Short Thread to summarize Putin-Trump relationship

This relationship started long ago. Trump held a Miss Universe contest in Moscow, invited Putin who didn't show up. Trump then tried to get a Trump Tower into Moscow. Part of this project was still active during 2016 campaign
As Trump ruined his credit rating and no US bank would lend him a penny (Trump was blacklisted), he went abroad for his funding. Beavis & Butthead Trump bragged that they don't need money from US banks because they had Russian money funding Trump projects
During this time (before his campaign) on a Trump visit to Moscow, it is near certain he was videorecorded for the infamous Pee Tape. Because of how much Trump obsessed about it, we can be sure that tape exists. Or tapes. Probably some prostitute that looks like Ivanka
The REALLY massively criminal part of Trump-Putin relationship happened during 2014 and after. When Putin invaded Crimea, Obama slapped the biggest sanctions ever to Russia (bigger than those of Reagan after Soviets invaded Afghanistan). Putin oligarchs were also sanctioned
Those SANCTIONS were circumvented through money-laundering by Trump in criminal real estate deals. That is part of what New York Attorney General is now examining - this is separate financial crimes, from Manhattan DA and Trump taxes. But Trump helped Putin bypass sanctions, yes
If you remember, Trump LOBBIED against the sanctions on the Russians. He ALSO lobbied that Putin should be allowed to keep Crimea.

Then Trump became a candidate in 2015. It was not serious. He did it like his friend Newt Gingrich advised, to launch a new book. A book tour.
But thanks to his racist rhetoric - and then helped by Stephen Miller the Nazi Jew - Trump climbed to the top of the polls. He had no intention of entering the first primaries. But being the leader in the polls, he could not quit. He of course started to win. BUT WAS BROKE
The campaign season has a brutal financial drain from March, after the easy period of the early states. Trump needed money. So the most vile American to have lived, Manafort came to Trump to run his campaign. He'd work for free. Trump loved that. Manafort was paid by Putin
And suddenly Trump was FLUSH WITH CASH. He started flying across America and holding rallies. Where did that money come from? Miraculously after Putin's boy joined Trump, Trump was flooded with cash. It came laundered through the NRA. It was Putin's money
Then later, in October 2016, when Trump was again out of money, suddenly a HUGE influx, via the NRA. Putin money. All the polling said Trump will lose, and his US financial support had dried up. But this miraculous money just appeared at the NRA...
And Pence? Trump didn't even know the loser-unpopular Governor from Indiana. Trump wanted Chris Christie as his Veep. Chris had walked like Trump's shadow, after Chris was first big name to drop out of nomination fight, and endorsed Trump. But Trump picked Pence? Manafort decided
So Pence was a Putin pick too. We still don't know WHY Putin wanted Pence. Anyway, Putin then helped Trump in the election. And Putin helped Bannon use Cambridge Analytica to break into Facebook and steal voter data, to target Republicans
All that means, that Putin BOUGHT Trump in 2016. Mueller saw plenty of evidence of this and in Mueller's words, if he could have exonerated Trump, he would have. He said he preserved the evidence. Those crimes are now being processed, like Weisselberg in New York
That brings us to Trump Presidency. Trump adored Putin and acted as Putin's puppet. When Trump attacked Syria, he gave Putin two days advance warning to clear the Tartus naval base, before American planes were striking, etc. And the Helsinki Hostage Summit was the worst.
Trump telephoned Putin regularly. Trump gave the Russian Ambassador classified information. Trump met on most foreign trips SECRETLY with Putin. And this love affair suddenly ended in Spring of 2020. Suddenly Putin refused to take Trump's phone calls
So from Spring of 2020, the partnership ended. We don't know why. It may be that Trump ordered the assassination of the Iranian General. But Putin pulled his FUNDING of Trump campaign 2020. Mitch was told. Mitch came to White House in the Tan Suit meeting to tell Trump it is over
So that is the history. It seemed obvious that Putin would give Trump asylum if needed. I think now obvious, that will not be happening. What I hope to know is WHAT happened to break their relationship. Now Putin enjoys Trump in trouble. Will we see the Pee Tape? Time will tell
PS to this thread

What HAPPENED at the Helsinki Hostage Summit in 2018? Nobody apart from Putin, Trump and the interpreter knows. But there is plenty of speculation

If you want MY guess, of what transpired, here is that thread

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