1. What will happen on Sunday, the day of the planned swearing-in of Bennet-Lapid government.
2. At 4:00 PM, a special session of the Knesset will open to debate the formation of the 36th Government and the election of a new Speaker of the Knesset.
The meeting will be attended by President Rivlin.
3. The current Speaker of the Knesset will invite the designated Prime Minister, Bennet, to the Knesset podium in order to present his government.
4. It will be followed by a speech by the designated alternate prime minister, Lapid, and a speech by Netanyahu now the head of the biggest party who is not a party to an agreement to support the government.
5. At the end of the 3 speeches there will be a discussion in which each party will be allocated 9 minutes to speak. At the end of the debate, the election of the new Speaker of the Knesset will take place, and the Speaker will be elected to chair the continuation of the session.
6. The a confidence vote will be held on the new government. After the vote, the designated cabinet ministers will go up one by one and declare allegiance to the state of Israel.
7. A photo of the new governmemt with president Rivlin will take place late Sunday or Monday.

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8 Jun
1. Israel's Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi told reporters in a briefing today that "he feels optimistic about the relations with countries that have signed normalization with Israel in the framework of the Abraham Accords
2. Ashkenazi and that relations 'have passed a test' during the Operation guardian of the walls. He added that the US administration is likely to appoint someone who will be responsible only for the issue of normalization between Israel and the Arab states.
3. On the possibility of more countries signing normalization w/ Israel: there is a dialogue with the US about potential countries. Ashkenazi also said that he is in constant contact with 7 foreign ministers from Arab countries, some of them from countries with no ties w/ Israel
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24 May
Scoop: Officials in the donor countries to the Palestinian Economic AHLC are debating whether and how much to donate to Gaza after Operation Guardian of the Walls: "Frustrated by the fact that there is no broader process."
Officials in the Donor countries ALCH (that Give Assistance to Gaza and PA) have begun discussions in recent days on the question of whether and how much money to donate to Gaza to aid in the wake of the destruction aftrr Operation Guardian of the Walls. >
Since 2014, donor countries, mainly European ones, have invested more than $ 2 billion in rehabilitating the Gaza Strip. >
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מתוך יומן הבוקר: גורמים במדינות התורמות מתלבטים האם וכמה לתרום לעזה לאחר מבצע שומר החומות: "מתוסכלים מההתנהלות, ומכך שאין תהליך רחב יותר" >
גורמים במדינות התורמות לכלכלה הפלסטינית AHLC (המדינות המסייעות לעזה לרש"פ) החלו בימים האחרונים בדיונים בנוגע לשאלה: האם וכמה כסף לתרום לעזה לסיוע בעקבות ההרס במבצע "שומר החומות".
מאז 2014 השקיעו המדינות התורמות, בעיקר האירופיות, יותר מ-2 מיליארד דולרים בשיקום רצועת עזה. >
גורמים באותן מדינות הביעו תסכול בדיונים על כך שהכסף עובר לעזה, "בלי יכולת פיקוח אמיתית ובלי תהליך פוליטי-מדיני רחב יותר". חלקן מתארות את התחושה 'ככספומט', שאין מטרה גדולה ומקיפה לכספים הללו. כאמור מדובר כרגע רק בדיונים ראשוניים בנושא, וטרם התקבלה החלטה. >
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19 May
מתוך קלמן ליברמן: פרטים על פגישת שרי החוץ של האיחוד האירופי אמש >
כשעלה נושא האפשרות סיוע כספי לרצועת עזה אמרו חלק מהשרים: נמאס לנו לשלם עבור שיקום לרצועת ללא תהליך פוליטי או מדיני או מבלי שיש לאיחוד האירופי קול בתהליך המדיני בעזה.
הדבר מבטא את התסכול האירופי, שכל כמה שנים תורמים לשיקום הרצועה, ובסוף חוזרים אחורה. "הכסף צריך להיות פוליטי, להוביל לאנשהו", אומרים גורמים באיחוד.
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5 May
Israel political turmoil: What is expected to happen today? >
AT midnight, the mandate given to Netanyahu to try and form a government ended after 28 days, after he failed to form a government. In his statement Netanyahu blamed Naftali Bennet for his failure saying: "he did not announce he will join only a right-wing government" >
At midnight, the mandate given to Netanyahu to try and form a government ended after 28 days, after he failed to form a government. In his statement Netanyahu blamed Naftali Bennet for his failure saying: "he did not announce he will join only a right-wing government" >
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10 Feb
1/ Scoop: Israel is investigated the connection between a cyber attack this week in Florida in an attempt to poison a water reservoir & an identical attempt a few months ago using a cyber to poison a water reservoir in Israel & whether the same actor is behind the 2 incidents. >>
2/ This week, authorities in Florida announced that they had thrwated a cyber attack against a water facility in an attempt to raise the level of chemicals in the water what could have poisened people. In Israel the same attempt was made about 10 months ago. >>
3/ During the cyber attack im Israel in April, an attempt was made to increase the amount of chemicals and chlorine in a water facility - The head of the @Israel_Cyber, Yigal Una, described the attack "as having a destructive potential that would have caused damage." >>
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