The process was a bit idiosyncratic. I begun with a simple Pythagorean assumption that 12 was a more complete number than 7, so it would be a better number of days in the week. From that, I begun to build the calendar just to see where it would take me.
Since giving each month an equal number of days would've meant splitting some weeks in half between the months, I followed the Pythagorean logic of identifying the dyad with the feminine and the triad with the masculine, so goddess months have two weeks and god months have three.
Thus goddess months have 24 days, which brought to its digital root (DR), 2 + 4, is 6. God months have 36 days, its DR 9. Basically 6 is a divine generative number while 9 is its completion because the primordial divine triad generates via serial magnitudes of itself.
Thus 3 to 3 makes 6, 3 to 6 makes 9, and 3 to 9 makes 12, and the DR of 12 is 3. If you wanted to continue, 3 to 12 is 15, its DR 6; 3 to 15 is 18, its DR 9. The pattern repeats. 6 leads generation towards perfection, and 9 is generation's perfection, and 12 its reversion to 3.
Hence 12's importance as being this whole cycle expressed in number: generation > completion > reversion. The months have traditional associations, but I have dedicated each month to a god by order of this process to make the calendar year a form of emulation of the cycles.
As 12 day weeks across 12 months makes 360 days, this left 5 days in normal years and 6 days when the intercalary day was added every 4 years. In considering this, it only became natural to view these extra days that occur outside the 360 day 'circular year' with importance.
The Saturnalia then is a kind of five day "month" and its focus is upon a ritualistic harmonisation of the soul with our place in the cosmic, emphasising our presence within the cosmos as a perfecting ritual of the soul, with the three Saturnalias preparing for the Soteria.
The Soteria includes the winter solstice as its final day, falling instead on the intercalary day rather than the first day of the next year. The Soteria celebrates the soul's reversion to divinity after having purified and perfected itself the prior three Saturnalias.
Both the Soteria and Saturnalias offers most importantly honours and worship to the relevant gods. The Saturnalia traditionally honoured Saturn, but this could be widened to honour generative, purifying, and perfecting deities across the three Saturnalias.
The Soteria then honours the gods which give us our salvation, gods that raise us into the pure presence of the divine and enable apotheosis. It is the completion of the 4-year calendar cycle and contains the rebirth (solstice) within it, rather than falling short.
The day numbers are important too: 5 days of Saturnalia indicate entry into generation, 5 a reference to Man comprised of all 5 cosmic elements. When 1 to 5 is added by serial addition (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5), it makes 15, the DR of which is 6, indicating generation and the Soteria.
6 days of Soteria refer to the process of completing generation. It is 6 because it is still cyclical (it recurring every 4 years), but the esoteric value of 6 is in its serial addition from 1 to 6, which is 21, the DR of which is 3. Hence Soteria celebrates reversion to 3 via 6.
The 6th intercalary day falling on the winter solstice would be treated as the most holy day, the day of perfection, completion, liberation, and salvation, upon which all the salvific gods would be honoured and celebrated.
Since the winter solstice is celebrated within the year of the Soteria twice (at the beginning and at the end), the following calendar year which begins the next 4-year cycle has no winter solstice.
This symbolises both the soul's salvific overcoming of the cosmic cyclical rebirth, but also the initial purifying embodiment into cosmos without salvific recourse to the gods.
And as I indicated earlier, the months are dedicated to gods according to this cycle. Thus, from Jupiter through Juno through Neptune, and so on, is the cyclical process of generation, completion, and reversion realised, ending with the theurgic months of Saturnalia or Soteria.
All the above referring to the calendar I put together here:

• • •

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21 May

It's a sad fact many "converts" abuse the lack of a native European religious moral authority to affirm their existing habits and vices. Usually ex-Christians totally incapable of controlling their vices, they convert to abuse every ambiguity to try justify their lives.
They treat apostasy as a liberation from chafing moral obligations, their "conversion" giving them licence to now indulge in every proclivity without guilt or circumspect. They treat the cultus deorum as a blank canvas they can use to paint whatever morality they desire.
They are in practice theologically indistinguishable from New Age religion, their only point of difference being what flavour of politics they've projected into their personalised, retrofitted cult. All "pagans" of this variant can simply be neatly labeled 'postmodern pagans'.
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Much in the world makes sense when you realise that Judaism values a witness' observation of an event more highly than evidence for the event itself. Its judicial system relied on witnesses, the Torah stating two or more witnesses was enough to indict someone of a crime.
This attitude of legitimate truth via witness came to us in Christianity, whereby the whole of Europe observed the truth of Christ not by evidence but by witness, and so we embraced the authenticity of witnessed account over evidence. Hence forgiveness absolves evil by agreement.
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It is more than mere preference. Platonism is Soul's divine science towards truth, so the judgement is in what can be argued as nearer to what is true rather than what best suits our sensibilities. Platonism emerges from tradition, but it has also been refined over centuries.
And this divine science gives us the means to perfect our traditions, an unprecedented capacity to not only know the true value of the inherited cultus deorum, but to also rectify its path should it be led astray and to help navigate it through the tumult of an unknown tomorrow.
Setting praise aside, the subject: goddess Sun & god Moon.

Why Platonists have argued against this tradition is from trying to justify them as principles. The Moon is a receptive sphere, truth of this most easily observed in the Moon's light being a reflection of the Sun's.
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Why believe in many gods and goddesses?

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All the cosmos in its multitude of forms stand as testimony to the supremacy and beauty of their King- why should beauty be here in such grandness and magnitude, and not 'There'? Surely we may say, with certain confidence, that what we find grand here must be even grander there.
For all the things which are here, with their imperfections and partiality, there is a greater who rules them in Heaven. Even the things in nature which we say are dead, without life- surely these things in their highest heavenly perfection are filled with life and consciousness?
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It is frustrating that Christians, when asserting the resurrection's historicity, their evidence is just the mere alleging by NT authors of there being some many hundreds of witnesses. When suggesting they could just be fabricated, it's replied "the lie would be simply too big."
It shouldn't need to be said that the rate at which information spread in antiquity has utterly no parallel with today. There is this strange assumption that these witnesses could be verified with, that fabricating them would be impossible because people would check on them.
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“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the
organized habits and opinions of the masses is an
important element in democratic society. Those who
manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute
an invisible government which is the true ruling
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“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.
“Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.
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