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4 Jun, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Whenever someone tries to tell you science isn’t political — this is the only response you need…The scientific community expressly ignored and became antagonistic to investigating a possible lab leak because a politician they hated suggested it might have happened.
The scientific community, including those in the literal government, did not want to engage with the idea because they were so politically motivated. The only reason the lab leak possibility has become acceptable is because people outside of the community did their work for them
They were so blinded by ideology they were willing to sacrifice uncovering the truth, whatever it is. Potentially one of the most important truths in world history, and they just didn’t care. Because politics.
It’s yet another historical embarrassment for a profession that has done their best to make as many historically embarrassing decisions over the past year. I only hope we all stop thinking of these people as the best of us, altruistic geniuses.
The only reason there’s any willingness to speak out now is because the guy they hated is out of office.

They don’t deserve our respect, our admiration, or really to be taken seriously for a long, long time.

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26 May
Back on March 19th, self-esteemed expert @DrEricDing tweeted that he was 99% certain that another surge was on the way in April or May due to the “more contagious” B.1.1.7 variant.

Cases are down -56% since

It would be funnier if so many people didn’t take him seriously
I am not making this up, this is exactly what he said
Literally the Governor of New Jersey referenced him last year. Unreal.
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9 May
Over two weeks ago, huge crowds in London protested endless lockdowns & government restrictions. Unsurprisingly, a number of doctors went absolutely ballistic, saying that they were risking creating a third wave in the UK

And yet, cases are down. They were wrong. As always.
This blue check ICU doctor said she was “#tootiredforthisshit” which is an excellent summation of how I feel every single day listening to the unending ignorant condescension of people like this, who are so wrapped up in ideological virtue that they’re unwilling to accept reality
She kept going, saying that it was “selfish behaviour” that risks “everyone’s safety” and “further lockdowns."

Narrator: It was not selfish and did not risk everyone’s safety.
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8 Apr
Two weeks ago, Arizona, to overwhelming local criticism, removed all county level mask mandates and rolled back nearly all restrictions on businesses. Nevada and California didn’t, and yet their numbers are the exact same.

How many more times does this need to keep happening?
In response to seeing packed bars in Old Town Scottsdale, near Phoenix, the Arizona Democratic Party tagged Governor Doug Ducey, as he would obviously be responsible for the immediate surge in cases
The Mayor of Phoenix did some excellent gaslighting by saying that the “horrible surge” was “only curbed by masking”, ignoring, of course, that the surge in fall/winter was much worse even with masking. Echoing experts, she said it was “like spiking the ball on the 5-yard line”
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2 Apr
It’s now 2 months since @CDCgov mandated masks be worn over the nose & mouth at all times on public transit...and cases are rising again

I really thought this would be the time…masks would finally end Covid due to federal leadership clearing the way for science

To be fair to @CDCgov, an incomprehensibly dumb organization, and to the masks, there are a few exceptions to the mask law that our gracious moronic overlords of pseudoscience have allowed us. Let’s examine them, shall we?
Exception 1: “While eating, drinking, or taking medication for brief periods of time”

For brief periods, ok? No enjoying your food or taking long bites, peasants. Brief eating ONLY. How brief? Don’t ask questions. Brief.
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26 Mar
Four US states are 3+ weeks removed from lifting their statewide or county level mask mandates.

Not one has seen an increase in Covid hospitalizations since.

Given what we’ve been told by experts about the importance of masks & mandates, would you think that should be possible?
I myself am extremely confused, since I’ve heard it said by many, many experts and politicians that masks are the most important public health tool, that mask mandates are effective, that they’re a “game-changing scientific breakthrough”, that they’re like a vaccine, etc.
I’ve been told that masks are science. They’re incontrovertible science. Inarguable science. Questioning how important or effective they are is equivalent to questioning gravity. Experts have said they work. And we must always trust the experts and Believe in Science™
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24 Mar
No one, I repeat, NO ONE, does a better job of spreading unnecessary panic than Austria’s own @DrEricDing

He’s made it his personal mission to spread variant panic around B.1.1.7 in Florida over the past month+, only to be proven, unsurprisingly, wrong again.

⚠️ Thread time!
Eric, who is not an epidemiologist, said he didn’t want to be “that epidemiologist dude” who has to remind Ron DeSantis “that he has a civic responsibility to stop the outbreak of #B117 in his state & ints spread to rest of 🇺🇸”

Cases in Florida are down -31% since this tweet
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