"How to create your very own 'SCARIANT' - in 10 easy steps"

A @T4Recovery guide to creating and maintaining fear with a never-ending stream of 'new variants.'

Watch the video or read the thread... 🧵
🔥 STEP 1

Learn a basic fact of virology: there are hundreds of thousands of variants of Covid-19, many yet to be discovered.
🔥 STEP 2

Realise it’s normal for some of these to be better at spreading than others - but a terrified population doesn’t understand this.

🔥 STEP 3

Find one and give it a name.

HOT TIP: a good idea is to name it after a country with a struggling health system where you can easily get footage of swamped hospitals...
...India is a great example...

...though the country was well down the list of countries worst affected by Covid-19, its overstretched health system provided the perfect images for international TV.
🔥 STEP 4

Call yourself an expert.

HOT TIP: it helps if you have the title ‘professor...’

It means you don’t need any actual qualifications in medicine, virology or epidemiology to be given an uncritical platform by broadcasters...
➡️ Anthropologist?
➡️ Physicist?
➡️ Behavioural psychologist?

No sweat!

No broadcaster will EVER query it!!! 😀

🔥 STEP 5

Ensure your friends in @Ofcom have told broadcasters they are not allowed to report any data or expert who might suggest you are scaremongering.

🔥 STEP 6

Announce that you have found a 'dangerous new variant...'

...this is your SCARIANT! 👻

🔥 STEP 7

Express your fear that the vaccine may be less effective against it. DON'T worry if there’s no evidence!

BONUS POINT: Your friends in the pharmaceutical industry will happily promise to come up with special variant jabs.

🔥 STEP 8

Use all the tricks of behavioural science to terrify people - they won't be able to think straight!

🔥 STEP 9

Do more testing for variants than most of the rest of the world combined, ensuring there’s plenty of evidence of your scariant spreading in the UK...

IMPORTANT: start work on the next scariant ASAP!

Don’t give people time to see that the first didn’t amount to anything before you hit them with the next.

🔥 STEP 10

Job done. Congratulations! With your brand new scariant, you’ve:

✅ Scared the population witless
✅ Prolonged the crisis in the NHS
✅ Devastated more businesses
✅ Worsened the growing mental health crisis...
✅ Stopped international travel
✅ Harmed the development of millions of children
✅ Kept broadcast restrictions and curbs on freedom of speech in place
✅ And guaranteed normal life will not resume..!
Alternatively, you could join Recovery...

...and help us #EndTheFear together through a rational and balanced approach to the C19 situation - learn more here:


• • •

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👇NEW RESEARCH: 8 MILLION people in the UK suffered depression, anxiety, or fear as a *direct result* of Govt’s fear-heavy pandemic advertising, data suggests...

...as criticism of SAGE’s ‘unethical’ psychological-operations techniques mount... [Thread]

Reports @GuidoFawkes:

“When SAGE at the start of the pandemic recommended govt deliberately use psychological-operations techniques to change behaviour...

...the use of the media and advertising was advised to “increase the personal sense of threat”... Image
"...SAGE thought this would be highly effective, though warned there ‘could be negative spill-over effects’.

New survey data shows that negative spill-over effects have happened and have had a dramatic effect on the nation’s mental health...”"
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