🚨 The Embedded Entrepreneur Launch Update, 24h Edition.

- 188 sales on @gumroad
- 130 sales on @amazon

It's starting to rank, too. It's currently #10 on the Entrepreneur best-sellers and all three editions (eBook, paperback, hardcover) are on the Top 100 New Releases. 🥳🚀
Most paperbacks and hardcovers are not included in the Amazon list — yet. I assume that an additional 50% of the reported number was ordered as a print version, so add another ~60 to the mix.

So day one saw 318 - ~370 sales. We'll know for sure next week when they're delivered!
Sales on @Gumroad have been spectacular. As usual, that platform allows me to reach those readers who don't have easy access to Amazon as Americans or Germans might. Also, the Notion-based toolkit is sold exclusively on Gumroad.
Now, to the rankings!

#10 in Entrepreneurship Best-sellers. That's just flat-out awesome.

Let's see how high we can climb here :D

The book also ranks on the New Releases page — in fact, ALL THREE VERSION OF THE BOOK are there.

On amazon.com/gp/new-release…
- eBook on #4
- paperback on #25

On amazon.com/gp/new-release…
- paperback on #80

(Also, 👋 to my book-title-brother @shl on #82)
My launch tweet has so far gathered 421,651 impressions. Almost half a million people. 🤩

And even better, over 40.000 plays of my super-high-quality professional amateur video that I taped on my couch :D
I'm looking forward to seeing those Amazon developments over the next few days. Super excited to see my book among such illustrious names and beloved books.

What a day!

• • •

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20 May
Because I've been asked for some advice on how to write a book, let me share a few thoughts here.

A book isn't written in one go, it's a whole process.
Here is how I approach writing:

I follow the outline approach, so I come up with the main topics I want to cover, and then I make a big Table of Contents with the chapter names. Once that is looking good, I start writing the chapters, one by one. Like blog posts, but all fitting together.
You don't need to write in order. You can add to any chapter at any time. Feel like writing the ending first? Go ahead. Have an idea for one more good example in chapter 12? Add it today.
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20 May
Here is what I make from The Embedded Entrepreneur (my take vs. full price):

eBook: $6.53 / ($9.99)
Paperback: $12.28 / ($28.00)
Hardcover $11.23 / ($34.00)

eBook $9.34 / ($9.99)
Bundle $18.99 / ($19.99)
A couple of thoughts here.

Clearly, Amazon makes a lot of money on those sales. They are doing all the logistics, so that's fair. Also, prices in other countries are slightly different, so consider anywhere between 30%-100% of those numbers.
So why do I do this?

Distribution. Reach. Exposure.

I want my books to be read by as many people as possible. I know the books are good and that people will recommend them, so I am going for reach. Revenue is secondary. That'll happen over the next few years.
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19 May
I just launched my second book, The Embedded Entrepreneur. 📚🚀🥳

In this book, you will learn how to:

🔎 Find your audience
🗺 Explore their communities
🩺 Discover their problems
📣 Build a following and a business


Read on for the full story! 🧵👇
The Embedded Entrepreneur is a book about audiences written with and for an audience. From the start, the book was written in public, because I knew that my future readers were the best source of feedback.

The original title of the book was "Audience First," which got changed to "The Embedded Entrepreneur" after I had a few insightful conversations with my audience.

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13 May
Competition is like a mountain range.

Look at it from a distance, and the silhouette looks threatening and imposing.

Look at it from up close, and you’ll see intricate details, unique and different landscapes, never what you thought it would be from a distance.
You'll find that what looked scary at a distance is something else entirely when looked at closely.

That service you thought would be your direct competitor? Their feature-set is tailed to larger B2B customers while you're building for freelancers and small businesses.
At the same time, what looked like "just another small hill" turns out to be a potential source of trouble — maybe not today, but in a few years' time.

Good thing you started looking at it early.
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22 Sep 20
Google just slapped every Chrome Extension author in the face by removing payments while making it impossible to migrate existing customers without involving them (which you can't, as Google doesn't give you the email address).

This is platform risk.

If you have built a bootstrapped or a lifestyle business on the Chrome Extension store and have used their payments API, you now have to scramble to integrate an alternative provider and hope that you can find a way to reach your users so they can continue their subscription.
This will cause churn, complaints, confusion, and ultimately so much work that some developers will rather scrap their projects than go through the motions.

This is a corporate decision that is hostile to small developers.
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24 May 20
There's an interesting Ask HN by someone looking for side project ideas.

My advice, abbreviated: The best products happen at the intersection of an existing niche you are a part of already and a technology that has not yet been adopted in that niche.

I've found one approach work very well with my mentees:

1. Figure out which "special interest groups" you are part of beyond software engineering. That can be "aquarium owner", "coffee lover", "morning person", "diligent grandson" — the less technical, the better
2. Among these "niches", find the ones that could benefit from a transfer of technology, like "teachers who work from home" (education niche) + "automated submission and pre-grading of homework" could work (digital document collection and rule-based checking logic) …
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