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#HappyWomensDay to all. Like I had promised, I am going to tell you about my biggest inspiration - A common woman who faced unprecedented hardships but she managed to take care of her family and #Dharma in a very hostile #Kashmir. She is just a common woman but is my #Shakti
She grew up in a volat!le #Kashmir where being a #Hindu was a cur$e. She survived a #Kashmir where attacks on #KashmiriHindus was a norm. I am not talking about the 90s Kashmir but much much before that.

She was trained to fight in case someone attacked her home.

At that time, girls used to be married off very early, before they even hit puberty but she wanted to study so instead of getting married, she studied for as long as she could.

Then she got married to Hriday Nath Mattoo (By now some of you know who he is).

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Here is the journey of "Shankaracharya temple: from "Takht-e-Suleimaan" back to "Shankaracharya"

PS: Posting my pictures of a protest in 2014 here so you know that #KashmiriHindus were NEVER silent. We raised our voice for the past 30 years.

Now it is finally back to its glory
Picture: Protest in 2014 against renaming of Shankaracharya Temple to Takht-e-Suleiman



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VVC's open letter to us 👇🏼 lol
First secularize the issue, then play the "Mai bhi Kashmiri Hindu hu" card.

How low can you go.

Premiere showed a different thing. How do I know ? Because my "chote Dada ji" was part of this thing.

The movie was a completely whitewashed version
Here are some of the replies to VVC 👇🏼

Our #genocide was used for the marketing of the movie and then it was blatantly reduced to Bollywood masala.

Hum 30 saal pehle bhi Khandit the aur aaj fir Khandit hue hai.


Yes, you will find many Kashmiri folks thanking him because

"Doobte ko tinke ka sahara hota hai"

So, don't judge those who are okay with the movie. For past 30 years, not many people even knew we existed.

But, I won't side with the folks who like this secularized BS.
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Watched #Shikara.
It has secularised the #HinduGenocide in #Kashmir and romanticised it for the mega bucks it will make.
Our homes and murders are a mere prop in this story.
Massacres, rapes and vandalised temples must've been too gory to qualify for even a prop, in a love story.
It reeks of the bhaichara politics of @VVCFilms right through
Blaming American guns
Disparaging the #Ayodhya movement
Rationalising #Jihad and cleverly masking its underlying #HinduHate
Glossing over the judicial apathy
Mocking at the help rendered by a 'Party' in the camps...
Airbrushed #Islam as a non-issue
Underplayed #Jihad as mere stray events
Exaggerated exceptions of individual warmth over deep society wide hostility.
Gross simplification of the issue of our return.
#Shikara like #Padmavat turns #HinduGenocide into entertainment for commerce.
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Exhibit A: Gyaanwaapi Mosque
Location: Kashi (Varanasi - Arguably the world's oldest living city)

Architecture: Built after destroying Kashi Vishwanath #Hindu temple.

Do not let them whitewash #Hindu history and #HinduArchitecture

Exhibit B: Quwwat ul-Islam Mosque built after destroying 27 #Hindu temples

Location: Qutub Complex, Delhi

Architecture: Notice the intricate Hindu temple stone carvings on the columns

#HinduGenocide #HinduArchitecture #reclaimtemples

Exhibit C: Shahi Idgah Mosque

Location: Mathura

Architecture: Built after destroying Krishna Janam Bhumi (Keshav Dev #Hindu Temple)

#HinduGenocide #HinduArchitecture #reclaimtemples
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Hindus of Myanmar faced brutal genocide at the hands of ARSA -- a terrorist organization of Rohingyas of Myanmar.

120 murdered or abducted
30,000 forced refugees
11,700 internally displaced
unknown number forcibly converted to Islam
“I saw men holding the heads and hair [of the women] and others were holding knives. And then they cut their throats,” she [Formila] said.

16 women and children were abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.
30kHindus became refugees, fleeing to Bangladesh, where the women were converted to Islam. Muslim men removed their sindoors, breaking their bangles, forced them to recite namaaz 5 times a day.

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62 crimes against Hindu temples in 2019 alone. No outrage.

Any attack on a Hindu temple is an attack on Hindus at large. Crimes committed against temples are crimes against Hinduism.

This is #CulturalGenocide of Hindus
A brief summary.

Majority of the crimes against Hindu temples happened in India.
~60% were committed by Muzlims & 30% don't report criminal names.

There's a SHARP rise in crimes since June.

Majority of the crimes include vandalizing deities.

#1 Hindu Temple Vandalized in Kentucky, USA by Christian Extremists
The deity images were spray painted with black paint, a knife was stabbed in the chair. The miscreants left spray painted hate messages on the walls, saying “Jesus is the only God.”
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The Moplah Rebellion was NOT an uprising against the British alone! It was a brutal #HinduGenocide.

Numerous accounts, reports, news clippings prove this, but Hindus are terribly ignorant, because our history books tell another, fictional story!

Do you know that the Moplah Rebellion of 1921 was not just an outrage against the British, but fueled by the Khilafat Movement, meant as Jihad against Hindus? The Khilafat movement was meant to establish the Ottoman caliphate in India.

In the onslaught on Hindus for 6 months, an estimated 2500 Hindus were slaughtered, atleast 2500 forcibly converted at the blade of a knife, and more than 100 temples destroyed. No village was left with a temple intact.

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There have been 148 cases of Sex Crimes of Jihad against Hindus in the year 2019 alone! This is not an estimate. These are REPORTED crimes. The real number is expected to be way bigger.

This includes love Jihad, rape, abductions, forced conversion,sex slavery & child marriages.

37% of these crimes are rape of minors. That is the depravity of the perpetrators.


Although Pakistan remains a trouble center, the facts reveal that Indian Hindus have suffered almost 3.5 TIMES that of Pakistani Hindus in the same time period!

India remains the country where the majority is persecuted by the minority, no holds barred. 3/n
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A tale of two fires?
While the whole world bleats over #NotreDame fire, even Hindus are utterly unaware that 2018 saw fires in SEVEN Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu within a short span of time - including Meenakshi Temple.
#HinduGenocide #CulturalGenocide
No investigations were made, no reports.

What's worse, Hindu rituals happening for more than a millennium were blamed for the fires without any investigation!

No Hindus stepped forward to salvage the damage by offering to rebuild the temples or property destroyed.

This is not a story buried in history. It's just one year old, yet it's completely unknown to everyone!

This is the #CulturalGenocide waged on Hindus while they pledge support over "international calamities" like Notre Dame.

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Partition: Jinnah orchestrated a planned Jihad on Hindus on Direct Action Day & later, instructing all Muslims to continue atrocities on Hindus until they get approval for separation of Pakistan as a Muslim state.

A document was secretly circulated amongst Muslims, issued by the Muslim League Council, which gives direct, explicit instructions to mete out every kind of atrocity on unsuspecting Hindus, until they relent to the creation of Pakistan.


It also states that any Muslims who do not comply with these instructions should be killed. On the surface, the riots of Calcutta & #Noakhali looked like random mob violence; but in reality, it was a planned attack on Hindus, strategized to look like a random attack.

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this day in history: Gandhiji visited Noakhali riot area. lets look back & see what happened there & why he visited that place. long thread caution.
#NoakhaliMassacre #WakeUpHindu #HinduGenocide
When History comes to Hindus, we are projected as #HinduTerrorist & we were forced to forget our blackest days of history. When the most ancient civilisation becomes terrorists in own land the dark evil power did its ugly trick on Indian people.
Hindu, Sikhs, Jains & Buddhists the original inhabitants of this holy land r made outcast & voiceless. Time to time we have witnessed genocide of Hindus in their own land by the foreign invaders. 1 such Hindu genocide was the Noakhali massacre, 1946.
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