I have no doubts that Yahweh aka Jehovah - the local Hebrew deity whom Christians adopted & regard as a loving and merciful God - is the most wicked of all fictional characters of all time. One of his first acts of insanity is the supposed Flood of Noah

In that story, Yahweh decides that humans are innately evil and deserve to be killed. He seems to forget that he’s supposedly OMNISCIENT. That means he knew beforehand that humans were destined to become evil.He also knew beforehand that he would destroy his precious creation

Let's assume that the adults somehow deserved to die. What in the world did little kids do to be included in this killing spree? Why didn't God just keep the innocent little children aside for a while so that they wouldn’t be murdered along with their 'evil' parents?

Well, God decides to kill everyone - including the children. His method?

"Drown the motherfuckers!".

He could have simply waved his Almighty hands or snap his Omnipotent fingers, and everyone would slump or simply disappear. But no,Yahweh loves drama and excitement!

So the rains begin to pour and people slowly started getting engulfed by the water - the children in particular. As they hopelessly tread and beat the water for hours, their muscles begin to weaken. Finally, they give up and go underwater.

But as they try to hold their breaths for hours, their lungs begin to cave in. The unbearable pain forces them to open their mouths and nostrils to inhale. Keep in mind, the water is already poisoned due to the rapid mixture of different water sources.

Heavily flowing, poisoned water gushes into their lungs and robs their bodies of Oxygen. They go numb. The currents dump their heavily breathing, slowly dying bodies at the bottom of the Ocean.

As blood supply dwindled, their hearts slowly ground to a halt. But their brains continued to process information for another couple of minutes: they were well aware that death was imminent, yet they could do nothing to prevent it or even speed it up.

There they laid - beaten by current upon current of ocean waves, tossed by torrential rain. Till they eventually died - Don't forget the little children. Yahweh watched the entire event, grinning with utter satisfaction.

Dear Christian, you have two options before you: You can see this story for what it is - a sick story penned by some very sick people. But if you see it as something that really did take place, then you can't deny that the "God" you worship and adore is a PSYCHOPATH.
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22 May
Morality does NOT come from religion.
Morality does NOT come from Yahweh, Jesus, Allah or any other god-figure.
Morality does NOT come from the Bible, Qur'an or any other religious text.

Morality is a philosophy that is refined over time. As humans, we have learnt overtime what works and what doesn’t - to give everyone a fair chance at living. That’s why morality needs room to change and evolve as humans grow and evolve.

Religion hijacked this philosophy, claiming that morality originally came from it. This is basically an attempt to lock humanity down to ancient, archaic understandings in order to remain relevant. Real morality is a reflection of human dignity. Religious morality is a fraud.
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18 Apr
THE EXODUS...A Hilarious Tale

According to the Bible, the Israelites (an estimated 2 million people) began their journey out of Egypt in one night to the 'Promised Land' - along with their flock and herd, with borrowed jewelry and clothes.

Where were they were going to? The Sinai Desert. Just in case you didn't know, the Sahara Desert is a garden when compared to the Sinai Desert! There's just no way all the civilized nations of the world could support two million people in the Sinai Desert for forty years.

The sheep alone they had with them were so numerous that the Israelites sacrificed, at one time, more than 150,000 first-born lambs! How were they supported? What did they eat or drink? Where were pastures for these flock in the blistering heat of the desert?

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15 Apr
“I told my son not to eat from a tree in our yard today. He did anyway. I’ve now kicked him out of my yard for disobeying.

From now on, every child descending from him will be tainted with his same guilt, despite being unborn at the time of his disobedience.

This genetic guilt will pass to subsequent generations through unexplainable supernatural means so that no one can question it.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’ll take one of my other children who haven’t disobeyed me, and I’ll murder them...

...that way I can accept my son and his descendants again once my anger is appeased. If - and only if - his descendants believe in my blood-thirsty, anger-appeasing sacrifice, would I allow them back on my property.”

- Yours Lovingly, Yahweh

What a father!
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10 Sep 20

Today, monotheistic religions are at the top of the religious "food chain" but ancient societies were majorly polytheistic. In other words , they had myths surrounding several gods and never really focused on one super god. Israel found itself within this...
... polytheistic milieus and much later during, and after its exile in Babylon, began creating its own ideology of the 'One True God'.

Over time, polytheistic cultures have been subject to severe "smearing" by monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam.
To these religions, the polytheistic cultures of the ancient world were misguided, mistaken, utterly wrong. To their credit, polytheistic cultures never really laid a law on which Gods you had to worship. For instance, if you believed in Zeus, Apollo, Hera or Artemis...
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2 Sep 20
@onayinka_segun "Has anyone provided proof of God's inexistence?"
It's not the responsibility of atheists to provide proof for the non-existence of any god. No one can prove universal/absolute non-existence.  The proof of existence must come from those who make the claims of any god's existence.
@onayinka_segun If Segun claims to hear from god, and I ask for proof, it's stupid to ask me to prove that nothing spoke to him. We're dealing with the confusion of probability and possibility.
@onayinka_segun Asking me to “prove” that nothing is speaking to Segun is an impossible request because there is no test that proves the existence of such a voice. As such, there's no way to prove the negative or the non-existence.  It is up to Segun to provide proof of this claim.
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