When I started my YouTube channel, there was one channel in particular that I took a lot of education and inspiration from - @petermckinnon

Here are the 9 things I've learnt from watching his videos 👇
📖 1. You are the story - when I started on YouTube I thought my life wasn't interesting enough to vlog about. But as Peter says: "your personality is more important than doing fun things like jumping out of a plane". This made me more okay with putting myself out there.
🤡 2. Be yourself - one of the things that's really obvious is how much personality and charisma Peter exudes. He does loads of fun/weird things on camera that his audience love. In my first few videos, I was very stilted, but now I try to exaggerate my own personality quirks.
❤️ 3. Share what you love - Peter is very open with sharing the things he loves, whether it's his tattoos, gear, favourite iPhone apps etc. And so this is something that I've been trying to do with my stuff as well e.g. my love of @NotionHQ or doing things at double speed.
🍪 4. You don't have to be typecast - my first videos were for medical students, but I wanted to explore other themes. Peter's advice helped me to be okay with doing so: "you shouldn't put a limit on your creativity and be free to create whatever you want".
📽 5. How to film - my entire YouTube filming setup is all kind of based on Peter's earlier videos where he talks about videography, lighting, sound, and other camera stuff e.g. I really like his video on creating a lighting setup for $50:
💎 6. Aesthetics matter - I really like the aesthetics of Peter's channel (although I think the gold standard of production value goes to @beckiandchris). Anytime I need aesthetic design inspiration I look to these channels.
😍 7. Build an audience that likes you - when Peter launched his camera bag on @Kickstarter I immediately dropped like $700 on it. It was a weird feeling because I just felt grateful to support him. I often think about that feeling whenever I worry about selling stuff.
🏋️‍♀️ 8. Good stuff takes effort - I'm always completely amazed as to the amount of effort that goes into Peter's content. He'll spend hours to make things absolutely perfect. So instead of trying to find shortcuts, think: "how can I make my content as good as possible?"
🚗 9. Enjoy the journey - it should be fun to make, shoot, and share everything you're doing. If any of those things aren't happening, then something isn't working and you need to correct it. Plus, the real way to be more productive in life is to have more fun.
🎬 Huge thank you to @petermckinnon for being an ongoing inspiration. If you want to watch the full video you can check it out on my channel 👉

• • •

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9 Jun
The 10 cheap purchases that have massively improved my quality of life - a thread 👇
⏰ Physical alarm clock - I used to use my phone as an alarm clock, but I'd inevitably spend hours on Twitter or @Hinge when I should have been sleeping. Since I bought a physical alarm clock, and placed my phone across the room, my quality of sleep has massively improved.
🦷 Electric toothbrush - needs to have a 30 second timer as that's how long you should spend brushing each quadrant of the mouth (2 mins in total). I've been using one for a year and I've noticed a massive improvement in the whiteness of my smile. @taimurabdaal noticed too lol.
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A thread on how and why you should learn to speed read 👇
🚲 Reading is like riding a bike - sometimes you want to enjoy the journey. Other times you just want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Reading is the same: if the book is good I'll read it slowly and take notes. Otherwise I'll just blitz through it.
📚 Treat book like blog posts - I'm not a big fan of treating books like hallowed objects. If you get like 20% through a book and it's not capturing your attention, it's okay to abandon it.
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The book that changed my relationship with money - 'Your Money or Your Life' by @vicki_robin

Here's what I learnt 🧵👇
💼 Redefining work

We're not really making a living from work. We're making a dying.

In other words, we waste a lot of energy on our jobs in the hope they'll bring us meaning, joy, and happiness. Even though we can get this by spending more time with friends + family.
💰 What is enough?

"Enough is like the horizon - always receding"

We often associate more money with increased levels of fulfilment. But at some stage the more we accumulate the less satisfaction we get - this is the fulfilment curve.
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How to stop procrastinating 🧵

Procrastination is something even the most productive of us have to deal with on a daily basis. Here's a simple formula to end it once and for all.
👨‍💻 Action leads to motivation
I used to think you need motivation to get something done, but actually it's the other way around. You get stuff done, and the motivation naturally follows.

As @jeff_haden says: "Motivation is not the cause of action, it is the result of action"
🛑 Stop thinking about motivation

Instead of thinking about motivation, I like to think in terms of discipline. When we are disciplined, we will repeat an action enough so it becomes a habit.

We don't need motivation when it's a habit.
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Over the past few years I’ve built a system/framework for remembering everything I read and listen to - here are the 5 apps that make it work 👇
🧙‍♂️ The magic insight logging framework has 3 layers.
1. Consumption layer - the 3 apps I use to gather information
2. Integration layer - the app I use to bring everything together
3. Second Brain - the app I use to organise my life
📚 1. @AmazonKindle (consumption)

I've been reading books on Kindle since 2008. As you read you can highlight stuff across any of your devices, which is pretty fantastic.
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30 May
Here are 5 quotes from stoicism that changed my life + a few lessons👇
😁 1. "Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: some things are within our control and some things are not"

Lesson - I don't set numerical goals in life as I can't control the result. Instead I focus on what is in my control: the process.
⚖️ 2. "It is not events that disturb people, it is their judgements concerning them"

Lesson - we often think negative emotions are caused by external events. But it's actually the story we tell ourselves about the event that makes us feel bad.
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