This is the fact of the matter.

This is what Democrats learned in the 2018 Scott/Nelson loss.

Arguing that already categorized “invalid” ballots should be counted was a losing approach.

Because courts wouldn’t get in the middle of election processes.


But at the same time if the election official said the ballot was valid, whether it was or wasn’t, then by the same token the courts wouldn’t get into the middle of those decisions.

Courts assume election officials are operating in good faith.


Unless you have direct evidence of fraud or conspiracy. Not circumstantial. Direct. It needs to be like an official coming forward or an email describing the intent to violate the law.

Short of that the court assumes all actions were taken in good faith.


So Elias realized that to defeat Trump you flood the system with ballots and just have election officials count them. Regardless of intricacies like signatures and dates. Just count them all. Categorize them as valid. Force the court to deal from the other end.


Then have all of the media and political establishment push the idea that any objection to the results was conspiracy theory and dangerous. Have big tech tag everyone asking questions as liars. Gaslight the entire country until the result was inevitable.


They used the system against itself.

Not that the courts minded.

Most of the judges were desperate to rid themselves of Trump.

So Elias fed them the hand and the courts did what precedent called for in a completely unprecedented circumstance.

That’s what happened.


• • •

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19 May
Here’s the other part of what happened.

Republicans have long complained about dirty voter rolls. But they were always very timid about doing anything about it.

Think about the key states we lost.

In some of the key states there has been Republican control of the legislature and the governorship for many cycles.

Yet it took the calamity of 2020 for them to finally take action to clean voter roles.

It was tinder for the 2020 fire.

Millions of “registered” voters who haven’t actually voted under that registration for many cycles.

They either lost hope in the political process or moved or died. But the registration is still open.

Republicans could have fixed this long ago. It’s long been a problem.

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2 May
Did you see how McConnell recently snapped about focusing on the (non Trump) future?

There’s gotta be a ton of cash behind that effort.

That cash goes to the publishers of right wing media and flows downward to the writers and media personalities.

If you were wondering...
The Republican establishment did everything in their power to prevent Trump in 2016.

Do you really think they are not going to do the same now?

If you can’t stop him then create conditions to limit his affect.

Their goals:

1) Prevent Trump

2) Maintain Senate leadership
The right wing media types make their money and forward their careers by forwarding the interests of the money that makes their careers possible.

Those are the facts of life.

As @SuitableAlias points out, sadly we don’t have Greenwood’s or Tracey’s on the right.
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27 Apr
Not sure if this will interest anyone but my family and I have had the flu this week.

My two year old son was very sick a few nights ago. Last year he was in the hospital three times with a respiratory virus right at the begging game of the Covid thing.
They weren’t testing then unless you had been in certain countries. So I don’t really know what he had. Anyway, one night he was struggling to breath. We have a nebulizer so we gave him a treatment and he got through the night.
The next morning it started up again so out of caution we brought him to the emergency room of the local children’s hospital.

I was expecting they would ask us all of the Covid questions and do a rapid test but no. They did ask he he had traveled out of the country. That’s it.
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23 Apr
When I was a kid my mom would tell me, “Seth, be careful who you are with and where you go because if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you will get in as much trouble as the person who did something.”
She was explaining that life isn’t fair. That sometimes you get punishments you don’t necessarily deserve. That if you are putting yourself in bad situations, bad things happen.

She was helping me confront reality.
Did Ma’Khia Bryant “deserve to die”? Maybe not. Was she a bad kid? Maybe not.

But she had a knife in her hand and was lunging at another girl in front of a police officer.
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15 Apr
The idea that in the world of political news or events there are absolute truths is narrow minded and silly.

Like yes, if a vote count in the Senate was 56-44 that’s a fact. Why a bill was brought to a vote or the motivations behind the vote are impossible to know.
The entire point of free speech is that you can criticize and question things, particularly the actions of government entities. The idea that we should force adherence to the official account of things is the opposite of free speech and weakens us as a country.
Places like YouTube and Twitter are the modern public square. Particularly in a time when we have empowered governments to lock us away in our homes for our own safety.

These companies have proven they cannot be trusted to protect our rights.
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4 Apr
It’s starting... Image
Hello, Mr. Sun. Image
We got our hike in! ImageImage
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