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21 May, 12 tweets, 4 min read
Flashback Friday.

Coronavirus 2020
...a love story for people who like to boil bunnies but can’t because fur is murder.

March 2020. My first mask. Awww.
Next time say temporary. Always say temporary unless the new reality includes the return of Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cohen and Bowie. They held the fabric of the universe together.
Aww. See it? Our first carrot and stick.

Two weeks to flatten the curve? Nope. Stop the spread. We just didn’t think they’d be...well...power hungry dicks.

It’s funny because we’re so dumb but we put in charge that many Smeegles even dumber than us.
Awww. Remember when we were wide eyed and singing songs about washing hands?

Imagine if we had just kept doing that. Yeah. Really. We should just kept doing that. No. Just that. And stop.

This isn’t crazy talk. It’s actually slightly abnormal kindergarten for adults talk.
And anything crazier than that is just CRAZY. For reals. Part of you remembers.

No. This is totally wrong.

( what is this? Have we found yet another origin of the tales of Kamala?🧐

et tu Kermit?)
-Dawn of the mask mandate-

(which btw NY, it was ONLY if you couldn’t social distance. You guys just went full “this is my wooby! No! and makes me a hero too!! Wooby loves you too! I said LOVE WOOBY!!!! 😤😡”
That’s alllllll you. Stop saying it’s the science. Wooby is not science. Wooby is wooby)

Answer for all pups out there.....

Because they like it.

🐶Ya mean like a chewie?

Yes. Like a chewie.
#flashbackfriday #dawnofcovidia
It’s Science.

• • •

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22 May

It is in the small things we see it.
The child's first step,
as awesome as an earthquake.
The first time you rode a bike,
wallowing up the sidewalk.
The first spanking when your heart
went on a journey all alone. Image
When they called you crybaby
or poor or fatty or crazy
and made you into an alien,
you drank their acid
and concealed it. Later,
if you faced the death of bombs and bullets
you did not do it with a banner,
you did it with only a hat to
comver your heart. Image
You did not fondle the weakness inside you
though it was there.
Your courage was a small coal
that you kept swallowing.
If your buddy saved you
and died himself in so doing,
then his courage was not courage,
it was love; love as simple as shaving soap.
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22 May
It just hit me. More young Americans have probably read The Communist Manifesto that Washington’s Farewell Address.

More university graduates probably can quote analyze Foucault than that document.

Imagine if people who claim Jan 8th was an insurrection had read and studied
that document. The rage wouldn’t be turned toward their neighbors. It would be turned where it belongs. ImageImage
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22 May
I just suggested to a friend that he read this again.

It occurred to me that others may find it equally moving.

It’s my favorite founding document. It’s so beautifully written and achingly timely right now. You’ll both love it and hate how we just seem to have not listened..
..but it ain’t over yet.


A small excerpt.... Image
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22 May
“My favorite thing about New York is the people, because I think they're misunderstood. I don't think people realize how kind New York people are.”-Bill Murray

Kind is a really beautiful word. And it’s who we are. She can’t take that from us. The bastards can’t touch it.
From the OED (geekdom rejoice and no a sub isn’t as good as the stacks)

Beautiful word.... ImageImageImage
See....NY, we really are. Kindred too. No matter how this may all turn out. Just the way it is. Kinda like our glistening silver. It just is.
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22 May
You know; I think the behavior of so many and for this point particularly some fellow Jews is so irrational and over the top that it just maybe what we needed to see?

All I needed to do was ask myself (finally) one question. Apartheid, colonialism, occupation, stolen land; BUT
empowered militant and extreme force empowered by a sadistic dictator that slaughtered millions who was held in esteem by that organization for decades makes its intentions clear to follow the logic of National Socialists (Dont believe me? Just wait) while throwing its own people
off roofs, encouraging the murder of women by their own families, and orchestrates the murder of children and inspires countless acts of terror promises in its own manifesto (for just that little extra something called The Covenent) the following: fas.org/irp/world/para…
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21 May
My friend Gideon wrote this. Thank you for doing so, @gideondabi.

1 of 7 Image
2 of 7 Image
3 of 7 Image
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