got another guy asking for dating advice recently, and a funny thing that stuck with him was sth from my marketing/branding playbook: I asked him to think about the sort of archetype he wants to embody, to imagine how his date would gush about him to her friends in the groupchat
he had never really thought of that before in much detail


this is $10,000+ advice:

think about what kind of impression you want to make

don't invent a fake guy that isn't you

rather, find the coolest/hottest version of you out there and model your version of that
some women are into suave, charming types

some are into quiet, intellectual types

some are into outdoorsy types

some are into indoorsy types

YOU ARE ALREADY SOMEONE'S TYPE. you just need to present yourself accordingly
"no, why would a girl be into a fat depressed sadboy playing video games and smoking weed all day" ok see first you have to stop describing yourself in those terms. oh man. just, go watch queer eye, see the transformations. it takes less than you'd think
i'm not even saying you have to CHANGE those things about yourself

you can be a fat sadboy gamer neet and still make her laugh & feel seen

but you do have to respect yourself and not be needy at her

that requires reworking your self-image, the story you tell yourself abt you

• • •

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9 Jun
in the 5+ years I worked for my ex-boss Dinesh, he constantly, casually-yet-intensely would ask me about my goals & desired outcomes

"what do you want to get out of this?"

"how will you measure your progress?"

"what's the next step?"

"what's the limiting factor?"
I've since internalized that stuff so thoroughly, and found it so useful, that I now almost struggle to remember what it was like *before* I installed Dinesh's instrumental thinking module into my mental suite

(I do have old journal entries I can read to simulate it)
the wack thing is, once you internalize this, or a version of this, you look at the world in a completely different way than people who haven't internalized this. and you look around and you see that very few people really internalize this. you can get whiplash from the contrast
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9 Jun
I'm not entirely sure how I got here
juan snow 💀
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8 Jun
549am thinking about my relationship with myself. I would say it’s mostly great, tremendous improvement on every dimension over the past ~15 years, and yet still there is so much more I want to understand about myself, so much about me I do not really know
this is probably the realest reason I have been “almost done” with my book for so long. I have very high standards– unfairly high, I think– and a part of me feels like I must have some personal breakthrough with the book while writing it or it’s not quite “authentic enough”
it’s strange that my life is like this. I could hit publish right now and make a bunch of money and move on with my life, but there’s a HAL-9000 in my head that goes “no Visa, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” And I… have not attempted to negotiate with this guy. Why not? 🤔
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8 Jun
with love, this outcome is extreeemely unlikely, *the* unlikeliest outcome

read thru the Wikipedia pages of any five decades of history in the past 300 years it’ll disabuse u of this

it’s like expecting ~20 rounds of Texas holdem with 5 people & nobody ever has any hand (eg KK)
nobody has lived thru “50 years and nothing happened” in like... idk, 500 years? Maybe somewhere between 500-1000 AD, idk my history is not that good to make assertions but broadly once we got the printing press everything gets pretty wild from there
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8 Jun
I think it's time to do a thread of different kinds of sexy dude
1. the intellectual/philosopher type

get yourself a turtleneck or otherwise dress preppy

make a lot of prayer hands when thinking, like you're about to drop a rap album

smouldering intense gaze

poast bookshelf ImageImageImageImage
2. the guitar guy

if you have at least one cool action shot you can count on that one and then be derpy/silly with the rest, conveys that you don't take yourself too seriously

you could also write lyrics, wear hats, generally license to be "a creative soul", bard archetype ImageImageImage
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8 Jun
you know something cool that might not be obvious to non-marketers

if you have a website and you are judicious about putting together images and links and attributing stuff, google does reward you for it

I once nerded out about singapore expressway maps for a while
and a strange consequence of that is, I get search traffic to my site for "singapore expressway maps", because I collected a bunch of images I could find

on bing I even seem to be ahead of wikipedia, lol
"I have lately felt a pressing need to understand Singapore’s road map."

as you can see I have a lot of opinions about maps…
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