I've generated over $120,000,000.00 in online revenue.

The 2 biggest mistakes I see are:

• Constantly chasing new customers
• Not being smarter with existing ones.

Here's a breakdown of 6 free tactics I used to add $100k+ in revenue. 🧵
Add subtitles to your video ads.

According to @verizonmedia, 92% of mobile users watch videos with sound off. 🔇

Adding 20 minutes to your video editing time will achieve higher:

• click-through rate
• website conversion rate
• return on ad spend (ROAS)
When adding subtitles to videos, you don't need to get too fancy with them.

• make the subtitles easy to read
• don't rely on music for the context
• show, don't tell

They're just an aid to help whoever's watching, understand the video better.
Syndicate your reviews.

There's a good chance you're already collecting reviews. If not, start.

97% of customers look for reviews as a form of product validation.

See here how @CarawayHome shows their reviews. It becomes a lot more enticing to purchase than its competitors.
Plug into the revenue side of publishers.

Sign up for @Skimlinks so when sites like TOWN & COUNTRY, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, etc. write about you, they have the opportunity to generate affiliate revenue.

This incentivizes you over a competitor + gets you exposure.
When you find publishers are driving consistent traffic to your site with affiliate revenue, you can see which performs the best for your brand.

Double down and reach out directly to those.

Set up custom partnerships.

Tap into an audience you know converts well.
Make it easy for people to reorder the products they know and love.

It's cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Leverage tools like getbatch.com to let people scan, choose their favorite product, and recorder in 2 clicks.

Try it 👇
Turn Instagram comments into customer service.

99% of comments ask the same question.

Instead of responding privately, set up a hashtag (i.e. #CarawayFAQ) where a secondary account posts answers to the most common answers.

This means less stress on your customer service team.
Use landing pages to convert users, with a full-funnel marketing approach.

This means that if someone comes in knowing nothing, they should leave knowing everything necessary to WANT to make a purchase.

Here's how you can make great landing pages
If you believe your site converts well on its own already, that's great!

But just take a look at the math here 👇
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19 Jun
This is how I would make an extra $5,000/month with just 8-10 hours of work.

Most people have no clue how to set up ad accounts and pixel their websites to get started.

Time for a thread: 🧵
There are two (almost) absolutes when someone is starting a new direct-to-consumer business:

1️⃣ A @shopify website
2️⃣ Paid social ad accounts (FB, Pinterest, Snap, Tik Tok, etc.)

With few exceptions, everyone should be setup from the beginning across all these platforms.
Brands typically set up their own Shopify stores (either themselves or an agency)

But, they rarely create and set up their ad accounts (✨opportunity✨)

At least, in most cases, not until it's time to turn these ads on.
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18 Jun
After spending >$47M on digital advertising for CPG brands, it's clear that the majority of brands still have no clue what they're doing.

Here are 3 things I believe will always be true in advertising, and that can help you build a better customer journey: 🧵
1. Advertising is very similar to stretching a photo in Microsoft Word.

The more you stretch the image (read: spend with paid media), the blurrier it gets.

But, if you have a high-quality image (read: great brand equity), it doesn't get *as* blurry as you stretch.
As you increase spend on paid media and focus on ROAS/Revenue, you want to re-invest into other functions of the business just as much:

• Customer service
• Supply chain optimization
• Content
• Product expansions/merchandising
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1 Apr
When I was at hint water, a few years ago we ran a marketing test that has now become an industry-standard marketing tactic:

We worked with influencers, not for their following, but for their content, and dropped our customer acquisition cost by 40%.

Here's how you do it 👇🧵
Identify creators who are great communicators talking right into the camera.

The best ones, like @saradietschy or @GabbieHanna, make you feel like they are sitting right in front of you.
In this partnership, you're looking for 3 things:

1. The influencer should truly love the product (if not, it doesn't work)

2. A testimonial-UGC style video

3. The ability to run the ads through the creator's handles
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4 Mar
The easiest thing you can do as a brand to drop your customer acquisition cost by 30-40%:

Create beautiful landing pages to educate, story tell and give your consumer a reason to become a part of your brand.

Here's a thread of some incredible landing page examples:
You can get the @SharmaBrands landing page guide, to see exactly how we do it, as we did for all these examples in the thread.

JUDY Emergency Kits

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2 Jan
A common mistake I see amongst brands is they often neglect the investment into building a consistent affiliate revenue channel for their stores.

Affiliate marketing costs (on avg) only 10% of what you gather in revenue, so if you make $100k, you'll likely pay out $10k.
Unlike Facebook/Google ads, affiliate rev all comes in at a fixed cost.

The only time you'd have it differently, at least in eCommerce, is with media partners where you pay them a fixed cost per conversion, and they either make a margin or take a hit to acquire those customers.
Having even 15% of your monthly revenue coming from affiliate marketing, where your "CPA" is 10% of your revenue, can really help to off-set more aggressive paid media channels, like Facebook or Google.

I.e., if your Facebook CPA is $60, your macro CPA could be closer to $35.
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21 Jan 20
The keys to a successful DTC launch:

1. A product that launches with pre-launch product-market fit — this leads to low initial customer acquisition costs.

Easy to test too.

Here’s how: create a fake brand, run ads to a landing page, and understand your customer.
2. A marketing budget big enough to support a proper creative budget for paid-media assets.

When you launch with paid media, it has to be mobile-first and video creative.

Anything else and you’re going to pay more for your customers.
3. A movement-building press play among not only trade press, but also mass media outlets, and the right ones too.

I know a new brand doing 6-figures with no paid ads. Their secret sauce is memorable PR and story-telling.
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