It's been a hot week. You know what'd help with that? Parking Reform. Guess what? Today the ZOAC is discussing this very topic! 🥳
Sadly, there are 2 topics ahead of Parking Reform, including amending P(A) districts. This is very arcane! Funny enough, I actually own a property with one of the few P(A) districts in Dallas!
Basically ZOAC is discussing allowing amendments to P(A) districts to go through a less onerous process than a full zoning review.
Here's my P district! It makes no sense since it is perpendicular to the rest of the parcel. Also, there's no site plan for it on file (supposedly required). Nobody understands them! Image
Whew, on to the good stuff! ZOAC skips item 2 and moves on to Item 3-PARKING REFORM
Staff Lori Levy is leading our discussion, a change from our usual staff Andreea Udrea.
Since today's focus is on design standards for Parking, Staff is focusing on delivering the lowest impact parking.

Side note: I love to argue about the bioretention swales in Deep Ellum. It's already caused one big fight with @MCBSounds Image
Staff is reviewing the CECAP and other city plans. Idea is that when parking is provided, it be done so with least environmental harm. Image
Sounds like the "Proposed Standards", which assumes no parking minimums, would apply city-wide.

This is similar to the Lexington, KY approach focusing on the public impact of parking. They have a great site about it:…
CPC MacGregor asking about the point system, which is definitely the salient thing at hand.
The full set of points/standards weren't distributed before meeting, but i'm interested to see what all the options are.
Lots of discussion about run-off control and Innovative Water Management. Image
ZOAC Larry Hall: Asks if this would apply to only new construction or also to existing lots.

Staff: Thought is it would apply to new builds, but maybe to redevelopments/rebuilds of parking.
Next up: Urban Form! Aka "Stuff we like more than parking lots." Image
Alongside the environmental items, Staff is again focusing on minimizing the public impact of parking that IS provided, a marked improvement from deciding how much parking SHOULD BE provided. Image
Again, Lexington has some great examples on their website: Image
CPC LeDouglas Johnson: Would these requirements be tied to the street typologies in the Complete Streets Manual?

Staff: Yes, so if you were building on e.g. an industrial street, it'd be different from a Mixed-Use street.
Staff reiterates: These standards apply IF parking is provided. The level of standard is determined by the type of street as per the Complete Streets Manual.
Staff Continues: This is a separate and distinct conversation from the ratios and minimums discussion.
CPC MacGregor asks if HB2439 is going to preempt these design standards.

Note: I don't believe so, as form and massing controls are still allowed. Cities just can't prohibit certain materials that are allowed under building code.
Additional Note: Worst case scenario would be to add design standards but not remove the parking requirements. Let's make this a win/win by removing parking requirements buy adding standards if parking IS provided.
I have to drop off now, but it sounds like it's close to wrapping up with a discussion of next steps for Staff!

• • •

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18 Jun
Like many cities, Dallas started downzoning ("backzoning") large swaths of the city. In this 1977 article they discuss a proposal to downzone 120 blocks all at once. Conveniently timed just before election day! Image
A frequently cited reason for requesting downzoning is that banks wouldn't lend on single-family homes in areas zoned multi-family. Is there any truth to this? @JakeAnbinder Image
Tfw you love survivorship bias Image
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1) Permitting delays, a recent phenomenon, are likely temporary (but should be fixed).

2) High labor and materials costs are annoying but also temporary and out of the City's control.
The article just barely touches on the remaining factor: "land costs", lack of construction sites and NIMBY-ism which are interrelated and definitely largely within the City's control.
Dallas' residential land is zoned for about 85% detached single family homes. Another 10% allows only low-rise moderate density housing. We don't even really allow ADUs!
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3 Jun
After a brief break to gather some public comment, ZOAC is BACK to discuss Reforming our costly parking mandates!
We have a new ZOAC member joining us today, Jennifer Rangel of the @ICPDallas!
Today is a recap of the public engagement comments.

By my own count, we had about 2/3 comments in favor of dropping parking requirements while about 1/3 were "concerns". Image
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22 May
I'm so pumped about removing costly parking mandates in Dallas because it'll be a huge deal to remove this impediment to quality of life. Funny enough, it'll also be a really small and subtle change. L
Like, it's not like we'll suddenly see high rises on every corner with no parking. It'll just result in a very subtle downward trend in parking spaces built, most people won't even notice.
They might notice a few lots or buildings, previously undevelopable, get built on or renovated, but most won't know why.
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20 May
Second public engagement meeting starts at 8:30am this morning! Join in and support cleaner air, a stronger economy, and a better transportation system! No sign-up needed, just join here:
About 1/2 the number of attendees as yesterday and I see some returning names.
Attendee list is going. I see members of the MEDIA and some industry groups in attendance. Good thing, this needs attention as the most impactful land use change in Dallas in 50 years!
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19 May
First public engagement meeting for Parking reform has started! Thanks to the many supporters who have logged on to advocate for this reform!
They pose 3 questions to the attendees:

1) What do you think about the amount of parking Dallas?
2) Does parking availability determine your choice of destination?
3) What's more important to you? (walkability, transit options, parking etc.)

Disappointing, no talk of tradeoffs!
First comment! She lives 6 minute walk from DART station, but she takes her car everywhere. Says opponents think we should make decisions based on status quo, but disagrees and we should plan for the city we WANT to have. We can always adjust later.

Wow good comment!
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