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A shortage of experienced English-speaking switchboard operators during WWI opened the door to service for bilingual American women (dubbed “Hello Girls”) who wished to support the U.S. Army’s war effort.
#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC Image
When the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) landed in France in 1917, GEN John J. Pershing found that the French women serving as switchboard operators spoke little English, making communication between U.S. headquarters almost impossible.

#WWI #WW1 #WW1History @USArmySMA
Bilingual American women filled the gap, joining the AEF as switchboard operators and run the command’s telephone networks. 223 of the approximately 7,000 applicants were selected and became known as the “Hello Girls.”

#WomensHistoryMonth #MilitaryHistory #Diversity Image
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I WAS MONTY’S DOUBLE (1958) gave M E Clifton James the opportunity to re-live his wartime experiences on the big screen. But what if his co-stars had done the same, and who were their movie doubles? A thread...

🧵 1/13
Great War veteran, Clifton James, was serving with the Royal Army Pay Corps when, in 1944, he received a call from David Niven, which led him to Operation Copperhead. The Hollywood star didn't appear in the film. Instead, John Mills was Niven's (almost) double...

🧵 2/13
John Mills (Maj Harvey) had his name in lights for most of the war. Not only did he portray all three services on screen - in many ways, Mills was everyone's double - he also served with RE and RA (Monmouthshire Regt) searchlight units in Britain before being discharged.

🧵 3/13
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@FactCheckIndia that you are all no different than any other of us @TwitterParents to see a @GrievingMothers screams for a #helpinghand to be seen beneath #HumanRights as the #lies that are still pouring out of #MarkRowley's mouth that he has to read word to word from a scrip
because coming out of #retired that means #braindead as whoever is #socialmediamanager floods #TwitterFiles with #NicolaBulley, this I also find really sad, so so sad for those who like poor #MollyRussell and those who mare reaching out for @CruseSupport as a senior
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(1/23) This thread is mainly addressed to my #German followers, but it could also be interesting for those who always wanted to know how Germany could become the most culturally leftist country on the European continent. Accordingly, this thread is a #political #commentary by me.
(2/23) It is about the historical personality of the first post-war chancellor, Konrad Adeneauer. I also would like to finally dispel a myth that still plagues German conservatives, by which I do not mean recationaries, but all those who do not want to destroy their own country.
(3/23) This myth is the myth of the "good old", #50s and #60s, #CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and the question of what role a post-war #Germany could have played if #Adenauer and his party had not made completely wrong decisions about essential political directions.
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Let's continue our story of the "The Kaiser's Last Raider: Exploits of the notorious Wolf". 🚢🐺🏴‍☠️

If you haven't read "Episode One: Relief", read the thread below to keep up with Cpt. Jon and the Wolf's adventures.
#boardgames #rpg #adventure #wargames #narrative #ww1
Episode Two: Odyssey 📝

2nd Officer @JohnLyn83159113 scratched his beard. What was the Old Man up to? Why had they returned to the Gulf of Aden after encountering Admiral Sturdee in these waters not long ago? He didn't know. Captain @hexandcountdown didn't always tell the crew.
In fact, most of the time he didn't. 1st Officer @OberstWKlink had the privilege of knowledge, and this suspicious @Johkmil, of whom nobody really knew what his role on board of the Wolf actually was, often seemed to know things even before the captain did.
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Let's play another session of "Arc of the Kaiser's Last Raider" (Joe Miranda, One Small Step, 2018).

It's a #solitaire narrative #rpg #wargame, but I invite you to take part via this thread! The player is "writing" a #pulpfiction novel series about a German raider during #WW1. Cover art showing a point-to-point map of the Indian Ocean,
Needing to keep the readers engaged by a somewhat believable storyline of a daring captain and their crew, trying to change the course of the Great War in Europe. The story is driven forward by a randomized deck of cards, containing incidents, enemies and special abilities. Several decks of cards of the types Incidents, Objective, Ne
First choice to be made: the ship our crew will sail on into the Indian Ocean to disrupt the Entente's commerce and ... very secretly try to acquire objectives that could change the course of the war.

Comment, share or like a post in the thread to become part of the crew.
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#avgeek #aviation #USNavy #airplane - Vought OS2U Kingfisher; 1519 built starting 1938. Used by US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and the Soviet Navy. 450 hp; 1 x .30 cal (one fixed forward; one ring mounted in back) + bombs or depth charges. 1/
2/ OS=Observation Scout, U=Vought and 2=2nd plane by Vought for Observation Scout duty. Some had wheels vs floats. Were they convertible or built that way? OS2Us flew from land, naval air stations, or were catapult-launched off battleships, heavy cruisers or light cruisers.
3/ OS2Us sat atop a launch car sled on the catapult. An electric motor turned the catapult 30 degrees off the bow as the ship sailed into the wind. A 5" smokeless powder charge rammed the car to 80 mph in .5 seconds, retention pins dropped and the plane was off!
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#MinskProtocol.. say what?
#Azov -Press
ATTENTION! #Mobilization starts on 26 September!
Join the new #recruits! | 04.10.2016 Image
The #MinskProtocol, was drafted in 2014 by the #Trilateral Contact Group consisting of #Ukraine, #Russia, and #OSCE.
- The agreement failed to stop fighting, and was thus followed with a revised and updated agreement, Minsk II, signed on 12 February 2015… ImageImage
The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
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🇫🇷1914-1915 Boirault “Anti-Barbed-Wire” Machine🇫🇷

#war #wwi #ww1 #invention #oldinvention
The Boirault Machine was an early French experimental landship, designed in 1914 and built in early 1915. It has been considered as "another interesting ancestor of the tank", and described as a "rhomboid-shaped skeleton tank without armour, with single overhead track".
Ultimately, the machine was deemed impractical and was nicknamed Diplodocus militaris. It preceded the design and development of the English Little Willie tank by six months.
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Wie ist #ImWestennichtsNeues? Kritik aus der Sicht eines #WW1 Historikers (und der Versuch, nicht zu Spoilern): Der Film ist drastisch in der Todesdarstellung, bombastisch bei den Schlachtszenen - und ganz weit weg von #Remarque|s Original.
Bemerkenswert ist die harte Kritik 1/8
die der Film teils bekommen hat: "Schlachtplatte mit ästhetischem Topping" (FAZ). Wenn man akzeptiert, dass Regisseur Berger das Original als Anregung nehmen darf & die Logiken von Netflix ein anderes Erzählen nötig machen, kann man mit dem Film umgehen.
Die Schlachtszenen...2/8
sind apokalyptisch: Der Tod kommt vom Himmel, MG, Panzer, Dolch, Spaten. Flammenwerfer grillen Soldaten, die durch Schlamm, Wunden, Schreien kaum noch als Menschen erkennbar sind. 1930 war Soldat sauberer. - Effekt: Max. Distanzierung von der Welt des Friedens, die wir kennen.3/8
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🧵English translation of an extremely important and interesting article written by Gen. #Zaluzhny (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine) and Lt. Gen. Zabrodskyi "Prospects for securing the military campaign of 2023: the Ukrainian view":…
HOW LONG CAN THIS WAR LAST & HOW CAN WE WIN IT: Today the absolute majority of military experts & analysts agree that
the full-scale war unleashed by the russian federation against Ukraine on 02-24-2022,
has long exceeded the concept of a local conflict of medium intensity. ⬇️ Image
This applies to the spatial indicators, the number of involved military forces, and the impressive list of weapons and other
high-tech equipment whose usage is characteristic of this military confrontation.⬇️
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- The history of the Ferrari logo 🧵-

The story of the Ferrari prancing horse logo is tied to military history and especially the history of military aviation (1/7) #svagaiature #Ferrari #History #Historia #WWI #WW1 #Aviation #AeronauticaMilitare
The prancing horse was in-fact the insignia of the Italian WWI aviation ace Francesco Baracca, one of the greatest pilots of Italian history, who was shot down during a mission in 1918 (2/7)
That insignia was a symbol of speed and audacity, a black horse on a white back, renown in all of Italy. Baracca became a legend especially in his home region, Emilia Romagna, the same of Enzo Ferrari (3/7)
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Thread: Poets killed on 1st day of the Somme. 2nd Lt Henry Field

6th Battalion Royal Warks killed during bitter fighting for Serre. 1 of 836 casualties from the battalion. Aged 22 buried Serre Road Cemetery 1/7 #WW1
Thread: Poets killed on 1st day of the Somme. Lt William Hodgson MC

9th Battalion the Devonshires. Killed whilst taking a supply of bombs to his men in newly captured trenches near Mametz. Buried at Devonshire Cemetery, Mandela Copse 2/7 #WW1
Thread: Poets killed on 1st day of the Somme. Lt Alfred Ratcliffe

10th Battalion West Yorks killed while attacking Fricourt. Battalion suffered more casualties than any other battalion 60%. Aged 29 buried at Fricourt Cemetery. 3/7 #WW1
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A 🧵 about #WW1 cemeteries on the Italian front that no longer exist. After the war the fascists cleared battlefield cemeteries and moved hundreds of thousands of men to huge ossuaries. This Austro-Hungarian cemetery at Passo Pordoi was cleared and an ossuary built nearby. ImageImage
Next, Falcade, now with just the chapel. It was a cemetery for a large field hospital, the most famous occupant being Francesco Barbieri (Gold Medal for valour). They were all moved to the Pocol ossuary after the war. ImageImageImage
The Toti cemetery in Monfalcone, approx 8000 burials. Now a car park. There were 17 cemeteries in this small town (which was on the front line for 28 months). All the men are now at Redipuglia. ImageImage
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"Retreat? Hell, we just got here!"
The famous words were spoken by Cpt. Williams to a French officer as his #Marines arrived on Hill 142. What he was most likely witnessing was the withdrawal of the @152eRI from Belleau Wood. What was actually happening?

Image via @ecpa_d ImageImage
"A Belleau les heures sont graves. Tout cède devant Attila, Mais le vieux Quinze-Deux est là. La vague meurt devant ses braves."

The #152eRI was going to push the Germans back out of Torcy and Belleau. In the Regimental HQ (PC) the phone rang. Colonel Meilhan picked it up. Image
"It's understood, my general. We will do our best.

General Michel, the division commander, had just the 152e to go on the counter-attack. More than anyone else, Colonel Meilhan knew that his regiment was at the end of its tether...
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1911- 1920

#NWO #NewWorldOrder #Illuminati #WEF #Communism #Zionists #WW1
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The paddle steamer Gracie Fields had been taken up into @RoyalNavy service at the start of #WW2 as a minesweeper & was bombed off La Panne on this day 1940, sinking the following morning. She became synonymous with the #Dunkirk evacuation thanks to JB Priestly's BBC broadcast.
"the glittering queen of our local line" Gracie Fields was one of "the little holiday steamers [that] made an excursion to hell and came back glorious"…
HMS Pangbourne, commanded by Lt/Cdr Francis Douglas-Watson, was one of the @RoyalNavy's purpose-built Hunt Class minesweepers, built in #WW1, she survived #WW2 & along with others helped clear mines, as well as rescue troops from #Dunkirk
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#TankTuesday #WW1 #WW2 #MAFVA #France #tanks - 1917 #Renault FT... The most influential #tank ever. Let's tour it inside and out, shall we? THREAD 1/ ImageImageImageImage
@milmodelscene @PhilLoder @DesertStorm24ID @09EA63 @RivetsAndPins @militaryhistori @agbdrilling @sitnikov_94 @Burntime0101 @C_VargasHarle 2/ #tanks - 1917 #Renault FT... Some firsts: revolving turret, sprung suspension, low track and rear engine. Thousands built. Also used by USA, Italy, Russia, etc. Crew 2: 6.5 tons. 4 mph. Its armament was a Puteaux L/21 SA18 37mm cannon or a machine gun but not both. ImageImageImageImage
@milmodelscene @PhilLoder @DesertStorm24ID @09EA63 @RivetsAndPins @militaryhistori @agbdrilling @sitnikov_94 @Burntime0101 @C_VargasHarle @jr_liscano @worldoftanks @WoTBlitz @WoTConsole 3/ These photos show the Renault FT's narrow internal structure. The black and white one (from @C_VargasHarle / Renault archives) shows the commander’s "basket". The other three are from an American M1917 clone. ImageImageImageImage
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Yıllar evvel Alçıtepeli bir arkadaşımın tarlasına gece uğradığımzda ilk kez görmüştüm. Orman içerisinde bir kabir ve başında kırık bir mezar taşı vardı.
#14MartTıpBayramı #Çanakkale #ww1
Üzerinde "16 Haziran sene 331'de şehid olmuştur Fatiha" yazısını okuduktan sonra bir şehit mezarı olduğu ortaya çıkmıştı. Ancak kimdi, neden buradaydı? Civar köylerden özellikle yaşlılara bu mezarı sorduğumda hep aynı cevabı aldım.
"Biz oraya yılanlı mezar deriz cünkü kırılmadan önce üzerinde bir dala sarılmış yılan vardı" Bu benzeri cevaplarla bana Yunan Mitolojisinde şifa ve tıpla ilişkili bir tanrı olan Asklepios'un asasını tarif ettiklerini anlamıstım. Aynı figür Mekteb-i Tıbbiye Arması üzerindede vardı
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1. Perché #Putin cita #Stalin in chiave positiva, mentre attacca #Lenin, nel suo discorso alla nazione di riconoscimento del #Donbass (dicendo addirittura "L'#Ucraina dovrebbe chiamarsi 'repubblica di Lenin'"?).
2. L'era #Putin ha significato per la #Russia una profonda trasformazione culturale e la rifondazione dello Stato dopo il decennio di disgregazione e crisi seguito al crollo dell'#URSS. Uno dei pilastri è stata anche la politica memoriale e la didattica della Storia.
3. #Putin ha ripreso il sentimento nazionalista da sempre presente nel popolo russo e che lo stesso #PCUS, fin da #Stalin, ha utilizzato nel corso del tempo per costruire consenso verso il regime sovietico - tranne, appunto, sotto #Lenin.
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1/8: ON THIS DAY, 79 years ago, my great grand uncle, Abraham Bacri, his wife, Éléonore Bacri née Moha, and their children, Reine Elsair née Bacri and William Bacri, were rounded up by 12,000 French policemen in @marseille. They lived at 7 rue Molière.

#MarseilleStolpersteine Photo of Éléonore Bacri née Moha from a missing person re
2/8: Abraham Bacri was born in Algiers on 9 January 1893. He was the son of Joseph Bacri and Reine Smadja. He voluntarily enlisted in August 1914. He was sent back to Algiers in 1916 due to health problems, and married Éléonore Moha on 18 April. Abraham Bacri's birth certificate
3/8: Abraham subsequently returned to serve in multiple operations until his demobilisation due to lung disease at the end of 1918. He was awarded the Médaille commémorative de la Grande Guerre and Médaille de la Victoire at the end of the war.

#WW1 #WWI Abraham Bacri’s military file
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#OTD 1955 – Robert E. Sherwood, 59, (Heart), US playwright, screenwriter (b. 1896)

Waterloo Bridge * Idiot's Delight (Pulitzer Prize) * Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Pulitzer Prize) * Rebecca * There Shall Be No Night (Pulitzer Prize) * Best Years of Our Lives (Oscar Best Screenplay)
#OTD 1955 – Robert E. Sherwood, 59, US playwright, screenwriter (b. 1896)

He fought with the Royal Highlanders of #Canada in Europe during #WW1 even though he was US born. 'Waterloo Bridge', his play, premiered on Broadway 1930, based on his experiences.
#OTD 1955 – Robert E. Sherwood, 59, US playwright, screenwriter (b. 1896)

He fought with Royal Highlanders of #Canada in #WW1 even though he was US born.

"A WW1 soldier on leave in London falls for a young woman not realising she has been driven by poverty into prostitution."
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There are certain days in history that change everything. 28 June, 1916 was one of those. In the early hours of that day my Great, Great Uncle Thomas Wilson clambered from his trench in front of Hairpin Craters, not far from Hulluch, as part of a raid on the German lines. 1/ #ww1
The raid was almost immediately halted by heavy machine gun fire. In the half light, and in the confusion partly created by battle and partly by the yellowish clouds of gas drifting over no man’s land - an attempt to support the raid - Tom was hit. As the two sections... 2/ #ww1
...retreated back to their trench Tom was left behind. He was never knowingly found.

Many, many years later, 78 to be precise, I went on my first battlefield trip with my school (and my mum). This was, of course, before the days of internet searches... 3/ #ww1
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With the announcement in this @BBCNews piece by @bealejonathan, that the @RoyalNavy is to receive a new "Multi Role Ocean Surveillance ship", to be in service by 20204, it's perhaps time for a little speculative #thread🧵(apologies, as always in advance😉)…
1st up, this isn't the first we've heard of something like this. Elements of the @RoyalNavy's survey squadron are approaching replacement point, most particularly @HMSScottRN which is currently scheduled to go in 2022, but @HMS_Echo & @HMSEnterprise are similarly due around 2028
The form & purpose of this new vessel would appear to be different, however, with a new emphasis on undersea cables. This isn't actually the 1st we've heard of this either as @AdmTonyRadakin raised it at Christmas (4.06 H/T this & much else to @NavyLookout)
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