Freelance Writing 101

In 2016, I was making $50,000 per year as a copywriter at an advertising agency downtown Chicago.

Then, I quit my job.

30 days later, I was making $20,000 per month as a freelance writer.

Here's my Ultimate Guide to writing & making money online 👇
Step 1: Master ONE type of writing

The biggest mistake freelance writers make is spreading themselves thin.

- Writing blogs
- Writing newsletters
- Writing website copy
- Writing marketing materials

This is inefficient.

Pick 1. Master it. Do nothing else.
Step 2: Charge per ASSET, not per hour.

Writers who charge per hour (or worse, per WORD) are killing themselves.

Your value is not the # of hours you spend.

It's the result you deliver.

Master 1 type of writing. And charge for the outcome.

Ex: 1 newsletter = $X.
Step 3: Work for free

The ROI on free work is limitless.

I went from being a nobody to ghostwriting for mega millionaires and billionaires by working for free for them, first.

Prove yourself. Show you can deliver the result. Keep sharpening your skills.

The money follows.
Step 4: Don't wait for clients. Sell!

After you've done some free work and proven you can *do it,* don't sit around.

Take it upon yourself to sell your services.

DM people you want to work for. Cold email. Tap your network. Get busy.

Even offer to do the 1st one free.
Step 5: Upsell current clients

There are 2 ways to grow your freelancing business.

- More, new clients
- More revenue from current clients.

The latter is 10x easier.

Ex: if your clients pay you to write newsletters, you can ALSO offer them long-form newsletters (for $3x).
Step 6: Raise your prices

When I first quit my job, I was charging $100 per ghostwritten article.

Then $200

Then $500

Then $800

Today, I charge almost $3,000 per ghostwritten article.

You have no idea where your *ceiling* is.

The better you get, keep raising your prices.
Step 7: Optimize for GREAT clients (not mediocre ones)

Ideal clients save you time.

Mediocre ones cost you time.

$1,000 from an ideal client is better than $3,000 from a mediocre one.

Ignore the dollar amount and focus on EFFICIENCY.

You'll earn more & work less.
Step 8: Celebrate each and every win

Every time you work with a bigger client, let all new prospective clients know.

Every time you reach some new milestone, use that in your sales conversations.

Make it very clear this is what you do, day in and day out.
Step 9: Put all your learnings into a product

The long-term gift of performing a service is racking up YEARS of expertise you can then turn into a product.

Ex: I turned 10 years of writing online into a book:
I also turned all my learnings into a cohort-based community & online course for online writers with @dickiebush called #Ship30for30

The beauty of turning your service expertise into a product is you can now scale your knowledge.
TL;DR - Freelance Writing 101

• Master ONE type of writing
• Charge per ASSET, not per hour
• Work for free
• Don't wait for clients. Sell!
• Upsell current clients
• Raise your prices
• Optimize for GREAT clients (not mediocre ones)
• Celebrate each and every win

• • •

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Ghostwriting 101

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People think entrepreneurship is about ideas.

It is. And it's not.

It's about:

• Emotional awareness
• Personal accountability
• Conflict navigation
• Sustainable daily habits

If you want to build a 6 or 7+ figure business, these are the 8 skills you need to nurture👇🧵
1. Sharing the spotlight

Great products, services, and businesses aren't about you. They're about the customer.

The best entrepreneurs & leaders aren't concerned with it being "their idea." All that matters is it's the RIGHT idea.

Whether it's there's or not is irrelevant.
2. Radical transparency

Problems occur in moments of confusion. And confusion is caused by a lack of information.

The best entrepreneurs can "see" 3 or 4 moves ahead, and value being honest NOW so that a small problem doesn't become a big problem, later.
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Memorable Writing 101

- Framework
- Story
- Actionable Advice

This is the simple 3-section format I use (every single day) to ensure anything I write is memorable, unique, and highly valuable to the reader.

Step 1: Framework

Everyone loves a good system.

Whatever it is that you're writing about, step back from it for a moment. Notice HOW you're thinking through it in your mind.

Then, name each step & call it something.


That's a "framework."
Step 2: Story

Knowing how something works is great. But people remember STORIES.

The trick here is to find a story that embodies what you're explaining, but is highly unconventional to your category.

Ex: if your framework is for psychology, tell a story about an NBA player.
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14 May
Outdated Writing Advice:

"Just sit down and write what you know."

I'm sorry, but I find this incredibly vague and ineffective.

It makes the blank page feel insurmountable.

Instead, I've created a framework for achieving 100% clarity in your writing.

Here it is 🧵👇
Step 1: What type of content is this?

- Original
- Curated
- Researched

Everything written is 1 of these 3. Half the battle is knowing which of these 3 roads you're going to travel down.

Is this your own idea? Someone else's idea? Or lots of ides grouped together?
Step 2: How are you saying something "different?"

In Category Pirates (w/ @EddieWouldGrow & @lochhead) we call this DAMing the demand.

Your content is seen as "different" when you:

- Modify an existing category

- Frame, Name, and Claim a new problem.…
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