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We’ve added a new set of fun #p2e games to our roster of partners! This time, we’re exploring genres like move-to-earn, farming simulations, racing games, and MMORPGs.

A thread.
1/ One of our new partners is @Fancybirdsio, a #p2e mobile game targeting the casual mini-game niche. With compelling and addictive game mechanics, Fancy Birds is reminiscent of the viral side-scroller, Flappy Bird. Image
2/ Next is @TheMonkeyLeague, a fast-paced, turn-based arcade football NFT game built on the @solana blockchain. Blending game elements of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy, MonkeyBall sets itself apart by prioritizing an esports component. Image
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If you're a fan of the #RPG genre and are looking for games in the #Avalanche and #Solana ecosystem, these are the top names that you should give a shot. Game on! 🎮

#AvaxholicInsights #CSSADT #AVAXDT #GameFi‌ #Crypto #AVAX TOP RPG GAMEFI ON AVALANCHE AND SOLANA  If you're a fan of t
And here are some of the latest game updates:
- @HeroesChained Minigame: Fortunes of Ventuna
- @PlayAscenders updated the new whitepaper
- @galaxy_survivor ticket sale is opening
- @DCGgamefi updated new elements, repair function, new intro video, etc
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[1] Okay, time to resume this thread. But I'm just going to start over at [1]...

Incidentally, you can find these charts I'm using on the #DefiKingdoms Discord, or at @DFKStronghold's site:

And class growth stats are posted at:…
[2] Yesterday, I discussed how a higher class tier and a higher rarity level will increase a hero's stats, on average (and stats are probably the most important part of what makes for a "good" hero.)

But that difference among heroes becomes more pronounced as heroes LEVEL UP... Image
[3] To illustrate, let's start with an ABSURDLY good, UNFAIRLY AMAZING #DFK hero summoned by @Sovrezd yesterday. (I'll explain summoning later.)

The hero in question is a mythic dragoon, of which only 32 exist AT ALL, only 4 of which have an advanced subclass (here, ninja)... ImageImage
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In 1963, a Cappadocian man discovered a mysterious chamber hidden behind a wall in his home. Investigation revealed access to the lost Byzantine city of Derinkuyu—an underground labyrinth reaching 279ft (85m) deep.🧵 1/3
#inspiration #History #writing #ttrpg #RPG #DnD #dnd5e
Artifact finds suggest construction began during the 5th century, and was completed by the 10th. Hewn from volcanic rock, the underground city’s countless rooms could shelter 20,000 people, their livestock, and food stores, all across five levels connected by stairs. 🧵 2/3
The upper levels of Derinkuyu hold stables, storerooms, chapels, and private homes. An abandoned cruciform church lurks alone at the deepest level. While the city was opened to visitors in 1969, over half of the tunnels—as well as the church—remain off-limits to the public 🧵 3/3
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THE WITCH HOUSE NEXT DOOR is a story I grew up with. In the early 60’s, several illegally-built houses in the woods nearby were being demolished to make room for a public park. One house had an especially poor reputation.🧵 1/12
#inspiration #urbanlegends #ttrpg #RPG #dnd #dnd5e
The story—as told by my stepfather—goes that the house’s owner was a practitioner of the black arts. Shortly after he died, local kids began daring each other to sneak into the house after dark. It took several weeks before any of them dared venture into the basement 🧵 2/12
Dirk, the local ‘tough kid’was a buddy of my stepdad at the time, and convinced him to explore the basement of the witch house together before it would be torn down by bulldozers. The boys didn’t expect to find much, since the upper stories had held nothing interesting 🧵 3/12
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Imagine a team where everyone is focused on a single task in complete alignment!

You could get 2x output - or more!

What if I told you you could do that as a #solopreneur?

I've figured out ways to implement similar approaches while running

Here's how:
1. Work in sprints, days and blocks.

I split my month into 2 sprints of 2 weeks & plan all the stuff I need to get done.

I split my weeks into 2 meeting days, 1 thinking day & 2 doing days.

Each day is split into 3 blocks of 2 hours each so that I can bunch tasks together.
2. Productive procrastination.

If I get bored/frustrated with one task, I switch to another task - of the same brand. Context switching load is reduced and I'm still making progress.

Of course it's not always possible.

In that case, I switch to no-brainer tasks like admin.
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With more and more blockchain games being announced, it can be hard to keep up with new releases. @MeritCircle_IO allows investors to gain lower-risk exposure to upcoming games through partnerships, and often seed deals.

Here is a thread on the current $MC game partners 🧵

For any investments made by the $MC DAO we recommend checking the latest treasury report here for the amounts invested, and current valuation.

This thread is not an exhaustive list and we may have missed partners and/or investments.…

Ascenders @PlayAscenders

An upcoming open-world, sci-fantasy RPG powered by the #Avalanche blockchain. Players can choose to Build, Fight and Explore in order to collect rare resources and progress their character in the direction of their choice.

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Every time I hear someone say something like “humans are boring” in reference to #rpg #ttrpg #dnd, I can’t help but notice their #whiteness. The diversity of humanity is stunning, but I guess if I were white-only, I’d be desperate to play an elf or a dragonfurry, too. 😂
And getting back to what I was saying about Viking culture, earlier, I haven’t looked, but I bet a ton of wipipo are severely put out at Jarl Haakon of Kattegat being a black African woman in “Vikings: Valhalla”. Travel was international/global, even in the 10th/11th Century.
In playing a fantasy #rpg #ttrpg, even one substantially based upon Medieval Europe, like #DnD or #Ironsworn, you could plausibly play a human from any of hundreds of different cultures, yet the idea of playing a human is deprecated by many.
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Does anyone else find it strange and dogwhistley that there has been an explosion of television series and films glorifying Viking culture? I’m Asian, but also English, Welsh, German, and Danish, and it really feels like white people desperately crave validation and esteem.
Also me: I binged the whole seasons of “The Last Kingdom” S05 and “Vikings: Valhalla” S01 this past week. A good time was had. It struck me as bizarre that VV didn’t use the word “Folkvangr” even once.…
Et tu, me: Thinking about maybe playing #Ironsworn #RPG #TTRPG
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[#Thread] Nostalgique de l'époque où vous passiez des heures à entraîner vos Pokémons ?

Prenons le temps de découvrir @Polymon_World, un monde peuplé de Polymon issus de @polychainmon

Retour en enfance garantie avec ce #MMORPG issue de la #crypto en alpha test
Si vous ne connaissez pas le projet @polychainmon, voici un thread complet sur la présentation du projet.

Cela va vous permettre de mieux appréhender et comprendre l'envergure de ce #PlaytoEarn et de son #token le $PMON.

Passons au projet @Polymon_World

@Polymon_World est le mélange d’un jeu de rôle (#RPG) et collection #multijoueur dans un monde 3D ouvert.

Similaire à #Pokémon, les créatures qui peuplent cet univers se nomment les Polychain Monsters ou Polymon.
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[#Thread] Après plusieurs jours d'expérimentation, c'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je vous présente le projet @DefiKingdoms

Le coupable ? @DocMarmott

A cause de lui, j'ai été obligé de faire de la #DeFi, du staking, yield farming et #PlayToEarn... Voyons ça de plus près ⬇️
J'en profite également pour faire une petite expérimentation.

Ce #thread sera donc considéré comme un #guide ultime et complet autour du #PlaytoEarn @DefiKingdoms.

Je pense même en faire un deuxième thread qui serait plus orienté suite à mes tests, résultats et avis. Let's go !
@DefiKingdoms (DFK), c’est quoi exactement

DFK pour les intimes, c’est l’union d’un #PlaytoEarn et de la #DeFi.

Accessible sur la blockchain @harmonyprotocol ( $ONE ), c’est le mélange d’un jeu-vidéo et d’un DEX #crypto dans lequel de nombreuses interactions sont possibles.
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In this new instalment of 'Journey to Jonstown' we look at THE GOD SKIN & MAD PRAX, the fourth and final volume in Jon Webb's bestselling 'Sandheart' series of RuneQuest adventures set in Sun County @DriveThruRPG…
#runequest #glorantha #rpg #ttrpg
The book features the scenarios 'The God Skin' by Sandheart creator Jon Webb, and 'Mad Prax: Beyond Sun Dome' by Chaosium's Michael O'Brien, author of the original #RuneQuest 3rd Ed release Sun County (1992).
The four-part Sandheart series is available in the Jonstown Compendium @DriveThruRPG. To celebrate the publication of Book 4, prices of the first three books have been discounted by $2.00 in all formats. PDFs are now $9.95, and hardcovers are just $19.95.
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[Mini thread] Comment participer à l'#IDO du projet @AuroryProject qui va avoir lieu le 21 Octobre.

Le but n'est pas une présentation de ce #PlayToEarn mais de vous expliquer comment participer. C'est une traduction de leur article Medium.

Préparez vos $USDC, ça va swinger ! ⬇️ Image
Avant de commencer

Je fais ce mini #thread avant même la présentation du projet @AuroryProject car l'#IDO est presque demain.

Si vous souhaitez un thread complet, n'hésitez pas à me le faire savoir en commentaire 🥰 !

On démarre (enfin) ! Image
Présentation rapide

@AuroryProject est un projet #PlaytoEarn en développement depuis plusieurs mois et se sont dévoilés aux alentours du mois d'avril.

En réalité, c'est un projet de jeu de rôle (#RPG) avec au menu PVE et PVP, tout ça en utilisant des #NFT sur @solana. Image
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📜 Diário de Aventura (@tormentarpg)

Parte 1: Vida de Aventureiro

A ventura começa com quatro aspirantes a aventureiros sendo colocados para trabalhar juntos com uma licença temporária "Quartzo"🔹concedida pela guilda dos mineradores de Yuvalin ⛏️


#tormenta20 #rpg #ttrpg
Os heróis e protagonistas da Jornada:

Aglar Menelion, Aggelus Clerigo de Wynna (@paulo3fs)
Haredalin, Osteon Arcanista Mago (@eigenanax)
Natassssha, Humana (medusa) barda (@phaedrawing)
Eros, Lefou Guerreiro (@jjlittlejet)


#tormenta20 #rpg #ttrpg
A missão era simples, eliminar uma infestação que estava acontecendo em alguns depósitos subterrâneos da Fundição Central.

Após conhecer o mestre da forja Himmerzan, são direcionados para investigar o problema.


#tormenta20 #rpg #ttrpg
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[Thread] Projet @polychainmon

Préparez le café et les gâteaux, mettez vous à l'aise et prenez le temps car le #thread est assez long.

Nous allons aborder dans un premier temps le projet sous forme de chiffres et de stats, puis dans un second temps, l'aspect jeu & #PlayToEarn
On commence par les investisseurs derrière le projet qui sont @MoonrockCapital (@polkastarter) & @Morningstar_vc

Ils ont permis de réaliser une levée de fonds de 740 000 $.

Ce qui permet à une équipe de travailler sereinement pendant plusieurs mois sans soucis financiers.
On peut penser que si des fonds d'investissements pousse le projet @polychainmon, c'est qu'ils pensent faire de l'#argent et qu'ils croient au projet.

On est donc (en théorie) loin du #rugpull avec la team anonyme sans aucune références.
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Présentation d'une pépite trouvée par l'équipe de @CryptoRusk0f & @TheDiggers_io (que je vous invite à suivre)

Ce n'est autre que le projet @genopets

J'ai donc pris le temps de lire le whitepaper et voici les éléments importants à retenirs
Le projet sera donc le mélange d'un #FreeToPlay et d'un #MoveToEarn ce qui nous donne un #MoveToEarn qui sera déployé sur la blockchain @solana

Son but est de tracker votre activité (via une montre connectée par exemple) afin de faire évoluer la créature qui VOUS ressemble.
Vous pourrez très prochainement #mint votre premier #Genopet gratuitement selon votre caractère.

Selon les choix que vous allez faire, votre Genopet aura un aspect et des skills différents afin qu'il VOUS ressemble.

Voici une petite démo pour tester :
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I said I'd print it after I hit $1k, and we hit $1k, so here we are!

KANABO is a d100-based rules-lite adventure game set loosely in Tokugawa-era Japan (1600–1868) and based on iconic sword-fighting movies. James Mendez Hodes (@LulaVampiro) did the cultural consulting on it! ImageImage
in the 17-page Player's Handbook:
-Tools for safe play
-A lightweight, easy-to-run d100 system with four stats
-A randomized character system that provides compelling starting points for your adventurer
-Hirelings, tools, clothes, provisions, and weaponsp ImageImage
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Finished a chapter in our online #CallOfCthulhu game last night. 2 investigators, an explorer and a forger, w/ @DDInTheUK1 as the Keeper.

[Thread] They scaled the exterior wall of a mental asylum in the dead of night. Obvs this simple task obviously took ~30 IRL mins to pull off Image
Now in the cover of the treeline; they painted a large Elder Sign on the perimeter wall. Maybe it would help, maybe it'll go unnoticed for years.

They scurried from the treeline to the lake, then to the secure-wing of the asylum.

A quick stealthy glance revealed just one... Image
...nurse at her station by the only door. A quick passers-by sob story was concocted and the forger headed in, ready to make an Oscar-winning performance 🎭🏆

The tension in the bizarrely-angry, red-faced nurse, quickly melted away as he drew near. Confusion & wooziness (?!) ...
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Well, it seems like very few #TTRPG shows have thoughts to share on their pay structure. In fact, seems like there are more questions than anything.

So I'm shifting gears to provide some of my experience. (I have NEVER not paid ppl)

A thread about $$$ for actual plays...
First things first. Decide with your players if monetary compensation is a make or break for them. If it is, make a plan for funding first.

Paying people for their time & talents can't be chalked up to "giving exposure". Just as you shouldn't take sponsorships on exposure.
If monetary compensation isn't as important to the table, remember there are other kinds of compensation such as free subscriptions to VTTs, TTRPG accessories like dice/trays, and even "gift baskets" once the show is done.

These items can be acquired through #RPG sponsorships.
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I don't often promote myself on here, but I should. I have done some things that I am proud of. So here is a thread of episodes from @OurTurnPodcast that I contributed a segment and/or co-hosted. #RPG #podcast
Here is one of my very first contributions, a segment about one of my favorite RPGs of all time: 13th Age. @13thAge I still love it, and I have hacked the system to run other genres (ex. Star Wars: The Old Republic). Give it a try sometime.…
One the one-year anniversary of @OurTurnPodcast, I did a segment about Session Zero for RPGs. I love being a part of Session Zero in any #RPG, both as a GM and player.…
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#CentralAfricanRepublic (THREAD)

1) 200 to 300 rebels attacked the capital #Bangui today (PK9, PK11, PK12 & Bimbo areas).

Govt, #Russian & #Rwandan troops repelled them. But the rebels remain in the hills & areas surroundings the capital.

Read @CrisisGroup statement 👇
2) The rebels were generally equipped or light weapons (including #AK47 & grenades), several #RPG & probably mortars.

No report of the casualties yet.
3) It's unlikely that they really wanted to size the capital, if not they would have come in bigger number.

They seem to be trying to isolate the capital from the rest of the country that they already control largely & install an attrition warfare just at the capital doors.
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Today in pulp let's look back at a landmark #RPG that let you jump from star to star across the Imperium, trading and battling with various sophonts along the way.

It's a game of the far future that's lasted over 40 years: Traveller!
Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game, first published in 1977 by Game Designers' Workshop. Launched a year before TSRs rival Gamma World it's probably* the superior SF RPG - its certainly stood the test of time.

(*Don't @ me!)
Traveller features various descendants of humanity with different skills and abilities. Your ship can jump faster than light to reach other planets but you can't communicate FTL, so you have to deal with whatever world you jump to before moving somewhere else.
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