Practical Solution from the Qur'an for the Palestinian.

The conflict that began after WW2 has not shown any signs of ending towards peace, but only continuous sufferings by both parties.

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Unfortunately, it is the Palestinians who are receiving the biggest blow in this conflict while Israel continues to dominate through its systematic aggression and expansion activities.
Hamas, Fatah, PLO have all failed to offer practical solutions to the Palestinians but remained with the same approach that had never delivered practical solutions, while the Israelis continued to expand their territories.
We know the ground zero of this conflict is the place where the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wailing wall resides. Both sides believe that the area is holy.

And this is the source of the problem.
For Muslims, a true understanding of the Quran will remove them from this association of the place called Masjid Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock with Allah.

To associate anything with Allah is shirk.
But Muslims still believe that the place is blessed because of a misleading interpretation of verse 17:1, relating it to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

(17:1 actually talks about Musa's night journey)
Muslims generally never studied the Qur'an. They recite the Qur'an all the time but never bothered to really listen to the message and understand it.

They rely on their religious figures to provide the narrative and answers. This only adds to their suffering.
If Muslims truly read the Quran, they will discover that the verses following 17:1 is a continuation of verse 1 and clearly indicates that it was Musa’s night journey.

In other verses, the Quran clarifies that it was Musa that was told to travel by night (20:77, 26:52).
Once we understand this, this will then raise the bigger question of the real meaning of Al-Masjid Al-Haram and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. Clearly, Musa wasn’t travelling from Makkah.
Historically, in 621CE, the Kaaba was still a pagan temple for the Jahiliah Arabs. So a pagan Arab temple cannot be defined as Al-Masjid Al-Haram.

Similarly, in Mount Temple, there was no existing mosque called Masjid Al-Aqsa as there were no Muslims in Jerusalem at the time.
Perhaps there were only Churches and Synagogues. Muhammad had not propagated Islam outside Makkah and the Hijra to Madinah was only to happen in the following year.
Anyone who has ever investigated the event of Isra' in the Qur'an would encounter a lot of contradictions to the traditional narrative of Isra' Mi'raj as Muhammad's(pbuh) night journey.

Verses 17:89-94 would be enough to refute such events had ever happened.
It was also an insult to the Almighty that Prophet Musa had better knowledge of what is best for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his flock.
We must be clear that the mosque in Jerusalem did not exist in 621CE. It was built by the Umayyad over 60 years after the Prophet’s death.

When the Umayyad took control of the Islamic Empire and shifted the empire capital to Damascus, Syria...
... they needed to legitimize Islam to the people in the holy city of Jerusalem.

By claiming Temple Mount as a holy site for Islam to the largely Christians and Jewish subjects in the region known as Levantine, the Umayyad were...
...making an initial step to promote Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last Prophet for mankind.

The Levant was previously under Byzantine rule, with the majority being Christians. Although the Umayyads were recognised as the Islamic Caliphate, the people who lived...
... in the region were still Christians. We can see this in the minting of the coins where the Christian symbols were still present in the early years of Umayyad's rule.

The conversion of Christians, Jews, Persian Zoroastrians and pagan Arabs did not happen as immediately...
... as one would think, as the cities or towns were conquered under the Arab Conquest. This would go against the teachings of the Quran: there is no compulsion in religion.
Conversion into another religion is not an easy affair.

Especially when a foreigner who came in military force and took control their villages and town. Not to mention bloodshed.

And the people in that era were very thick in their own religion that it was impossible...
... to convert them so soon. Prophet Muhammad was very well aware of this and did not force any conversion and had let the people continue with their beliefs. Any conversion was voluntarily and most began with religious figures wanting positions in the new government.
The propagation of Islam was later delegated to them, as they began to call themselves imams.

When Abd Malik ibn Marwan built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock in 690CE, it was to promote to the Christians and Jews and give legitimacy to Prophet Muhammad.
It was to represent a monument of a miracle that Muhammad went to the heavens and Mount Temple was made a transit point. It was not easy for the Christians or the Jews to accept an Arab as a Prophet.
By building these two monuments, the idea that Muhammad was the last Prophet and was taken up to the heavens in this holy place will be accepted.

The Abbasids, with the systematic employment of jurisprudence clerics and Hadith Imams, had perfected Islam as we know it today.
A state-endorsed Islam was compiled, as it is today with many Muslim countries.

The mazhabs and hadith imams came into the scene during the Abbasid period with books upon books deliberating on the new religion of Islam.
As the books finally became available like never before, only the machinery of the state was capable to propagate Islam throughout the large empire. As we can see, the Islamic transformation was not an overnight affair.
The empire was dealing with Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and the pagan Arabs. All were thick in their former religions.
What the Palestinians are enduring endured is a result of attachment to a holy place. As mentioned earlier, to attach oneself to something and calling it religious is associating that thing with Allah. Most people do not realize this.
22:31 Being upright for Allah, not associating anything (mush’rikina) with him and whoever associates (yush’rik) with Allah, IT IS AS THOUGH HE HAD FALLEN FROM THE SKY, THEN THE BIRDS SNATCH HIM AWAY OR THE WIND CARRIES HIM OFF TO A FAR-DISTANT PLACE.
If we start to associate something with Allah, it will only bring us sufferings, and additional burden. But those who associate Allah with something, do not see their association as a burden, but love instead. That is why it is called IDOLIZATION.
What things or person do we love, other than Allah, and associate them with Allah? Of course the Palestinian will deny idolizing the mosques, but will not disagree to say that they love the mosque.
2:165 And [yet], among the people are those who take other than Allah as equals [to Him]. THEY LOVE THEM AS THEY [SHOULD] LOVE ALLAH. But those who believe, are stronger in love for Allah.
... And if only they who have wronged, would consider that when they see the sufferings, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is severe in sufferings.
So the Ummayad had created the Dome of the Rock as a new holy place, for Muslims to love. As if Al-Aqsa wasn’t enough, the Umayyads claimed that Prophet Isa will return from the Eastern side of their capital city Damascus.
And killing the Dajjal will not be enough too. Pigs were added to the list of things to do for Prophet Isa. That’s a lot of pigs on earth for Isa. Of course, the Qur'an supported none of these.
It was just political narrative for the convenience of the Umayyads, written for the 10th centuries mindset, unfortunately, still believable in the 21st century.
All these concoctions were just plain falsehood, created for the love to associate Allah with monuments and false expectations.

All these had brought sufferings to the Palestinians who were reluctant to remove themselves from an alleged holy place created by the Umayyads.
The moment the Muslims realize the narratives that had been haunting them for centuries are falsehoods, it would be an easy affair to remove this burden upon themselves.
So what the Qur'an prescribed for situations like this?

What did Musa do when faced with the atrocities of the Firaun when all argument fails? Musa and the servants migrated. Firaun was left drowned with his own falsehood.
Similarly with Noah and Lot. Both left their people, and migrated to better living conditions.

They left those people with their associations and falsehood. The people of Noah surely drowned in their false doctrine.
So the Palestinians can do the same. Remove the associations and embark towards a new horizon.

Just let whoever remains worship their holy stone walls which they created. Let them settle near their holy stone walls or temples. Let them drown in their falsehood too.
It is time that the Palestinians end their plight and sufferings, fueled by men and stones.

2:24 But if you are unable to do so—and you will never be able to do so—THEN FEAR THE FIRE FUELLED WITH PEOPLE AND STONES, which is prepared for the disbelievers.
Remember that Allah is above all these.

59:23 He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Perfection, the Bestower of Faith, the Overseer, the Exalted in Might, the Compeller, the Superior. Exalted is Allah ABOVE WHATEVER THEY ASSOCIATE with him
Just let the Jews associate Allah with their stone walls. The Muslims should be above this kind of associations.

Once the Palestinians can find their peace, they can just assimilate themselves with the Israelis if they wish, ...
... just like some of the Palestinians living in Israel under enjoying better living conditions and amenities. Israel had developed the illegally occupied lands successfully, transforming barren lands into productive soil with their technology.
It is time that Palestinians rejects Hamas that is not offering peaceful solutions other than fighting an endless war.

I do not know who the author of this piece is, but I'm forwarding it on the grounds that I largely agree with its suggestions, and it rings true to my understanding of the Qur'an.

May Allah protect the believers.
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