If you do nothing else today, please read this by Peter Daly, who represented @MForstater in her successful appeal:
“A significant portion of lesbian, gay or bisexual people are very clear that they are same-sex (and not same-gender) attracted."/1of11
"For many, their sexual orientation is therefore incompatible with a belief in Gender Theory. Being Gender Critical is therefore a fundamental aspect of their sexual orientation, and therefore their identity."/2of11
"An insistence on the primacy of same gender-attraction can lead, for example, to lesbians being accused of transphobia by stating that they are not sexually attracted to males."/3of11
"Proponents of the Cotton Ceiling (for an explanation of this term, google it) might now be less vocal.”/4of11
“For Gender Critical gays and lesbians, the insistence of homosexuality as same-gender attraction can be seen as unvarnished, base homophobia of the type that even five years ago was thought defeated, except within the most reactionary and bigoted corners of society.”/5of11
“It is compounded when done in the name of LGBTQ rights: interpreted as being sold a version of your own sexuality which simultaneously erases your sexuality."/6of11
“A rejection of such an interpretation of Gender Theory is an aspect of Gender Critical belief, and it is established as a protected belief by this judgment.”/7of11
“There is an urgent need now to question the wisdom of grouping all LGBT people together as a homogenous single group, classified and defined solely by reference to Gender Theory.”/8of11
“For Gender Critical gays and lesbians, transgender status is a wholly different category of characteristic from sexual orientation. The legal right (indeed necessity) of same-sex attracted people to organise together is underlined by this judgment.”/9of11
“This is not to say that a Gender Critical LGB identity is anti-trans: outside of Gender Theory, sexual orientation and trans status are separate categories of identity."/10of11
"It is only by homogenising a single and exclusive LGBTQ identity through Gender Theory that an LGB identity can be interpreted as being anti-trans.”/11of11

This is the view of LGB Alliance, expressed eloquently and succinctly.

• • •

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4 May
Top judge Charles Wide criticizes Law Commission for relying on a narrow range of campaign groups to advise govt. LC draws on contentious theories without heeding other views. Judge Wide is critical of any campaigning group being treated “more like a consultant than consultee”.
“Judge Wide said he was also concerned over the impact on free speech because of the failure to consult people who feared being accused of a hate crime if they challenged current orthodoxies on gender and other subjects.”
“‘The consultation paper displays almost no awareness of an elephant in the room, affecting both the substance of the subject and the conduct of the consultation: the apprehension, even fear, which results in self-censorship.’”
Read 4 tweets
1 Apr
So many people are being impacted negatively by the gender identity movement. In particular Lesbian and gay teens, many of whom are confused about sexual orientation and feel disconnected from their bodies. But young people in general are affected./1of6
We also hear from transsexuals, who were living harmonious lives a few years ago and now find themselves in a spotlight they never sought. And so many professionals, afraid to speak obvious truths such as the fact that there are two sexes, write to us in despair for advice./2of6
We hear from lesbians who are told they are like racists for not being attracted to people with male bodies. From health workers afraid to use words like “mother”. From gay men from across the political spectrum who feel alienated from what was once their community./3of6
Read 6 tweets
24 Feb
A call to action for US citizens in the UK. Many critics say they can't understand why we're so concerned about the US Equality Act #HR5. What's not to like about a law that protects people from being discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation? Let us explain…/1
There are indeed wonderful things in the Equality Act which we welcome. Of course there are. But sometimes as that fabulously camp film from 2004 'Troy' reminds us, big glitzy gifts can come with hidden dangers lurking inside./2
So while there's plenty about the Act that advances our LGB rights, too much of the gay movement is so relieved after waiting so long it's reacted completely uncritically. So what IS it we fear that's lurking inside? To be clear the problem is NOT trans people.👇/3
Read 15 tweets
12 Feb
We will be live tweeting again today in the preliminary employment tribunal hearing on @BluskyeAllison’s claim against Garden Court Chambers (GC) and @stonewalluk (SW).
To follow the live tweeting, it will be helpful to read Allison’s account of the events leading up to her claim in her crowdfunder. allisonbailey.co.uk
The hearing reconvenes at 9.30.
Read 147 tweets
11 Feb
We are live tweeting from the preliminary hearing of the Employment Tribunal case in which #AllisonBailey is suing Stonewall and Garden Court chambers.
The judge has ruled that for this hearing only, the names should remain redacted.
It is a Rule 50 Order. These particular individuals are members of Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group and their names may well be known elsewhere. What is relevant is the messages from the group to Garden Court.
Read 104 tweets
1 Feb
What is wrong with you @nytimes? It’s not conservative to accept the reality that males and females are biologically different. Every person on the planet was born from a female./1of8 nytimes.com/2021/01/31/opi…
“You’d think that legislation affecting the lives of so many young people would be based on hard research and science.” Yes it is! @WorldRugby cites *dozens* of scientific studies in its decision to keep women’s rugby safe. Sex, not gender, is based on science./2of8
Read 9 tweets

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