Great Post-Shared from Kailash Narayan Sharma’s wall
*Is Narendra Modi really transforming India*.❓
Replied by Jay Agarwal
Jay Agarwal, works at Federal Government of the United States
Since I have not lived in India for almost 25 years, I can only answer this as a
Note that as a US Citizen, I can neither vote in Indian elections, nor have any vested interest in the electoral outcome in India.
Hence, objectivity!
I will narrate two stories to make my point. And I will not even use any boring statistics!
Story 1
A routine Uber ride in Washington DC, and an Afghani driver picks me up. After a few minutes, he asks me if I am Indian, I say yes, and he smiles and says that he loves Bollywood.
I smile back.His next question, do you know when somebody will make a movie on Modi.
I am a little shocked, not at the movie suggestion but that he would…. even know Modi.
Anyway, I ask him why. His answer is that Modi is considered a magician in Afghanistan and Afghanis pray that they get a leader like him to make Afghanistan like India.
*Story 2 -*
My beloved coworker from *Nigeria*, Iteogu, starts every morning at work with a curse at the Nigerian President Buhari. In his expert opinion, Buhari has sunk Nigeria.
He then gives me a baleful look & says, what do you care, you have Narendra Modi.
Look at where India is today. After this morning routine, we get our coffee!
Every morning!
So, two completely random non-Indians, with no political agenda, want somebody like Modi to run their respective countries because they believe Modi can turn their fortunes around.
Nobody has fed them propaganda.
They simply see what India has become under Modi and how it’s…international prestige has soared.
I’m not saying he’s perfect, but in my 25 years in the US, I’ve never seen India receive so much attention & status as it has under Modi. You’ve
to give credit where it’s due.
Haters will hate, but it is undeniably Modi’s magic, pure & simple..❗

And here in India- Dumeelans, liberandoos, #UrbanNaxals & Traitor congressians knowingly want to pull him down, as it results in collapse of Nation, with which their Agenda can
be successfully executed !

And most of us, mainly RWs, fall prey to the false propaganda & fail to stand behind our great leader

While LWs are standing behind a clown accepting him as leader undeterred!!

• • •

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12 Jun
#leftminorityconspiracytobringmodidown #HinduGenocide
How the Congress, Left, Minorities are colluding with outsiders to destroy Modi and take over India

The CIA used the Naxalite movement to attack the dominant mainstream CPM in Kolkata and West Bengal in the 1960s and the
latter suffered the largest casualties in the resulting fratricide.

In the same vein, the British state sponsored a major anti Soviet British Trotskyite movement to prevent young students from professional backgrounds gravitating towards the CPGB, which was still pro Soviet.
Swapan Dasgupta was a Trotskyite student leader in London in the late 1970s. There were other episodes I suspected of the intelligence services sponsoring far left movements to attack mainstream leftists that were more influential.

All this is from an old established
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Have you heard of great Female Legand Vellayi who K!lled the Sultan who tried to destroy Deity Vishnu & how she saved it!
Story of of sacrifice:
If you have been to Srirangam you would have noticed only one of the tower gates is white in color and all others are multi colored
If you have not been to Srirangam yet let me tell you there are 21 gopuram (temple tower gates) in Sriramgam, one among the 21 is painted white. And this gopuram attracts attention in spite of its dull white color. It is called the Vellayi Gopuram and has a blood chilling
story full of patriotism on why its is named and colored white.
Her name Vellai - Means white
Vellayi Gopuram or the white tower is at the eastern entrance of Srirangam Temple, dedicated to Bagawan Vishnu, named as Sri Ranganathaswamy. Do make it a point to visit this gate
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Is being a Brahmin good or bad in India ?

This is what Adhoot Mohite, B.Tech (civil engineering) recently wrote :-

I'm not a Brahmin, I'm a Maratha but I think I can give answer based on my observations of last few years !!!
Being a Brahmin in today's India is like being a Jew in 1930s Germany!
Jews were a very small percentage of Germany's population, and were blamed for all problems of the german society!
Today in India same thing is happening!
Brahmins are being made scapegoat for all
problems of society, despite being a very small percentage of the population!
Brahmins are not even rich or powerful. Most of them are middle class like everybody else and many are poor priests who earn living by religious ceremonies like marriage!

Brahmins do not have any
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12 May
′′ Modi ji has to be brought to his knees, government has to be proved unsuccessful ′′ This kind of thinking has created so much havoc.
If you don't #believe then read..........
You will be shocked to know this truth.
It is notable that the country has a total of 36 states including 28 complete states and 8 union territories (UT)
But the shocking fact is out of the 208330 deaths (yesterday)due to Corona in the country, more than 107602 (51.65 %) deaths have occurred in only 6 states
Out of these 6 states, 5 states are ruled by Chhattisgarh (8312,) Punjab (8909) Rajasthan (4084) Jharkhand (2540), and Maharashtra (67985) Congress and Congress alliance. The sixth state is that Delhi (15772) whose Chief Minister is Kejriwal
Isn't it shocking that the number of
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11 May
** Do you know about Ningthouja dynasty?**
• Ningthouja dynasty was the longest ruling dynasty of erstwhile kingdom of Manipur & one of the longest-lasting dynasties in the world
• Ningthouja dynasty (Mangang clan) (33 CE to 1972 CE)
• From 1st century C.E to 20th century C.E
• They ruled over manipur lasted for about** 2000l years*
• Religion: Hinduism & Sanamahism
• Common** languages: Meitei*
• Ningthouja dynasty was founded by King Nongda Lairen Pakhangba in 33 CE
• The Ningthouja dynasty comprises the descendants of the kings of Manipur &
It has 125 extended families
• The capital city of the Ningthouja dynasty was Imphal
victory against Chinese:
King Khagemba,formally known as Meidingu Khagemba(1597–1652), was one of the most powerful monarchs that reigned in the kingdom of Manipur
He is also best known for his
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10 May
This is how the script of Country will be if
BJP imposed President's rule.

1.Within half hour some corrupt Judge will be screaming on National media that "Center is trying to MURDER Democracy, India is a FEDERAL STRUCTURE country". Hearing the Supreme Court censure,
half the Hindus will start quaking in fear about "Death of Democracy" instead of worrying about "Death of Hindus"


3. Next day New York times, Israel
Times, Washington Post will work on overdrive and say "Modi the fascist tries to dismiss elected government, Courts intervene and prevent Fascism, How long can this continue?" Then Indian media will go Full swing and blame Modi, Shah, BJP, RSS and all others of FASCISM.
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