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1. US Tax policy will be future historian's Rosetta Stone for tracing the cause of the end of the American experiment. From 1940 to 1964 US income tax rates on incomes ranging from over 200k to 400k were over 80%. Most of the time over 90%. The rates started to fall in 1964
2. that I presume was the deal that made the Civil Rights Acts pass. Then the decline increased with Nixon and finally the massive Reagan tax cuts turned American economic life on its head. That massive lowering of top tax rates was accomplished by in large part by a determined
3. group of conspiracy theorists who claimed the reds were going to take over and destroy us all the while the guy who ran the group made his money workding for the Reds. The big lie we are witnssing devour our society was and remains the stock and trade of the
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Important: I have recently become aware of the #GQP technique of keeping everybody in a state of outrage. In that way, controlling the news cycle. Trump did it. And the other technique is gas-lighting. By making you feel that you are in a crazy world. Making you think what you..
...saw and heard is not what you saw and heard. This is a psychological technique to create chaos and confusion, which is what the #GQPTraitorsToDemocracy want. Trumpers buy every lie...
Take the vaccine for instance: we all know it is safe, but the GQP gaslights them into ...
...believing Invermectin, a dangerous animal medication, is better. This is "gaslighting". It is the only platform of the GQP as they try to appeal to Trump's base of gullible dummies. And dominate the news cycle.#Cult45 #TrumpCult #PutinsPuppets #GQPGaslighters #GQPOutrage #Fox ImageImageImageImage
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As #Trump2024 is trending, a short thread:

Trump WILL win the 2024 nomination EASILY. But will lose in general election by Mondale level disaster, sinking GOP Senate & House members with his horrid coat-tails

First, why will Trump win the nomination?
The Republican party primary contest is a WINNER-TAKE-ALL system. The guy who has the highest popularity, takes ALL VOTES in each state

Because Trump is FAR ahead of the pack among Maganutters #Cult45 of course Trump wins nomination when he runs in 2024 #Trump2024
Will Trump run in 2024? OF COURSE

Not because it is sane, or because he has or doesn't have a chance. It is because Trump is ADDICTED to the RALLIES. So addicted, his campaign PAID EXTRAS to enlarge his audiences - wasting money this way!

Trump is a sick narcissist #Trump2024
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(1) When did you first realize Trump's habitual dishonesty was worse than his contemporaneous politicians?

For me it was on 4/5/18 when he paused for a microsecond before answering a question on Stormy Daniels.

(2) I hear ya, everyone is gonna try to say they wised up to him as early as possible, whether we did or not.

Gratuitous lying doesn't come naturally to me so I choose to mea culpa every time when it comes to #Cult45 and the past 5-6 years.

This lie was the first step for me.
(3) I've tried to become as skilled as I can be at reading body language. It can save you a lot of trouble in your life, because actions speak louder than words.

It's one of the most important life maxims to remember.

Actions speak louder than words.
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Tweeps, today we are laughing at the maganutters of #Cult45 who believe in a fairy tale of #ReinstatementDay - that was told by My Pillow Guy

PLEASE join in

You can just retweet fave jokes with the hashtag to your Tweeps. Even that helps

But send in your own jokes too! Image
When you Tweet your own jokes, just include the hashtag #ReinstatementDay inside your Tweet or at the end of it (as one word)

Then tell us what is the proper dress code. Or what is the traditional food for #ReinstatementDay - or who are YOU intending to be Reinstated to, today Image
We have seen new cocktails invented, a clever cake recipe, etc. Tell us about the decorations for #ReinstatementDay that are the tradition in your family for passed down from your great grandma, to this first annual #ReinstatementDay of America... etc Image
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Let's talk about the latest Trump Card scam a bit. A short thread

So this is nothing new. Trump has sold various celebrity scams before, his promised meetings, dinners etc. He had a Trump membership card already earlier in the campaign. That was a gold color card, not shit-brown
First. Trump loves anything that Hitler did. So the red armbands became his maga hats. The rallies, Trump did those. Trump briefly toyed with mass loyalty oaths at the rallies in 2016 (Republicans rushed in to stop him, it was too Hitler) and the occasional Nazi gestures..
Remember Trump's fave books (yes he has one) is Hitler's Speeches. Not Mein Kampf. Trump loves the APPEARANCE of Hitler. And is addicted to all that. He has dreamt of being Hitler.

Now these ID cards. They are yes like Nazi membership cards of history
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Smoking Gun Thread 1/

Most people have not yet grasped the importance of July 30

That date is when the TRAJECTORY changed on Trump path to prison

And more importantly, it is a major milestone in how eventually the nation will be CURED of Trumpism, magamadness & #Cult45 Image
Smoking Gun Thread 2/

We who are not part of Trump cult, have seen it all happening and knew Trump is a serial con artist, running a scam, there was no voter fraud, he tried to stage a coup d'etat to hold onto power etc.

WE KNOW THIS. But there was plausible deniability Image
Smoking Gun Thread 3/

Up to July 29, 2021, the Trump team & those who side with him, could cling to plausible deniability strategy

They could claim that Trump HIMSELF did not launch the attack. This could in court be claimed as a victim defense. The rioters misunderstood Trump Image
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Remember when we made Jonestown quips about #Cult45. Those quips - downward comparison - can defensive ie to make us feel better bc at least things are not as cray & things will never get to kool-aid drinking level madness so our reality is not so bad. 1/
Unfortunately, the defense turned out to be a valid prediction. In reality, the vaccine saves lives. Refusing to take the vaccine is an active behavioral decision. For many of these ppl, they are simply following orders. Whose orders? The several thousand orders from Fox News, 2/
the silence of TFG is an unmistakable communication of approval for vaccine refusal, rw social media amplifying & encouraging vaccine refusal. Fox = TFG = RW social media = Republican Party. So what we have here is this party enhancing in a multi-pronged persuasion campaign 3/
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Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 1/

I am posting a series of Threads about Trump cult, Cult45 #Cult45 the Maganutters who wear his hats. This is Part 8 of that analysis. We now look at how is the Republican Party, the GOP, dealing with Trump's Magamad mob

It is not a happy fairy tale
Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 2/

This is Part 8 of a series of Threads that do deep analysis of Cult 45, the Maga cult of Trump. The 7 parts build upon each other and lead to this 8th part. You need to read them first. You find all at this link

Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 3/

This discussion is for grown-up adults, sane rational people. I will not tolerate disruption

If you post any question that illustrates to me, you skipped the previous 7 parts, where it had been answered, I will not answer you

I will just block you
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First look at 2024 and 2028 Thread 1/

With news of a silly CPAC straw poll (Ron DeSantis will not be GOP nominee in 2024) that had Trump overwhelmingly winning the poll, let's take a first look at 2024 election and GOP nomination race. It is highly likely Joe will face Trump
First look at 2024 & 2028 Thread 2/

The CPAC poll is meaningless. I discussed it in this thread, showing past CPAC polls and the math, that the chances of the poll picking the GOP nominee is 13%. It is meaningless. It is SUMMER news FILLER garbage

First look at 2024 & 2028 Thread 3/

In any normal election, the losing candidate - on BOTH sides - steps aside:
Daddy Bush

It is how US politics works. You don't piss in your own party's pool to lose 2x
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Maga Becoming Even Magaer Thread 1/

This is part 7 of a series of Threads about the Trump cult aka #Cult45 which is destroying the Republican party. These maganutters are nuts

The weird thing is they're becoming even nuttier. The maganess of maga is becoming more bigly: biglier
Maga Magaer Magaest Thread 2/

As before in this series of Threads. This is a SEQUENTIAL part of a series. It BUILDS. You cannot hop in the middle of this analysis, and expect to understand.

Here is link to INDEX to all previous 6 parts:

Maga Magaer Magaest Thread 3/

As these Threads set up a discussion of the disease within GOP we will not tolerate DISRUPTION of the discussion. If you skipped previous threads, & ask any question that illustrates you did not read them I will not answer you. I will just block you
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I have written a series of Threads to explore the Trump Cult aka #Cult45 the Maganutters, and how they are impacting the modern Republican party

This is the INDEX THREAD to that series of Threads. From here you can find all the parts, in sequence
The FIRST Thread of Maga 45 cult explains what part of all Trump voters are INSIDE the cult, and what other relevant parts are among Trump voters, the conservatives, and the registered Republican party members. Not all are in the cult

The SECOND Thread of Maga 45 cult, is a discussion about cults overall, and destructive cults

You HAVE to understand THIS THREAD or else the rest of my threads do not make sense

READ THIS CAREFULLY. It is LITERALLY a cult. Saying so is not hyperbole

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Trump is not going to win again. But he wants to remain in power. For 2022 cycle, Trump still controls the GOP because the BASE of maganutters love Trump and the GOP lost control of him

What is The Former Guy doing with his fleeting power? Pursuing his ENEMIES LIST
Alec Baldwin? Image
At this point Trump cannot even damage Democrats.

BUT he IS the most toxic politician in at least 90 years, possibly of all time. Inside 2 years he lost the GOP the House, the White House and the Senate.

And rather than get rid of Trump, the GOP is embracing him for 2022 cycle Image
What Trump does, is activate the extreme nutter #Cult45 magabase. They will show up. If that voting district or state is VERY red, they win

In any purple states or purple House districts, Trump will DRIVE IND VOTERS to vote against GOP candidates. Like we saw in Georgia in Jan Image
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Fundamentalism in Trump Cult Thread 1/

This is part 6 in a series of Threads exploring the Trump cult ie #Cult45 which is destroying the GOP. There is often religious (style) fundamentalistic extremism in many cults naturally. In Trump cult it has been CULTIVATED & supercharged
Trump Fundamentalism Thread 2/

This Thread is part of a SERIES of Threads that BUILD. I am assuming all reading this Thread have read ALL PREVIOUS 5. If you have not, here is link to Part 5, which links to earlier threads

Trump Fundamentalism Thread 3/

As this Thread sets up discussion of the disease within GOP, we will not tolerate DISRUPTION of the chat. If you skipped previous threads, and ask any question that illustrates you did not read them, I will not answer you. I will just block you
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Captive Of His Own Cult 1/

This thread is part of a series examining Trump's maga cult, #Cult45 and how it is destroying the GOP. This is the 5th Thread in the series. This examines Trump's role in the cult that bears his name.

Trump is held captive by his own cult.
Captive Of His Own Cult 2/

As before, this Thread is part of a series. It builds on the previous set. You need to read these in sequence, else they do not make a lot of sense. The previous (Part 4) is here:

Captive Of His Own Cult 3/

And as before, I will do my utmost to answer all questions. BUT I will not waste the TIME of my Tweeps. If you ask a question which had the ANSWER ALREADY in one of the previous 4 threads, I will NOT answer you. I will just block you. Without warning
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Immunity to Reality Thread 1/

This is part 4 of my Threads relating to Trumpian Maganutters of #Cult45. Since Trump became a figurehead for this mob, they have developed an exceptionally strong IMMUNITY against REALITY

How did that happen, who did it, and how. A thread...
Immunity to Reality Thread 3/

As before, this is part of a SERIES of Threads. You will not have adequate understanding of what I discuss, if you jump in at the middle. You have to read previous parts first. There are 3. This was the last part:

Immunity to Reality Thread 4/

As before, I will do my utmost to answer all questions. BUT I will not waste the TIME of my Tweeps. If you ask a question which had the ANSWER ALREADY in one of the previous 3 threads, I will NOT answer you. I will just block you. Without warning
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Origin of Cult45 Thread 1/

Ok, lets do Part 3 in my threads about #Cult45. Who built this Trump cult (was not Trump). And who controls this cult that is wiping out GOP today (it is not Trump)

Here is where the rubber starts to hit the road... read on...
Origin of Cult45 Thread 2/

Cult45 is the magacult, that adores Trump. But Trump did not BUILD this cult. He inherited it, like he inherited his millions from his scumbag slumlord dad, Fred Trump. Cult45 was built over two DECADES before Trump... by Fox. Let's explore
Origin of Cult45 Thread 3/

First a warning. This is part 3 of a series. You have to have read parts 1 and 2 before reading this part 3. Here is link to the previous part 2 (which has link to part 1)

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Understanding Cult45 Thread 1/

This is part 2 in my series on Trump #Cult45 supporters, the maganutters, and how Trump has used them to take over the Republican party

This thread examines what is a cult & does Trump support fit the dictionary definition of a cult
(Spoiler: Yes)
Understanding Cult45 Thread 2/

This is part 2 in a SERIES of threads. I wrote part 1 to set this up. I am assuming you have read part 1. Please read it now, if you have not:

Understanding Cult45 Thread 3/

I try to respond to all who ask questions. If you ask a question that illustrates, you did not read Part 1, I will not be answering you. I will simply block you. I will not waste the time of my followers with morons who can't be bothered to read
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Levels of Trump supporters Thread 1/

I will be doing a series of threads on GOP and Trump supporters. This is the intro thread. Let us look at TYPES of Trump supporters and voters first, before we examine his cult in more detail.
Trump Supporter Levels Thread 2/

Think of Trump supporters as a series of concentric circles. So one circle inside the next

(Oh, T Dawg! You didn't warn us that there's going to be math! Is this going to be on the test?)

Only a LITTLE bit of geometry. No calculus :-)
Trump Supporter Levels Thread 3/

The outermost circle are people who gave Trump a vote, but did not vote 'for' Trump. Some voted against Hillary or against Joe. Some vote straight Republican ticket, and some even - yes this happens - flipped a coin.
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Trump NC Thread 1/

Let's do a recap of #PantsGate the #DiaperDon and #TrumpPants. Not the jokes about his pants, I mean his first campaign of the 2024 Nomination battle in GOP

It was pathetic, yet he is winning this race inside his party. What does this mean? A thread
Trump NC Thread 2/

That was the opening rally for 2024 for Trump to get GOP nomination. Anyone who bothers to write that Trump is demented or won't run, gets blocked

Since when has GOP been sane? They LOVE this idiot, and they will vote for him. And he NEEDS ... the rallies !!
Trump NC Thread 3/

Trump isn't running because that is in any way the sane thing to do. Nobody starts campaigning THIS EARLY. This is TWO YEARS too early for nomination battle that starts 2023, where Trump is the FRONRUNNER

Frontrunners ALWAYS join LATE, to SAVE MONEY
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#TrumpIsGuilty, the only reason why any senator would fail to convict is to conceal his own involvement! #Insurrection was an #ActOfWar! You told the #BigLie! You conspired in 45's #Insurrection! @SenRickScott @SenRickScott refused to watch the film #ManUp…
@SenRickScott @marcorubio Are we a #SovereignNation or not? Are you sworn to uphold the Constitution or not? Will you betray #Florida & America again 4 #Trump? #Insurrection was an #ActOfWar. They defecated in our Capitol. Hope they didn't miss your ofc!…
#MAGATerrorists took down #OldGlory & replaced it with #TrumpBanner, signifying dominance over America's #Capitol as their territory. That's what flags are for; just like #IwoJima! #Insurrection shall not stand or we are no longer a #SovereignNation & a self-governing democracy. ImageImage
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because she was useless in even protesting the #genocide of #Rohingya people, no one cares
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Thread 6: Brainwashing by Bannon

I mean literally brainwashing. Please see psychological and sociological theories. I mean literally building a cult - that CANNOT FIND THE TRUTH

It is like the Branch Davidians (mass suicide)

Steve Bannon built this cult for Trump
I mean literally brainwashing. MOST OF YOU have relatives or friends who are inside the cult. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot find the truth. They believe in their brainwashing.

PERFECTLY SANE even intelligent people can be brainwashed. It is not 'stupidity'
Yes MANY of the Trump #cult45 are gullible and some are mentally simple, many are lowly educated. BUT plenty of smart, educated, successful people have fallen into the cult - and like any cult - they cannot get out.

They cannot find the truth.
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Thread 4: Donald Trump Did Not Invent Trumpism

It was Fox. Fox created a Maga Nation (without that name) and promised their maga god Messiah would come some day. In 2015 when Trump came down that escallator, FOX proclaimed Trump as their dude

Trump didn't even know the lyrics
Fox News was born after Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine in TV news broadcasts.

Fox was set up from the start to be a PROPAGANDA channel. To give PARTIAL and BIASED news. Not the full picture. They brainwashed 1/3 of American electorate over 3 decades

Long before Trump decided to run, Fox had been building a voter base for an ultra-conservative (and racist) candidate. Who would 'defend America in a war against Christmas' and who would 'build a wall' to keep brown people away etc. A cult of white men who feared a changing world
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