Under pressure by media orgs, DOJ finally released what it claimed shows "attack" on Sicknick. (It didn't) Defense lawyers complained it was cherry-picked (it was) and they had no access to full video that could include exculpatory evidence. I explain here
I'm listening to bond hearing for Julian Khater and George Tanios, the two men who've been in jail since March for "attacking" Officer Sicknick. I wrote about dubious case here
Julian Khater's family is asking to post $15 million bond. He has no criminal record, never entered the Capitol, and feds have a beyond sketchy case against both men for "spraying" Officer Sicknick. BTW, it wasn't bear spray, another lie told by the media.
The judge is a Reagan appointee and is 82 years old. He was very unimpressive in last hearing ("There are no bears in Washington DC.")
Oh my the judge can't even get basic facts right. Says a pistol was found in the backpack--it wasn't. I cannot believe our federal court system is arguing about who had a can of spray in Washington DC.
LOL DOJ: One can join a conspiracy "at any time." Both men also face conspiracy charges.
DOJ: "Aiding and abetting" using a key chain pepper spray toward officers. Keep in mind officers sprayed the crowd first. "He's a clear danger to the community." Khater attorney reminds participants this is bond hearing not trial but most of these cases sounds like trials.
Khater attorney says his client is in solitary 23 hours a day, he can't even communicate with him. He is one of dozens of J6 detainees in solitary confinement before trial. Lawyer says he hasn't been able to reach his client since last hearing more than a week ago.
Khater lawyer pointing out discrepancies in same court system--people accused of attacking police with weapons let out on insecure bond while Jan 6 detainees rot.
I must note that before Khater allegedly sprayed police, cops used a "super soaker" like tool to blast the crowd with mace. It's very likely any reaction by cops is from blowback of that spray. Khater was several feet away and it's impossible to see if any spray hit police.
Judge Hogan now going thru home detention requests. This is a "unique situation." Judges have "struggled" with bond requirements and not uniform decisions. "Rare" to have 2 court opinions on bond--notes that Chief Judge Howell unhappy with Munchel ruling by Circuit.
Hogan basically litigating the case right now. Bond should be allowed in "most" cases. DENIES BOND to both defendants. UNBELIEVABLE.
This is Washington DC, a city besieged by violence, rioting, protesting for months. Thugs who threatened lawmakers, Trump. This octogenarian judge just said 2 men held in solitary confinement in DC jail who cannot even speak to their lawyers should stay in prison BEFORE TRIAL.

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11 May
A Reagan appointed judge just denied bond, including a $15 million offer, to two men charged with spraying Officer Sicknick. They are in solitary confinement in DC jail PRE-TRIAL. The men have no criminal record--the judge is litigating the case.
He's still preaching. Admits there is no risk of flight for either man but this is a crime of violence. Keep in mind, Tanios did not use the spray. "All good history" for both defendants. He's now arguing against himself but whatevs.
LOL they don't belong to a "radical right wing group," referring to Proud Boys. These people are political prisoners, straight up. "They helped with the breach of the Capitol."
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7 May
Some on the “Right” may suddenly start to realize that Joe Biden’s DOJ is as bad, perhaps worse, than Barack Obama’s. Garland has made clear his intention to use Jan 6 as a pretext to prosecute normal Americans who supported Donald Trump. A few reminders: amgreatness.com/2021/02/22/gar…
Biden’s DOJ use of an obscure law to criminalize nonviolent political protest

Biden’s DOJ seeking indefinite pre-trial detention for nonviolent protestors, many held in solitary confinement in a fetid DC jail

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4 May
I’m watching House Appropriations subcommittee hearing with AG Merrick Garland. January 6 “attack” already raised, Dems poised to boost funding for “domestic violent extremism,” code for Trump supporters. GOP ranking member @Robert_Aderholt already commending Garland.
Garland: Asks for $45 million for FBI and $40 million to US Attorneys office to manage “increasing domestic terrorism caseloads.” Also boost for Civil Rights division to protect voting rights and prosecuting hate crimes.
It’s very clear Democrats expect DOJ to be very aggressive against state election reforms. Garland signals he will.
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1 May
ICYMI—My updates this week on January 6 detainees. 2 men accused of “attacking” Brian Sicknick remain behind bars denied bail. But in a hearing this week, feds admit neither used bear spray against the deceased officer; another Capitol attack myth exposed: amgreatness.com/2021/04/26/the…
DOJ seeking protective orders to keep video evidence under seal even from defense lawyers and media. After FOIA demand, DOJ released clearly cherry picked clips trying to show Sicknick “attack.” buzzfeednews.com/article/zoetil…
Richard Barnett, the man I wrote about here, finally was released from DC jail after almost 4 months behind bars. Judge cited Munchel ruling as reason but not before repeating lie that 5 people were killed and some Q bs

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27 Apr
I'll cover 2:30 detention hearing for Richard Barnett, the man photographed in Pelosi's office. I explain his case here--he turned himself in January 8 and has been in jail ever since. Barnett is in solitary in DC jail and reportedly was attacked by guards
About to get started. Judge Cooper is an Obama appointee and he’s married to a former top aide to Eric Holder.
Judge asks for update on discovery. DOJ says should have to defense next week. Barnett was arrested a few days after protest and has been in jail ever since so obviously so rush to put the case together.
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27 Apr
Government now showing video evidence. Many defense lawyers complaining that feds are cherry-picking video. Just now, government “skips” over part of full video. Khater lawyer raises objection amgreatness.com/2021/04/26/the…
DOJ argument is that after Khater allegedly sprayed the pepper spray or whatever it was, it disabled 3 cops and therefore they aided the raid on the Capitol. But video also shows a massive cloud of chemical spray beforehand. Winds were 20 mph that day per a separate filing.
Tanios lawyer also now objecting to DOJ cherry-picking of video evidence. Claims feds are omitting exculpatory comments.

I honestly cannot believe our government is wasting time on this.
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