A sunny day in June 1863. A Union corps is getting into position at Gettysburg to fend off a Confederate corps marching onto the city from the south. Just a quick #AAR!

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#kriegsspiel #wargames #iks #thread
After making early contact Major-General Sickles' (me) cavalry falls back behind deploying Birney's 1st Division to regroup, form a reserve and scout to the west. Turns out, we are facing Pickett's Division. 😀 Image
Meanwhile, and that's where the gamble begins, Humphrey's 2nd Division is ordered to go on a left hook. They are getting into a position to attack the Rebell's right from Schoolhouse Road. We still have no clue where the second Confederate Division is.
Sickles shifts on the Union left to inform Humphreys that 1st Division has forced Pickett to fall back. It's now up to Humphreys to finish him off. Things are looking good, until, what we assumed to be McLaws' Division, turned out to be a brigade of Pickett's! 😱 Image
Is he up at Hagerstown Road heading for Gettysburg? Could the cavalry delay or even negate him crossing the river?🤔
1st Division pulls back its right flank and tries to occupy Seminary Ridge, 2nd Division is ordered to push mercylessly against Pickett and drive him off. Image
Turns out McLaws' Division is further south, sneaking up behind Pickett's left and occupying Seminary Ridge already! Can the remnants of 1st Division hold their ground long enough until 2nd Division is able to send reinforcements. It should be doing that already...😲 Image
But where are they?! Still noone in sight. Meanwhile McLaws brings in a Brigade to flank from the north, 1st Division is due to fall back, back makes a heroic stand against a Rebell charge! 😬 Image
Hell, if 2nd Division is not able to send reserves quickly up Taneytown Road to Gettysburg to counterattack and relieve 1st Division, they should be able to march through the center and hit McLaws' right flank, as they have finally dealt with Pickett, shouldn't they? 🤨 Image
Sickles moves south to see what's going on and finds 2nd Division still engaged with Pickett and reorganising. He takes direct control of Excelsior's unexperienced but fresh Brigade to throw them into to McLaws' flank. But the Rebells have already advanced. 😯 Image
Facing Armistead's worn Brigade, Sickles decides to charge and roll up McLaws' flank. What's supposed to be the most heroic charge under the Division commander himself in this very cruical moment of the battle becomes a total desaster... 🥴 Image
After all a pyrrhic Union victory, but another great game. And a smooth test of the new system for the Grand Gettysburg game in August!
Here is how things went from a Union umpire's perspective!
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I've adjusted the random setup line into a formation that makes more sense to me.

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@hexsides @hollandspiele

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Central Army Group (CENTRAG) immediately asks AirCmd to initiate Close Air Support (CAS) missions in support of US V Corps and WG II Corps in thrustlines CHARLIE and FOXTROT for a total of 6 CAS hits.

Recon for Battlefield Surveillance fails due to WP air superiority. Image
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Battlefield Surveillance grants some minor loss prevention before getting cancled by enemy interceptors. Nothing mission relevant.
Air assets are assigned to five raids with emphasize on BRAVO (1), ALPHA (2) and ECHO (3). However, not enough assets are available to negate Enemy Air Defenses in all thrustlines.
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