came across a paper on genetic studies in hungary and its blowing my mind. they found 10th century hungarian elites were genetically distinct from commoners, but they also couldnt find a single person in hungary today with an identifiably "elite" male ancestor. its all peasants
history nerds and race science enthusiasts may already know that the magyar nomads conquered the carpathian basin and founded hungary in the 9th century. but while the studies proved that a foreign elite ruled the area, they left *zero* genetic footprint…
evo psych "professors" are seething. the men of the warrior nobility were all incels and cucks, the chad peasant is a scientific fact. women pretend they want a big strong guy with his own fief but their evolutionary instincts will always drive them to a man with high crop yields
i dont care about what race this makes hungarians, but its extremely funny that after all the internet redpill shit about alpha male warriors spreading their seed across eurasia, the winning genetic strategy for men since the neolithic was apparently "be a subservient farmer"

• • •

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9 Jun
eric adams inviting the press into his brooklyn home to counter rumors that he doesnt live in NYC and then being forced to explain increasingly damning clues that it's actually his son's house is already the best story of the new york mayoral race. how are more people not on this ImageImageImage
"welcome to my normal home, in new york city. oh him? he's my son, he visits sometimes. and this is my classic new york mini fridge. this salmon? that's my son's, we share the fridge sometimes. and this is my new york bed. yes those are my son's shoes, we share the bed sometimes"
im sure having a powerful father is a good gig overall but you have to feel a little bad for the guy. adams calls him up like "hey son i need to borrow your house for a few hours" and now he's being briefed to tell the press that he pressured his dad into sharing one toothbrush
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8 Jun
hey man nobody even mentioned the US military. why on earth would you read "stop pancaking local children with your giant trucks" and immediately think of the US military Image
you are talking to a future US air force soldier, and i better not hear any of you civvies - thats what we call you civilians - disrespecting this country's proud martial traditions (drunk driving an MRAP into a middle schooler at 90 mph) Image
read about this verdict and immediately decided on his dream deployment ImageImage
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7 Jun
not to sound like an econ guy here but its pretty funny to realize that at least one of the people voting on federal budgets definitely just sort of assumes the government gets to spend all the new notes they print
the crypto guys in the replies are also great because aside from clearly not understanding how money is created, they vaguely know that monetary expansion is bad for libertarian reasons even though its the entire reason for the crypto/blockchain/NFT bubble theyre riding Image
you can see the gears spinning in these guys' heads. like obviously he heard the phrase "money creation" somewhere but thought it just meant like printing bills or mining a block instead of every time someone borrows money
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1 Jun
glad people are discovering the VP ball, but sad its flattened to "KKK party" and ignoring the part where marxist-led strikers briefly seized st louis in 1877 and every year since the city's elite has celebrated its suppression by crowning the city's richest man as their new god
the wiki page doesnt even begin to do justice to how insane the entire thing is. back when i first read about it there was almost no coverage outside local papers, not because its stopped attracting the most powerful people in st louis but because its much more private now
that extends to the strike of 1877 too. its mostly buried in digitized secondary sources and old websites but this sort of stuff is just not supposed to be possible in the united states, especially a former slave state one year after the collapse of reconstruction
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1 Jun
feel like a lot of people who dream of marxism becoming a serious force in american politics never considered that just because normal people start turning on capitalism doesnt mean they'll stop having cringey taste in comedy and stuff
im not saying you have to train yourself to enjoy this stuff or pretend its not embarrassing. just warning you that if you genuinely believe the contradictions of capitalism are becoming more obvious and whatnot you should brace yourself for way more of this
you always knew that any possibility of revolution would be a long and painful process, but you assumed that sacrifice just meant like getting taken to a black site or charging a machine gun. are you ready to accept the existence of a marxist john oliver
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31 May
come on, youre being ridiculous. a little walk never killed anyone lol, just watch [i veer several hundred feet off the trail and step directly on a landmine with impossible precision]
sure she deserved to get backlash for this but google search feeding her "serbia" feels like karma's gone too far. its like a middle school bully went to give someone a wedgie and accidentally pulled the pin on a hand grenade that blew their organs 40 feet across the gym
all we needed was for her to google “countries besides israel founded in 1947” and we couldve witnessed the fastest geopolitical realignment in history
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