medical exam prep. I wanted to block out 3 hours each day (9-12am) to study. But most days, something comes up and if I can’t do the full 3 hours, I decide to do nothing at all
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30 Jun 20
Me at the start of O&G placement: I’ve admitted a 29 year old lady, 10 weeks pregnant, with PV bleeding

Senior over the phone: what’s her Rhesus status?

Me: errr she’s 29 and pregnant so presumably for full escalation and CPR?


Me: ... oh
right time to explain the tweet. With pregnant ladies we ask about their ‘Rhesus’ status, ie their blood group (positive or negative). If they’re Rhesus negative, ie their blood group is O negative or A neg or B neg etc, and bleeding, we give them a special antibody
Completely separately, when we’re admitting patients into hospital (and especially if they’re old, frail etc) we ask about their ‘Resuscitation Status’ or ‘Resus’ status - ie: have we had the conversation with them about whether we would perform CPR if their heart were to stop
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