It's fucking unbelievable that making games under capitalism means people can just buy the right to abuse us for 20-60 dollars just because they play our games.
I don't know why I thought I could tweet this and walk away and expect to not come back to my mentions full of abuse...
Everyone in the replies to this - well meaning or not - who is "well actually"-ing me about how that's not unique to games: Get the hell away from me.
The scale of the abuse we face, how our families get threatened and how it does not stop at 5 pm - THAT is the difference.
Just.... get the hell away from me with that useless whataboutism. Yes, retail workers receive abuse too, but our player bases find our social media accounts, our home addresses, our families to send death threats to. Just sit down and listen for once.
I have friends in this industry on Twitter who can't even reply to my damn cat pictures without having players of their game in the replies to that tweet call them names.
Imagine literally having nowhere to go without people abusing you in your communities.
I have all the respect in the world for retail workers, but don't come at me with this comparison. No retail worker has thousands of people online trying to doxx them and their families. It simply isn't the same thing.
And the people in my replies calling hacking and doxxing of game companies and gamedevs "direct action" as if they were activists? Fuck you. You know absolutely nothing about activism. And this is coming from a hardcore anarchist who doesn't give a rats ass about corporations.
I can not find it right now but I saved a Twitter exchange of a dev who was tweeting about taking a break because of a death in his family with players replying to him to yell at him about his game and like... tell me how you want to justify this. Any of this. How?
I don't know if any other gamedev feels this way, but this stuff literally impacts how I make friends and form new relationships? Like... "Hi, I'm Jenny, do you wanna be friends and endure that every now and again you'll see me go through receiving death threats?"
Trying to explain ANY of this to ANYONE new in your life is making you look like a fucking maniac, ESPECIALLY when it comes to dating. "Hi, are you ready to potentially be doxxed and harassed because of MY job? Wanna get a coffee sometime?"
No really. This is a thing.
I just.... do any other devs ever dream about what wonderful things we could make if we didn't have to deal with all this? The energy we'd have to create even more wonderful things?
Anyways. This rant was brought to you by 10 years of gamedev abuse. Sorry for getting so raw.
Let me know if you're not scared of getting a coffee despite all this I guess?

• • •

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20 Jul
If you're a major gaming news outlet and you're STILL writing articles with headlines that say things like "XYZ game looks like shit", maybe re-evaluate your values and how you're contributing to toxic gaming culture and the harassment of game developers.
It's not good enough.
No I'm not linking to it because no I'm not driving more traffic to it.

Do better.
Man, it's really easy to feel defeated by all of this sometimes....
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17 Jul
The poll from yesterday has ended and it has generated so much ruckus that I feel like I need to say a few words about it.
Over 10k people have voted, leading me to believe that a lot of people who voted were not gamedevs and next time I’d like folks to respect the assignment. Image
But about the topic, I want to stress that neither answer is wrong here, despite the slant being very very clearly towards working with the right team. There seems to be a lot of tension between the two camps and while neither are wrong, I can see why that would be the case.
Like in any social settings, people can want different things out of it and that’s okay. It can mean that it makes you incompatible to be part of the same social group, at least temporarily, because the goals you have could be different or even contradictory.
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24 May
Game design does not talk enough about a principle that is core to so so so many experiences. I’d even say it might be at the core of most games, but it sounds a little esoteric. You know when we say immersion, wanting impact on the game world etc?

It’s a desire to be witnessed.
The desire to be witnessed is a fundamental human desire. A longing for being acknowledged in our actions, our existence and our humanity. We crave to be represented. We crave to see things we can relate to. We crave things we can project ourselves upon.
I actually believe that what we often call escapism in fact shows up in design as a manifestation of the desire to be witnessed. A world where we matter and feel like we have control and can’t be truly hurt, all often opposite to our lived experience.
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23 May
As this is going minor viral, so many people have replied that they found reading this thread validating and it really shows how there is a deep desire to come to some kind of resolution, to not have the pandemic be without an acknowledgement of what we’ve been through.
And my acknowledgment is not enough for that. This was a global event and we all crave a large-scale resolution and I wish officials would see that.
What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?
How will you protect us next time around?
Why are there no consequences for people who have broken the rules and literally caused people to die?
Who’s going to help us heal the emotional and financial damages?
What are you going to do for the frontline workers who have risked their lives for us?
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22 May
So... France is yelling at Eurovision about Italy potentially doing coke on their table?

France knows how to bring the drama and be sore losers :P
So many angry French people...

Ok, real talk? I don't care if he did cocaine or not. Our culture around drugs is stupid.
France, you just look salty. Stop the fake puritanian bullshit, for real.
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22 May
Anyways. Cyprus is first and I'm not into it. Sorry Cyprus.

I need Eurovision songs to be WEIRD AS HELL OKAY! We need to get a lot WEIRDER and a lot less mainstream!
I miss Europe <3
Staring at you with a lot of expectation, Israel.
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