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My friends, I want to speak to you today about something very close to my heart, my belated contribution to #detransawarenessday

That is, the journey of those who have experienced transition regret and chosen to detransition. I hope it brings some comfort to you all.

The pain of feeling trapped in a body that does not feel like your own is something that only those who have experienced it can truly understand. And yet, for many of us, the path of transition does not bring the relief and happiness that we so desperately crave.

To those who have had the courage to step back from transition and reclaim their identity, I want you to know that you are not alone. Your bravery and resilience in the face of such adversity is truly remarkable, and you have my utmost respect and admiration. Be proud.

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I am a 26 year old trauma survivor. I transitioned with testosterone at 19, a double mastectomy at 20, and de-transitioned at 22 when I was diagnosed with CPTSD from childhood abuse, abandonment, and the medicalization and identity crisis. #IAmDetrans… ImageImageImageImage
I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and with an endocrine disorder called PCOS, both of which affected my mental and physical health severely. I experienced chronic psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse throughout my development, and had an attachment disorder.
I experienced suicidal ideation, severe depression, anxiety, and social isolation from age 12 until 22, resulting in complex PTSD and subsequent traumas from coping poorly with the initial childhood trauma (substance abuse, abusive relationships, love addiction, self-harm.)
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🧵 looking back at the last year since #detransawarenessday last year I was alone and didn’t have anyone as support who knew what I was dealing with.
Looking back at my timeline, I was never happy before I transitioned, when I bought the lies I had a glimpse of hope in me. But while I lived in that lifestyle and everyone lied to me while I lied, I was dying inside and I didn’t know it. It wasn’t until I was forced to leave the……
After hitting rock bottom and dealing with alcoholism, I worked to fix my life and realized if no one would speak for me, that I would need to speak for myself and others.

I took a big step in my life and came out publicly as a detransitioner, and one of the few males speaking……
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🦎 Detrans Awareness Day 2023 - Schedule

A 🧵on whats happening!

Interviews, events, livestreams! Ohhhh weee, what a day!
Saturday - 10 March
Detrans Awareness Rally

@ChoooCole @OfficialAbelG @detransaqua @OurDutyGrp will be holding a rally at Sacramento.

That's Today at 13:00 (PST)!
Sunday - 12 March
Just Chatting Series - Part 1 begins at 12:00 (GMT)

A series of interviews with detransitioners, made freely available on YouTube.
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🌎Calling all detransitioners!

We're handing the mic over to you to tell your story this year for Detransition Awareness Day at Genspect

We are looking for participants in our live webinar, see details below!
🌎Detransitioners can either participate in the live webinar, send in a prerecording on their experiences or a topic they'd like to discuss

Each participant or accepted submission for Detrans Awareness Day will receive £100 from Genspect, as a thank you for your contribution.
🌎 Email your submission or any questions over to us at:
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When I did the film 'Trans Kids' I was told that the number of detransitioners was "vanishingly small". Then I interviewed Cale, a detrans woman, & I realised that this wasn't true.
See the clip here: via @YouTube
Thanks for the help @The_StateMedia!!
"From meeting Cale I realised that there are people out there like me, who were the child I was; intense, lost mixed up. We connected with each other and we both saw that we'd both been through a thing and it was really fairly awful."
"She had options that I didn't have. But she has the scars to prove it. She had taken a path that I could have taken. And I wondered silently, had I taken a path that she could have taken?"
Clip here:
And full film here:…
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Yo "Diego" a los 16 consumida por la disforia

y yo "Victoria" a los 22, feliz y con la disforia controlada

Soy detrans y en este hilo les contaré mi historia y como la misoginia me hizo sentir que no servía como mujer y que no era una.

#RompeElGeneroNoSuCuerpo #detrans ImageImage
Todo comienza desde que era pequeña, siempre fui la niña tosca, machorra, lesbiana, grosera, poco agraciada, nada femenina, varonil, masculina, diferente, rara, torpe, "vato", "medio niño".
Crecí recibiendo ese tipo de comentarios y más por mi personalidad y mi forma de ser.
Puede parecer exagerado, pero todas esas palabras me hacían sentir muy mal, yo no era capaz de comprender porqué no podía ser como las otras niñas.
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@CILIPinfo 1/?

I notice you didn’t support #DetransAwarenessDay again this year.

Is that because you don’t know anything about Desisted & Detransitioned people, or you don’t think they merit the same support as people who are happy with their medical Transition?
@CILIPinfo 2/?

The Conversion Therapy Ban proposals for “Gender Identity” run the very real risk of preventing future kids like Keira Bell from getting the Explorative Therapy they actually need.

@CILIPinfo 3/?

To their shame, well funded & influential groups like Stonewall have refused to give Detransitioned people any public support.

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#DetransAwarenessDay I no longer identify as detransitioned because I associate that term/identity with a very painful time in my life, when I was stuck in an anti-trans political cult and doing conversion practices on myself. I hurt myself and other people and have many regrets.
Still, I could technically count as a “detransitioner” because I took t and then stopped. I didn’t start calling myself detransitioned until after I converted to transphobic feminism. Before that, I saw taking t temporarily as part of a genderqueer transition.
Detransitioning for me was all about trying to “de-trans” myself, trying to dismantle and dissect my transness and retrain my mind to see myself only as a woman/lesbian. So I associate being detransitioned with being an “ex-trans” person.
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Herzog fails to mention that one of people she interviewed, that being myself, has since retransitioned and denounced my past activism and the detrans rad fem community for promoting anti-trans conversion practices and being part of an anti-trans hate movement. Tweet by Katie Herzog reads In honer of #DetransAwarenessDay
Anyways, here’s an article I wrote about what my life was like when I was interviewed for that article, including how I was presenting a public persona to advance a transphobic political agenda rather than being open and honest about my actual experiences.…
Because in truth, when Herzog interviewed me, I was still struggling with gender dysphoria and having a lot of doubts about my detransition. It wasn’t working for me but I felt like I had to represent myself as if it was “for the good of the community.”
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Heute ist übrigens #DetransAwarenessDay

In der Regel benutzen Personen den Begriff Detrans, die eine Transition gemacht haben. Eine Transition ist eine Möglichkeit für trans Personen, sich wohler in ihrem Körper zu fühlen. /jay
Das passiert in der Regel durch Hormone und/oder geschlechtsangleichende Operationen. Zur Transition können für betroffene Personen aber auch der Namenswechsel, Kleiderwechsel etc. gehören.

Meistens wird es jedoch mit körperverändernden Maßnahmen in Verbindung gebracht. /jay
Eine Detransition bedeutet also, diese Maßnahmen zu stoppen, rückgängig zu machen, in die umgekehrte Richtung zu verändern.

Das bedeutet nicht unbedingt, dass das Label trans nicht mehr passt. /jay
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a post for other detransitioners on #DetransAwarenessDay, especially recently detransed people

you may be seeing some of us post photos of ourselves that are very vulnerable, but that may not be something you are comfortable with yet or ever.
ive been doing this for like 4 years, ive been able to experiment and figure out what my boundaries are, what i share, and how i talk about my experiences in a way that works for me

it may look very different for you and you need to respect that you dont know your boundaries yet
if posting a photo feels really wrong, just take it down. im always happy to undo a retweet too.

you are under no obligation to expose yourself in ways you don't want to to strangers just because others are doing it and some people respond positively.
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Today is #DetransAwarenessDay.

Today has mostly been used to weaponize detransitioners against trans rights, as anti-trans voices have so often done to us.

I want to embrace a different kind of #DetransAwareness.

Here's what I want people to be aware of on detransition:
- Much like trans identity, the way we conceptualize our detransition and current gender varies widely from person to person. Some of us still ID as trans, NB, or some form of gender diverse. Some of us ID as our AGAB. There's no singular "detransitioner experience."
- Political/ideological detrans is only a small portion of detransitioners. Don't assume that we're all GCs or anti-trans, this can be very alienating & stigmatizing. A lot of detransitioners say they fear the reaction from trans friends if they talk about detransitioning.
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Hoy es el día internacional de la visbilización de la detransición #DetransAwarenessDay. Fenómeno, cada vez más extendido, sobre todo en mujeres jóvenes, de personas que hicieron tránsitos quirúrgicos y sociales y tras unos años vuelven a vivir en correspondencia con su sexo.🧵⬇️
Es un tema difícil por el estigma que carga y por que en ocasiones se busca invisibilizarlo en favor de paradigmas que en la concepción actual de la identidad trans riñen. Básicamente hablar de este fenómeno se iguala con discursos de odio y transfobia. Pero no es así.
La detranscición refiere al proceso de curación emocional y psicológica por el que pasan jóvenes que alteran sus cuerpos, mutilan a temprana edad sus órganos sexuales, se hormonizan y posteriormente entienden que la transición de género no era la respuesta para ellos y ellas.
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In honor of #DetransAwarenessDay, here’s the piece I wrote in 2017 that people actually burned in the street. There’s a lot I would change if I wrote it now but at the time finding detransitioners was difficult. Today? Not so much.…
At this point I’m very sick of talking about everything that happened afterward but this was just a small slice of the actual IRL harassment I received for writing a piece about detransitioners. There are 4 versions of this sticker. One has a picture of my face. Image
Detransitioners are perceived as a threat to trans people but instead of trying to silence them or deny they exist, it may actually benefit trans health care to improve assessment so fewer people are wrongly diagnosed or choose transition when they shouldn’t. #DetransAwarenessDay
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The understanding of “transsexuality” as a curable illness is only about a century old, a co-product of the discovery of “sex hormones” and the medicalization of sexual orientations. It is no higher truth, and arguably, not the best ground for treating a population that is
already particularly vulnerable. In our society, medical treatment is always given within a framework of power imbalance. This gives plenty of leeway for things that are not exactly medical abuse, but certainly worth criticizing. When you call my true nature pathological
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Mein Post zum #DetransAwarenessDay 2022.
Das Verständnis von “Transsexualität” als behandelbare Krankheit ist weniger als ein Jahrhundert alt, ein Nebenprodukt der Entdeckung von „Geschlechtshormonen“ und der Medikalisierung von sexuellen Orientierungen. Es ist keine höhere Wahrheit und wahrscheinlich
nicht die beste Grundlage, um eine Bevölkerungsgruppe zu behandeln, die ohnehin schon besonders vulnerabel ist. In unserer Gesellschaft wird eine medizinische Behandlung immer in einem Ungleichgewicht der Macht verabreicht. Das gibt viel Raum für etwas, was
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When medical interventions result in long-term harm to the individuals who are on the receiving end, those harmed deserve help, compassion, and a voice. [thread 1/12]
March 12 is #DetransAwarenessDay: a day to recognize those harmed by the increasingly common hormonal and surgical “treatments” that facilitate a person passing as the opposite sex that they are. 2/…
Make no mistake: Social contagion is real. Whole populations can quickly become enamored of certain positions, about which most individuals previously had no opinion. Those positions go from unknown to mandatory almost overnight. 3/
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Zum #DetransAwarenessDay hier ein Aufruf an alle, die eine #detrans Erfahrung gemacht haben. Wir möchten eure Erfahrungen sichtbar machen. Vollständiger Text:🧵 Aufruf: Die niedersächsische Landesfachstelle Trans* sucht
War meine geschlechtliche Transition das Richtige für mich?
Wenn du dir diese Frage derzeit stellst oder in der Vergangenheit gestellt hast, könnte es sein, dass du in einer ähnlichen Lage bist wie wir. Vielleicht hast du von dem Begriff „detrans/Detransition“ auch schon gehört:
gemeint ist, dass eine trans* Person ihre medizinsche, rechtliche und/oder soziale Transition rückgängig macht, verändert oder nicht weiterführt. Manche detrans* Personen leben mit dem bei Geburt zugewiesenen Geschlecht, andere lehnen die Kategorie Geschlecht für sich selbst ab
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Yesterday was #DetransAwarenessDay, a day that should have highlighted unity between trans and detrans people for collective liberation.

Unfortunately, as the day progressed, it became evident that the initiative was uplifted by groups that reinforce systematic oppression.
We watched as practitioners or advocates of conversion therapy advertised themselves, trolls circulated trans-antagonistic memes, and even "positive" coverage from white nationalist media.

None of this benefits trans, detrans, or gender non-conforming people seeking health care.
What is more troubling is the fact that when said white nationalist coverage was brought to the organizers' attention, and they were asked to take a stand against it, we got dismissive responses.

As individuals who such groups seek to eliminate, this response is unacceptable.
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The editor of the @NewYorker, David Remnick, did a podcast yesterday, on #DetransAwarenessDay, seeking Torrey Peters's views on detransition (which Peters eroticizes).

Rape fantasies go highbrow.

Link to podcast, for reference, in which Peters describes his novel as "dishy" and I frankly couldn't be bothered to listen beyond that.…
Crispin Long's telling paragraph in the @NewYorker's glowing review of Torrey Peters' misogynistic novel "Detransition, Baby":

Trans people [MEN] reserve for one another talk that transition involves frequently wiping your hard drive.

(Yeah we know)… Image
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#DetransAwarenessDay is trending.
It's easy for our fears impermanence and making the "wrong" decisions for our bodyminds to surge to the surface.
Deep breaths. Check in with your body's wisdom. I believe you in all of your truths. #TransIsBeautiful #NonbinaryPride #Agender
If you're a trans or nonbinary (++) survivor of sexual or intimate partner violence whose heart feels as heavy as mine does today, I encourage you to check out the resources at @FORGEforward (, including the survivor blog:
If you're looking for #trans and #nonbinary affirming mental health/mental illness/Madness support that doesn't rely on calling the cops, I'd strongly recommend you check out and support @fireweedHJ and @projectlets! #NeurodiverseSquad
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Today is #DetransAwarenessDay—a day to hear the stories of men and women whose gender dysphoria was not helped by medical transition—which raises the question,

What’s the best way to care for people experiencing gender dysphoria (GD)?

The Gender Affirmative care model recommended today as *THE* way to address GD looks something like this:

-Affirm their internal sense of gender
-Therapy to alleviate distress
-Social transition
-Hormonal transition
-Surgical transition

What’s the harm in that?
This care model is based on a classical typology of GD:
1) Rare
2) Appearing around ages 3-5
3) Mostly Boys

But in the last ten years, a new typology has developed that is markedly different:

1) Increasing rates
2) First appearing in adolescence
3) Mostly girls
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