Immunity to Reality Thread 1/

This is part 4 of my Threads relating to Trumpian Maganutters of #Cult45. Since Trump became a figurehead for this mob, they have developed an exceptionally strong IMMUNITY against REALITY

How did that happen, who did it, and how. A thread...
Immunity to Reality Thread 3/

As before, this is part of a SERIES of Threads. You will not have adequate understanding of what I discuss, if you jump in at the middle. You have to read previous parts first. There are 3. This was the last part:

Immunity to Reality Thread 4/

As before, I will do my utmost to answer all questions. BUT I will not waste the TIME of my Tweeps. If you ask a question which had the ANSWER ALREADY in one of the previous 3 threads, I will NOT answer you. I will just block you. Without warning
Immunity to Reality Thread 5/

(I trust you read the previous 3 threads..)

Now that we understand what is a cult, and that #Cult45 is a Pity Party for the Grievance Group of WORMs (White Old Republican Males), they have developed an IMMUNITY against REALITY. How did THAT happen?
Immunity to Reality Thread 6/

The Immunity to Reality of Cult45 has two main philosophies of this cult. BOTH were developed mainly AFTER Trump took over the cult, and were developed during the 2016 election cycle.

They became TENETS of the Cult

1. Fake News
2. Deep State
Immunity to Reality Thread 7/

Fake News is classic Sarah Palin, from well before Trump. She used it as a pathetic escape from reality, that she fed to Tea Party nutters. Whatever news item critical of Sarah was suddenly not valid, because it was 'fake news'

Immunity to Reality Thread 8/

Donald Trump stole this phrase from Sarah Palin & we hear it all the time. Anything critical of Trump is brushed off as Fake News

The COROLLARY to this is another phrase used by many, 'Witch Hunt'. No accusation of Trump can be valid, is Witch Hunt
Immunity to Reality Thread 9/

A particularly wicked dimension to this is Fox Noise Channel (#FixFox). It is their NETWORK POLICY to NOT ISSUE CORRECTIONS on stories they KNOW ARE FALSE

ALL other major networks issue ON-AIR CORRECTIONS when they make a mistake. It sets Fox apart
Immunity to Reality Thread 10/

The gullible and lowly-educated maganutters are now VULNERABLE to a particularly devious INFORMATION WARFARE weapon.

"We are the only ones telling the truth"
"The other side lies all the time"

This creates IMMUNITY against REALITY
Immunity to Reality Thread 11/

We KNOW from our EDUCATION taught to 'think critically'. To get MORE THAN ONE SOURCE

#Cult45 maganutters have been vaccinated against reality, thinking ONLY Fox tells the truth; and ALL OTHER NETWORKS tell lies

While Fox is LEAST ACCURATE network
Immunity to Reality Thread 12/

The other psychological warfare tool came via that mind-rapist (his word, not mine) Steve Bannon. A modern age Mengele. Fucker. Mind-fucker. Asshole of the most evil kind.

"Deep State"

Bannon developed this phrase with Cambridge Analytica & KGB
Immunity to Reality Thread 13/

Bannon developed the phrase Deep State with help of Putin's KGB psychological warfare officers, via Cambridge Analytica, to brain fuck Republicans. To develop a TRIGGER phrase, to anger & activate REPUBLICANS. Then broke into Facebook to FIND them
Immunity to Reality Thread 14/

The sister phrase to Deep State is 'Drain The Swamp'. These phrases create IMMUNITY against REALITY for cult45 as now ANY government authority can be dismissed as corrupt and evil, 'deep state' out to eliminate their messiah, Trump

FBI, Dr Fauci..
Immunity to Reality Thread 15/

This tenet, Deep State, thrives among CONSPIRACY nutters. So those who think the Moon Landings were staged. Who has CULTIVATED the conspiracy nutters? Fox Fake News (#FixFox). They ran for YEARS the conspiracy that Obama was born in Kenya, etc
Immunity to Reality Thread 16/

Anyone in government who becomes a whistleblower against Trump - who himself is a serial con artist with multiple scams - will be REJECTED by maganutters, the moment Trump says 'they are Deep State' that they are against Trump

We KNOW this is nuts
Immunity to Reality Thread 17/

You & I see this is nuts. But #Cult45 believe that there is a deep state that is out to FABRICATE LIES about their messiah, Trump. It is brain washing, literally

Bannon calls it brain fucking the Republicans, through Facebook & Cambridge Analytica
Immunity to Reality Thread 18/

There is FAR MORE that Bannon the Bastard has done. Since the 2016 campaign, the hatred has shifted to the wacko-right-wing fringe, Q etc

But understand, Fake News and Deep State create an IMMUNITY against REALITY
Immunity to Reality Thread 19/

In any cult, the cultists lose the ability to distinguish reality.

These two tenets - Fake News & Deep State - are evil brainwashing, that create a REJECTION of reality. An immunization against any accidental reality seeping into the cult
Immunity to Reality Thread 20/

These two tenets, Fake News and Deep State, enable the maganutters of #Cult45 to fall for Q conspiracies

So now we get to 'Trump will be reinstated in August' and 'Dr Fauci smuggles Hillary emails from Benghazi with Jewish Space Based Lasers...'
I have now added part 5 to this series of Threads. It discussed Donald Trump's personal role with the cult that bears his number. Spoiler: Trump is held captive by his own cult

If you want the quick link to the First Thead in this series, here it is:

• • •

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11 Jun
Short Thread to summarize Putin-Trump relationship

This relationship started long ago. Trump held a Miss Universe contest in Moscow, invited Putin who didn't show up. Trump then tried to get a Trump Tower into Moscow. Part of this project was still active during 2016 campaign Image
As Trump ruined his credit rating and no US bank would lend him a penny (Trump was blacklisted), he went abroad for his funding. Beavis & Butthead Trump bragged that they don't need money from US banks because they had Russian money funding Trump projects
During this time (before his campaign) on a Trump visit to Moscow, it is near certain he was videorecorded for the infamous Pee Tape. Because of how much Trump obsessed about it, we can be sure that tape exists. Or tapes. Probably some prostitute that looks like Ivanka
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Captive Of His Own Cult 1/

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Trump is held captive by his own cult. Image
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As before, this Thread is part of a series. It builds on the previous set. You need to read these in sequence, else they do not make a lot of sense. The previous (Part 4) is here:

Captive Of His Own Cult 3/

And as before, I will do my utmost to answer all questions. BUT I will not waste the TIME of my Tweeps. If you ask a question which had the ANSWER ALREADY in one of the previous 4 threads, I will NOT answer you. I will just block you. Without warning Image
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9 Jun
Origin of Cult45 Thread 1/

Ok, lets do Part 3 in my threads about #Cult45. Who built this Trump cult (was not Trump). And who controls this cult that is wiping out GOP today (it is not Trump)

Here is where the rubber starts to hit the road... read on...
Origin of Cult45 Thread 2/

Cult45 is the magacult, that adores Trump. But Trump did not BUILD this cult. He inherited it, like he inherited his millions from his scumbag slumlord dad, Fred Trump. Cult45 was built over two DECADES before Trump... by Fox. Let's explore
Origin of Cult45 Thread 3/

First a warning. This is part 3 of a series. You have to have read parts 1 and 2 before reading this part 3. Here is link to the previous part 2 (which has link to part 1)

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Understanding Cult45 Thread 1/

This is part 2 in my series on Trump #Cult45 supporters, the maganutters, and how Trump has used them to take over the Republican party

This thread examines what is a cult & does Trump support fit the dictionary definition of a cult
(Spoiler: Yes)
Understanding Cult45 Thread 2/

This is part 2 in a SERIES of threads. I wrote part 1 to set this up. I am assuming you have read part 1. Please read it now, if you have not:

Understanding Cult45 Thread 3/

I try to respond to all who ask questions. If you ask a question that illustrates, you did not read Part 1, I will not be answering you. I will simply block you. I will not waste the time of my followers with morons who can't be bothered to read
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9 Jun
Levels of Trump supporters Thread 1/

I will be doing a series of threads on GOP and Trump supporters. This is the intro thread. Let us look at TYPES of Trump supporters and voters first, before we examine his cult in more detail.
Trump Supporter Levels Thread 2/

Think of Trump supporters as a series of concentric circles. So one circle inside the next

(Oh, T Dawg! You didn't warn us that there's going to be math! Is this going to be on the test?)

Only a LITTLE bit of geometry. No calculus :-)
Trump Supporter Levels Thread 3/

The outermost circle are people who gave Trump a vote, but did not vote 'for' Trump. Some voted against Hillary or against Joe. Some vote straight Republican ticket, and some even - yes this happens - flipped a coin.
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8 Jun
For first time today, we can establish rough timeline for January 6th Terrorist Attack on Capitol, and when it brings Terrorist-in-Chief Trump to justice.

This relates to today's news of 490 criminal cases in DC courts re Jan 6

Short thread

We now have estimate that first criminal trials of the 490 insurrectionists will start around FEBRUARY of 2022.

Some will be fast, where the perp pleads guilty. Others will be convoluted as some of maganutters are truly deranged. Expect some use Jewish Space Based Laser defense
This will be a MAFIA trial. In Mafia trials ALWAYS the boss is tried last. The junior people are tried first, in order, and they flip on their bosses.

The Trials will start in February 2022

The FIRST convictions start in SPRING 2022. They include flips on their BOSSES
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