Sorry for the delay, we were at Boston's Trans Resistance march!

As people pay more attention to the pushback against critical race theory in schools, it's essential to highlight how "parent groups" are folding in "gender ideology" into complaints. The two are linked. 🧵
Starting off, a teen and her mother in Loudoun, Virginia push back against Loudoun County School Board's trans-inclusive policies:
Something to note about the mother, Natassia Grover, is that she has written on this subject before in 2019. She was the co-founder of Parent and Child Loudoun and a member of Hands Across the Aisle, which campaigned against trans inclusion in schools.…
Speaking of Loudoun County Public Schools, remember Tanner Cross? The PE teacher represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) who was suspended for refusing to use students' pronouns and then reinstated by the Virginia Supreme Court?…
The fact that the ADF sought to intervene on this case should surprise no one, seeing as Michael Farris, their CEO, is from Loudoun County. He has recently written about a "coming backlash" against CRT and "gender ideology".
The ADF is part of a coalition alongside the Heritage Foundation and Family Policy Alliance (FPA). Called the Promise to America's Children, they aim to take a long-running anti-trans campaign & turn it into a full-on legislative & media war. By @herong:…
Farris helpfully lays out their strategy when he says that "a political and legal tipping point is fast approaching at which some form of educational choice where public funds follow the parents will be enacted by legislation or by litigation."
Here's some more examples of how this plays out in Lynchburg and Richmond, Virginia:…
Mentioned in the article above is Arlington Parent Coalition (APC), of Arlington, Virginia.

This is one of the groups we track. APC uses testimony farming via forms as well as form letters and "opt-out" forms for sex ed. Example:…
Maria Keffler, the co-founder of APC, also co-founded Partners for Ethical Care (PEC). PEC is an international "grassroots" group that does testimony farming, harassment campaigns, & clinic protests. Keffler represented PEC at the unveiling of the Promise.
Branching out, Maine (Hodgdon):…
More on Maine, abuse of FOIA requests, and national organization No Left Turn Education:
Speaking of FOIA requests, a similar campaign happened in Rhode Island after "[Solas] was told by a principal at Wakefield Elementary School that teachers no longer refer to students as boys and girls, opting to use inclusive gender pronouns instead."…
Going further, Florida (Melbourne):…
Maryland (Montgomery County), straight from the mouth of Heritage Foundation:…
Court cases in Connecticut, which inspired the anti-trans legislation in Arizona:…
In Chicago, Illinois, Noelle Mering from Ethics & Public Policy Center asserts that our school system is being poisoned by "top-down implementation of extreme 'antiracism' and gender ideology in the curriculum." How? By teaching about pronouns.…
California (Los Alamitos):…
Remember the Prep School Accountability trolls in NYC? They go after "gender ideology" too.…
More on the tactics of Prep School Accountability, specifically testimony farming via forms like APC and PEC. Props to Z3dster for helping to uncover this.…
Then, two bills. Recently, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds claimed that “Critical Race Theory is about labels and stereotypes, not education. It teaches kids that we should judge others based on race, gender or sexual identity[.]”…
And in Oklahoma, Gov. Kevin Stitt peppered in anti-trans talking points in his explanation for signing HB 1775. HB 1775 primarily targets education on systematic racism but conservative politicians squeeze anti-LGBTQ points in for backdoor bans.
Let's not forget Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin's task force seeking to "[root out] teachings on social justice, critical race theory, socialism, communism, (and) Marxism". Task force member Sonya Harris was a proponent of "opt-in" sex ed bill HB 249.…
All of this is connected to a sweeping attack on trans POC, youth, & Jews. The same conspiracies used against movements for racial justice are now turned against trans liberation. You can read more about it here, as well as in our own writings about TAnon.…
The first of said writings on TAnon:…
And this helpful article from @herong and @BenLorber8…
@herong @BenLorber8 Go follow the writings of @gp_jls too, by the way. She does deep dives on this stuff a lot and folds in analyses of anti-Black racism, transmisogyny, and antisemitism.

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