In case anyone was worried about how the top 10% are holding up in the USA during lockdowns, they’re doing just fine.

Inequality was already acute, but the lockdowns have greatly exacerbated. Assets increased appx $20trillion for the top 10% vs a blip for entire bottom 50% Image
They are busy buying up $1 million + priced homes (which have exploded) while middle and lower priced homes have barely budged despite record low interest rates. Image
See also the rates of employment in the lowest wage brackets between “lockdown lover’s paradise” California (chart 1 – down 38%) and “never lockdown again” Florida (chart 2 – fully recovered & then some). The futile winter lockdown absolutely crushed low-earning Californians ImageImage
If you're a new follower (thanks!) see 1 of my 1st threads below on broader inequality of lckdwn. As its now clear covid follows its own path over a period of weeks w/o regard to human intervention, infecting a set # or % b/f burning out, these policies look even more atrocious

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24 Jun
In the book When Prophecy Fails by Leon Festinger (father of "cognitive dissonance"), the author & colleagues infiltrate a 1950s UFO cult who believe the end of the world is near in order to understand how cultists will react when their prophecy inevitably goes unfulfilled.
They found that, instead of admitting error, those committed became even more steadfast in their beliefs, began to seek greater publicity,& developed rationalizations for why the event had not come to pass. Many concluded their piety was recognized & indeed had saved humanity
To minimize the negative impact of their failure, believers chose to forgo reason & proselytize even harder, doubling their recruiting efforts. After all, “If more & more people can be persuaded that the system of belief is correct, then clearly it must after all be correct"
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9 Jun
Its enjoyable/cathartic for me to write these longer semi-random threads & people seem to appreciate them as they can like and/or retweet the whole thread or individual tweets in the thread if so inclined (h/t to @MarkChangizi for teaching me how to tweet 🤣)

So here goes
1. Oh look, what a surprise … overdose-associated cardiac arrests (OCAs) were up 42.1% last year and the increase curve correlates exactly with the unemployment rate. Who could have possibly seen this coming? @EWoodhouse7 @snorman1776…
2. From the book Surveillance Capitalism: "Google's ideal society is a population of distant users, not citizenry. It idealizes people who are informed, but only in the ways the corporation chooses." 😲

Are we there yet?
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8 Jun
Only 29% of Dems believe people should strive for normal life now.

Here are my top 10 things with comparable support/belief among Americans:

1.Bigfoot – 21%
2.Sun revolves the earth – 25%
3.Dinosaurs & humans co-existed – 41%
4.Counting on lottery win for retirement – 20%
5.Witchcraft – 26%
6.Cell phones cause cancer – 20%
7.9/11 was an inside job – 23%
8.Ghosts/spirits can hurt living people – 32%
9.Astrology – 33%
10.Fortune telling – 26%
11. (Bonus) Telepathy – 31%
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7 Jun
Thinking over the wknd further about this atrocious CDC garbage & tying it w a couple datapoints, a picture emerges:

Society is a dichotomous mess w only 29% of Dems in favor of a return to normal vs 87% of Rs & only 1/3 of VACCINATED people comfortable going to the movies

The CDC, now just a political arm, recognizes this sizeable contingent of the pop. effectively lost to the propaganda of the last yr & believes the only way these folks will be comfortable reentering society is with every last child they may potentially encounter vaccinated

That'll never happen but I’ll be honest- even if it did- I fear it wouldn't be enough as I think this 71% group falls into 2 camps: (1) ppl literally traumatized by CNN propaganda, which only CNN could undo, which it will not b/c that would be contrary to its profit model,

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3 Jun
Reflecting on Fauci emails, my biggest takeaway is degree to which overall dialogue on the pandemic was controlled & censored mostly by BigTech/Media. But also by the left, which has become increasingly & strangely anti-free speech. This isn’t “muh freedoms”…this cost lives

Things “we” weren’t allowed to discuss but turns out Fauci was discussing early ‘20
- lab leak
- focused protection (GBD)
- asymptomatic spread
- masks ineffective
- aerosolized transm.
- virus already “past point of no return”
- seasonality
- risk contextualization

Had such topics been “permissible” to debate our disastrous monomaniacal interventions—which upended society & have proven anything but temporary—could've been tailored for greatest impact w the least harm/disruption. Instead, we shredded the societal fabric w/nothing to show
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25 May

Since my last “random backlog of covid musings” thread was popular, I thought I’d give it another shot. 22 quick thoughts/analogies/quotes/metaphors that I haven't had time to share previously:
1. The ppl who now claim it unreasonable to instantly give up masks & go back to work after 15 months of “new normal” r the same who scolded others for displaying any hesitation when forced to give-up an entire life’s work in Mar ’20 & embrace the criminalization of everyday life
2. The eagerness w which lockdown supporters are now embracing lab leak leads me to believe they view it as a scapegoat for why their abysmal policies didn’t work. ie NPIs/lockdowns would’ve stopped a natural virus but were no match for this manmade lab-freak. Don’t fall for it.
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