Conversations of Truth

Confider: Baba, I want to confide in you on something because you be man of God.

Me: 😒😒😒. Wetin happen?

C: Ever since I marry this babe, e just be like say things begin enter voicemail.

Me: Which one be voicemail again?

C: Ah ahn?!
Me: Seriously, what do you mean?

C: You want make I use mouth talk everything?! Well, nothing works anymore for me but she’s flourishing and doing well.

Me: Oh! I see so what do you think the problem is?

He moves closer, leaning in as if he wants to show me where El Dorado is.
… I suspect she’s a witch and she’s using my glory to prosper.

Me: 🤣🤣🤣

I laughed so hard because I know his wife. I know her very well and a witch was the last thing she was.

By the Spirit of God, we know witchcraft operations but this wasn’t it.
So I played along and said:

Na now you de know?

C: Ah! So you knew and kept quiet and allowed me marry a witch.

Me: What then is the purpose of the Holy Spirit if you can’t discern witchcraft operations? The mother of your two children is a witch but you’re a fool.
C: Abeg, no de insult me jare!

Me: Baba, I say it boldly, you’re a fool and I owe you no apology!!!

C: Wetin be this na?!

Me: You’re a fool because you have used your mouth to speak the lies of the enemy by calling her what she isn’t and you actually believed it!
He becomes quiet so I proceed to ask him some basic questions:

When last did you lead the prayers in your house? When last did you pray for your wife? When did you ever spend time with the children in study and homework?

His mouth drops open.

“How?” He asks
“How do you know this?” He probes further.

Because it is what you’re supposed to do or even assist with us what she’s doing.

I pray with your wife once in a while and I know she loves God.

Don’t you see how things prosper with her? Do you remember the night prayers?
Do you know how many times I have invited you to fellowship as brothers but “You’re busy today” and other days “you’re tired” and some days “God understands”.

Yet she would wake and pray and fast and still service the prayer altar.

Even your forefathers threw yam and oil…
To their altars but all of a sudden you have become Bill Gates of Ipaja because of small resources.

You’re a son of God and part of the body of Christ but you have disconnected from God.

Small blessing and you’re having amnesia on God’s faithfulness towards you.
When did you ever spend time giving God thanks?

Do you remember last time I was in your place and DeeDee walked up to you and said she has a headache but rather than attend to her, you sent her to “her mummy” with the words “Ma yo mi lenu”.

Did you see what she did?
She laid hands on her and rebuked the headache and that was it.

Brother, your wife isn’t a witch but rather God is honoring her because of the altar of prayer.

Her prayers are a sweet smelling fragrance before the King who is decked in Light and Splendor.
She knows how to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise and understand how to usher herself into the Presence of Elohim with Worship!

What have you done? When have you even prayed for your wife?

Do you know she’s due for a promotion for three years?
When have you joined forces as the Bible mentioned of two chasing 10,000???

Let this be the last time you will come to me and say such nonsense.

It is men like you that make us as ministers know things we shouldn’t yet judge women for being in church.

“You no try” I finished.
He was quiet for a long time and then started speaking in tongues, cried and continued praying in tongues and asking God for mercy.

At night, the wife sends a message:

Wife: “What happened with you and my husband?”

Me: I set him back on course and set him on fire 😇😇😇.
W: He came home, held me and started to prophesy with tears. He took the children and blessed them. It was intense! He’s still praying as I send this.

Me: “speaks in Arome tongues while laughing”.

W: Sir, this laugh is somehow o!

M: continues speaking in tongues until wife…

Husbands, you’re kings, priests and prophets in your home.

You don’t need to shout that you’re the man before you’re honoured and respected!

Act like men whose Christ is the head and live like it. Ensure your prayer altar is volcanic!
Let your children find solace in you just as your wife finds protection in you.

As Christ is, so are you.

Tomorrow, we would be praying for our wives and wives to be. The Holy Spirit shall grant us utterance.

Wives and wives to be including separated and divorced can join.
Come and see us in action! Come and see Christ glorified in your husbands.

We shall scatter the norm and release the fragrance of Christ upon you via prophetic utterances.

Your emotions will be healed and your bodies and mind as well.

Details in Flyer.
Search for @earthworkrr on Instagram live and turn on notifications.

See you tomorrow by 7:00AM.


P.S: His wife got the promotion three weeks after with all the perks of office and His business thrived greatly.

This took place in 2018.

• • •

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31 May
The Bible kept accounts of genealogy for a reason. Even when the children of Israel completed their 70 years in exile, Ezra who was a copyist kept record of those that returned.

Even Matthew gave account of the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Origin is important.
So as a Believer when someone whom you know not his origin begins to talk in the nonsense, please ignore.

It’s not every high sounding knowledge that makes sense and it’s not all knowledge we consume no matter who speaks it.
Know the word so that you don’t get fed with chaff.

As the knowledge of God’s word abounds, so shall false doctrines.

Again, know the word.

This morning, grace is multiplied to you.

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7 Apr
I will never be a powerless Christian.


My name alone will cast out devils!
My presence alone will heal the sick!
My voice shall silence the works of darkness.

Evil will never thrive where I am.

So far I’m on this earth, wickedness shall be silenced!
No longer shall sons and daughters cower in fear.

I will never be a Christian that is all talk and no action.

I have been given power to trample over serpents and scorpions.

I handle the Word of God in power and eloquence.

I manifest God’s glory.
The world has not waited in vain.

I am a SON!
I am a LIGHT unto the nations
I am a PROPHET to nations

I am and remain the extension of the days of Jesus.

Again, the world has not waited in vain.

My manifestation has started!!!

April 7, 2021
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5 Mar
“Egbon, I have met the girl of my dreams. I have prayed and actually heard God and i have the go ahead. I have also called my parish Pastor to inform him of my decision”. He said.

I was excited for him. I had met the lady earlier and I saw how excited she made him.

It was good.
He finally went to state his intent after receiving some coaching on how to go about it.

He came back later and told us - 3 of us that he had done the needful but she requested for time to also pray and confirm.

Indeed, it was good.
Three weeks after, she came back and said she heard God and was good to go.

We all thumped him on the shoulder while one of us went into tongues and spoke prophecies.

We held hands and we prayed. I was the only married one there.

He was happy and so were we.

Good it was.
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3 Mar
Of Kingdom and Sweet Words

Sometime back when I just got married, a young man brought a young lady to visit with the intent to introduce her as his Beloved.

I was so happy for him and I told him that much.

Then I teased the young lady and asked her how he “toasted” her.
“Sir, don’t mind him o. He just came and told me God said and left me and I also left him waiting because though I heard from God, I felt it was appropriate he wooed me as well.

It was when he saw I wasn’t showing any sign he ask what was wrong that I explained to him”.
He got the message and did justice to the process.

Brothers, don’t just stop at “God said...” and then go cold. You make it look like it’s take it or leave it.

You don’t “choke” God said to a daughter of Zion. For God to bring you her way, He expects more from you.
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2 Mar

It was one of the editions of EXCEL at TBS as an usher that I met you.

I was assigned to watch your car and ensure folks don’t come and sleep on it.

I recall a young couple who approached me as I stood menacingly with a frown asking if they could pray beside the car.
The reason? They wanted approval for their union but their parents didn’t care if they heard from God.

“Go ahead” I muttered because I understood how parents sometimes use tribal sentiments to frustrate divine arrangements.

They finished and another young man came.
Ah ahn?!

“Please Sir, I have been unemployed for years and I know I won’t have the chance for Daddy to lay hands on me but let me just touch the bonnet and pray”. He finished.


Please go ahead but he kuku placed his face on the bonnet praying in tongues.
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2 Mar
Two years ago, there was a lady who started posting strange eulogies to a water deity and in the same vein she starts posting scriptures from the book of Psalms.

The following day, she posts on "confessions" and "vibrations".

Whenever I make a post of facebook, she shows up.
"Oh! Every time Holy Spirit this, Holy Spirit that. We are one and your posts are discriminatory against other religion because they all have the "same spirit"".

"Ok" I respond.

She fails to understand that I don't want to argue but persists.

"God is love...'
"... and they are many paths to Him. When I was pregnant for my baby, I used to play songs from Enya to help me calm down and baby to sleep and form well in the womb."

"Ok". I respond, again.

"Well, whatever because I know you don't have monopoly of God." She fires on.
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