How to build a profitable personal brand on Twitter (and make $1,000-5,000+ per month)

> The *BEST* way to monetize your Twitter account (w/out thousands of followers, platitudes or Gumroad discounting)
> The # 1 asset you have.... but you're NOT using

# 1 mistake people make when it comes to growing and monetising their Twitter account?

They are BORING.

Their profile is boring.

Their tweets are boring.

Their threads are boring.

Why is this?

Because they've read too many bad growth guides that tell them to do the same..

> Write formulaic "platitude" tweets
> Rewriting big account tweets in the hopes of a RT
> Trying to "cheat the algo" with RT groups

This WILL get you some dopamine-rich short term engagement..

But if your goal is to build an account that brings you hot leads and..
generates fat profits on repeat?

An account where followers LOVE to buy from you because they trust and like you...

An account that leverages your unique skills, background and personality to form profitable relationships with other creators...

And has clients begging to..
work with you before you've even named your price?

Then you need to start seeing your account as more than just "a social media account."

If you're going to profit from you account then you need to start seeing it from the POV of a creator/entrepreneur.

Best way to do that?
Quick PSA:

Before I go on.

Could you do me a tiny favour and like and RT the first tweet of this thread? ☝

What I'm about to reveal is hugely valuable and I want to make sure everyone learns from this because it's going to save you A LOT of time and energy.


Build You, Inc

Aka the only business model that let's you make money by being yourself.

A lot of people are already profiting from their name.

As a consumer, you see him as "Jake the fitness guy"

But as a creator, Jake is the CEO of Jake Chad Fitness, Inc.

Do you see the..

When you start seeing your personal brand as You, Inc... Everything changes.

You are no longer "just a social media account"

You're a CEO running a REAL business.

As CEO of You, Inc you only have 4 responsibilities

1) Create content to build an audience
2) Build a relationship with that audience on a private channel (eg email list)
3) Send offers to your audience (that solves a big problem)
4) Repeat

This is where Mindset/Hustle Gumroad discounters screw up.

They have *followers*

they don't have *an audience*

Don't get me wrong. Having followers is cool. I have 30k of them.

But an audience that loves you and goes out of your way to support you?

That can only be built when you start thinking of your account as You, Inc.

Because when you build your..
account based on You, Inc?

You automatically leverage the ONE THING that literally no other business or person can copy.


When I say personality I don't mean your pronouns or what your favourite sport team is.

You, Inc's personality is comprised..
of 3 key components:

1) Your background (why should people trust you?)
2) Your skills (how can you solve your audience's problems?)
3) Your story (what makes you different from other creators in your space?)

Each component is built through your content.
When you create content that highlights these 3 components...

Not only will your brand compound in value...

You will never have a problem making money ever again..

The best part is?

This is the simplest business model to replicate because it requires very little...
technical expertise.

Hell you don't even need a skill to get started (more on that later).

As long as you're willing to share your story and create content...

You can make money with the You, Inc model.

If want to learn more about this...
I'm running a 7 day challenge to help people build their You, Inc business on Twitter.

It will be released exclusively (at a massive discount) to the first 100 people on the wait list.

Go 🔽 to put your name on the list.

• • •

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Quick PSA:

Threads are a pain in the ass to write but they are valuable so I plan to do more of them.

I don't ask for a penny in return but could you do me a solid and hit that RT ☝?

Thank you.

Let's start with Tip # 1....
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Especially if your #1 goal is to make money.

Even if you STILL want to go to college..

Take a year off to work or travel


then go to college.
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Cash is the blood of your business.

If it's not flowing and powering your business, you will bleed out and end up having all your assets repossessed by your creditors.
2. Hire a good accountant

I handled a lot of businesses that racked up six figure debts with the tax office.

They spent years dodging the tax man which could have all been avoided had they hired a good accountant from the beginning.

A good accountant helps you keep your money.
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