What we have seen under Tory government - in no particular order and not comprehensive

- thread

1. Interfering with report on police corruption connected to a murder
2. Windrush scandal
3. Wholesale damage to British import/export industries because of brexit
4. Wholesale removal of people’s rights through Brexit
5. Mistakes leading to higher covid death toll than necessary
6. Austerity impacting millions of lives
7. Appalling Brexit outcomes for farming, fishing, finance.
8. Appalling Brexit outcome for Northern Ireland
9. Disrespect of Scotland so making the breaking of the Union more likely
10. Questions over where the money came from for PMs wallpaper
11. Questions over where the money came from for a luxury holiday for PM
12. Constant lies in Parliament- pick virtually any day, any debate
13. Illegal prorogation of Parliament.
14. Lies on buses, cheating in the referendum by organisations run by politicians in current government.
15. Wholesale gaslighting of the public.
16. Promises about Brexit benefits totally failed and broken.

But hey media types - you all carry on with your totally hypocritical hysterical faux outrage about the bbc and one interview from 25 years ago.

You are complicit in the mess! /end

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1 Apr
Lots of people saying Labour are right to stay silent on Brexit, that people need to feel the pain or something. That’s easier said than done for those who have spent years proudly building their independent businesses, creating jobs, creating tax revenue, collecting vat, 1/
putting homes up as collateral to raise the money to invest in the future for themselves, their staff, their families and their communities, working all the hours god sends for years, doing without to get their companies through bad patches. 2/
If you haven’t got a job on the line, a business on the line, a life’s work on the line, it’s very easy to sit there shouting at those who just don’t understand why the opposition parties are letting them simply go down without even an acknowledgement that is happening. 3/
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27 Feb
I totally agree with this very well expressed piece. At the core of brexit was always that willingness amongst too many supposedly mature people to blame the problems they saw with things like housing on the Eastern Europeans in particular that came to the UK. 1/
In fact the statistics never support this age old narrative that getting rid of the foreigner will make things better. An influx of young ambitious immigrants can even help to revive local economies which are struggling due to the demographics of an ageing population. 2/
I am always a little dubious about the argument that it’s down to the education system. The UK is not a third world country, the population is by and large educated to a reasonably high minimum standard. /3
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18 Jan
On the issue of how quickly a rejoin campaign takes a hold, well I think it depends on a lot of things - no idea why people are so absolutely positive it’s the wrong thing to do straight away!

Let’s see how quickly people get fed up with cabbage for dinner again! Thread 1/
It didn’t take more than a few months to turn a small group of people from not caring a toss about Eu membership to turning the EU into the devil incarnate in their heads. Enough people to get leave over the line I mean. 2/
Yes even with all the cheating and the lying and the years of fake headlines about Germans and pool towels and refugees and gravy trains they still only got a small majority back in 2016. 3/
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10 Jan
Trump has been allowed to get where he got to because people who knew better, for political reasons, went along with him. To oppose self serving lies and manipulation requires hard plain truths from politicians. If that doesn’t come from an opposition where does it come from?
I am extremely troubled. There are already severe problems in cross border trade apparent. We have lots of worms yet to wiggle out of the can. Who is going to call all this out as it occurs? There is no real fix to any of it outside the sm/cu without reducing rights.
Capital will be pushed into fewer hands too as small businesses are pushed out already struggling with covid.
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31 Dec 20
I have no issue facing the fact that we have been unable to stop Brexit from happening but no amount of desperate self delusion spouted by MPs will hide the fact that Britain has damaged its own prospects by leaving the biggest trading bloc in the world!
There is nothing in the short or medium term that can make up for the financial hole that this government have led the UK into. The EU is not going to fall apart it will only get stronger. To abandon the privileged position of being a powerful voice inside it was stupid!
The only thing we can do is damage limitation at least in the short/medium term. Everything is now harder for virtually every business sector you can think of. But more than that I believe the UK will get lonely in its isolation.
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23 Dec 20
Kelvin Mackenzie’s tweet just goes to show that the only weapon for brexit extremists to retain their power base is hate - the spreading of hate. They lost all the rational arguments. These are the same people who wanted to use wave machines to repel dinghies with human beings.
They are the same people who told lies about the city of Liverpool. They are the same people who wanted to cut money from disabled people. They are the same people who don’t approve of feeding deprived children.
They are the same people who approved of the bedroom tax knowing that without the right balance of housing stock available that homelessness would rise.
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